Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How about a better picture?

The lady who I am getting the ragdoll from has kindly sent me a lovely photograph of Misty. Look at those blue eyes!


I am counting down the weeks till we get her.

Now I had a serious stash haul last week from Needle in a Haystack - my long awaited birthday treat. Finally, my package arrived and I wasn't unhappy to find this little lot:


From left to right: Lakeside Linen Vintage light examplar 36 ct, Legacy linen Oaten scone 34 count, then top to bottom : Wichelt 28 ct Buttermilk, 28 ct Twilight Blue, 40ct Sandstone, 32 ct Star Sapphire!!!


And the threads are Threadworks 10051 Wine Castle red, 1048 Green, and Crescent Colours Ye Olde Gold. These are for my "A Quaker Christmas".

I also got this through very quickly from Oz! From that lovely shop called Colours Down Under. I had been struggling to find this chart as I think it is very quickly going to go OOP:


Anagram Diffusions "Sampler 4 Saisons"

I have stitched all four of my pifs and made up one! Three to do ladies - hang tight. I hope you'll like them. Since I have been busy with the stitching and making up of PIFS, I have left very little time to do my BP but I did manage to squeeze in 2 motifs and a little of a third which means I am still on target for finishing at the end of the year. I love working on this one. I don't know why as the colours are quite plain. Perhaps the fabric? Or the simplicity of the motifs? I don't know but once I get started on her, I really enjoy her and don't want to put her down. Here's where I am up to:

June Progress

June close up

I was listening to the news yesterday about how in Wales they are going to charge everyone who shops 15p for every plastic bag they use. It got me thinking about string bags and knitted bags and I have been browsing and looking for an easy one to do. The ones I have seen look a bit complicated. If anyone has any good patterns for string bags, let me know. They can't be that hard to make surely?

That's me! Hope you are all well and not melting in the heat.


Jan said...

Oh Hazel, Misty is adorable, lucky lucky you!!!:)

I love your new stash acquisitions what fun, and your BP is looking amazing. It is a most enjoyable stitch for sure!! Mine is going around in a round robin, and it probably won't be finished when it returns home, but I really don't mind finishing it!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

What a sweetie that kitty is :)
And Bea is looking STUPENDOUS! And I must say I LOVE your stash, particularly that Sandstone...I think I must try that....

Shelleen said...

the kitten is so precious! great stash haul.

doris said...

Pretty kitty!

And Miss Bea is beautiful. Judging by your stash, someone has some big projects coming up.

mainely stitching said...

What a beautiful kitty!!!

We've been charged for plastic shopping bags ever since I moved here, and you get used to it. You really think twice about bringing a bag with you, and about using and re-using the ones you've bought. I think they should charge for them everywhere!!

Julie said...

Awww WOW she is so beautiful - lucky you.

Nice stash, BP looks great, cant believe we are half way through the year stitching this one

Bernardeena said...

Aww she is gorgeous!!

Kathy A. said...

Oh wow she is stunning! I wish I had eyes that blue.
Lovely new stash. Love those new colors.
BP is coming along nicely.

Giovanna said...

Your kitten is adorable! Nice stash haul, and I love the colours of your BP sampler.

Clare-Aimetu said...

She is adorable - such gorgeous blue eyes.

Love the stash - I'm happy to look after any if you have no room ;)

Well done on BP it looks great.

Karan said...

Oh how cute is she?! That is one fab stash haul - green with envy here! LOL BP is growing nicely, am enjoying watching this grow. :0)
Feeling totally mithered & ready to melt! LOL

Louanne said...

OMG Hazel!!! Misty is gorgeous! I just want to hug her!
Quite a stash haul you've got there! Your stitching looks great!

staci said...

Misty is so adorable! Love those blue eyes!

And love your new stash and Bea too :)

Olga said...

Wow! Your Misty is so pretty! Your new stash is also greatbut I like your cat more. :-))

Andrea said...

Ahhhh, little kitty.

Love the new stash.

Carmen said...

beautiful blue eyes cat, and the new stash too.

Hazel,for informati trouble,i change my url-blog, the new one is :

sorry for the trouble.

Angela said...

Great stash and progress on BP.

The kitten is sooooooo cute I can see why you wanted her.

stitcherw said...

Misty is soooo cute, it would be so hard to wait till she's old enough to go home with you. Wonderful new stash, the fabrics and such are beautiful. Nice progress on BP, that is looking so pretty, glad you're enjoying working on it so much.

We aren't being charged for bags here yet. However, a number of stores offer a credit if you bring your own bag, and/or offer cloth bags you can buy very cheap to encourage people to use resusable bags and not get the plastic ones when they shop.

Margaret said...

Misty is such a darling. What a happy addition she will be to your family.

Wonderful stash - especially the 4 seasons pattern. I've seen it finished and it is awesome. BP looks lovely.

Cindy F. said...

Lucky you! Misty is such a beautiful kitty!
Awesome stash and your BP is progressing beautifully!
Most of our stores are selling little totes made of various materials for about $1 for shopping, so I'm trying to get in the habit of taking them with me when I shop. Grocery stores aren't charging for the plastic or paper bags yet...I'm sure they are worked in the cost of the groceries. But, restaurants are adding 15cents for cups, doggy bags, etc. We're also big on recycling here...trying to think about the planet's future;)

Ranae said...

I don't know what is more beautiful the kitten or the stash,lol

Carol R said...

Great stash haul Hazel but my favourite picture has to be of Misty - I have been wanting a ragdoll cat for ages. How did you find the breeder?

Siobhán said...

Misty is too cute!! She looks so cuddly. Love your BP! Great new stash haul, too!

We've been charged for plastic bags for a long time, too. They used to be 15 cents, now they raised them to 22 cents because people were still littering with them. My family comes over to visit from the US & loves the idea so much that they buy the cloth bags here to take back with them! I am happy to use the cloth bags--just so long as I remember to take them before heading into the shop!

Brigitte said...

Oh my, this is definitely a great stash haul. It's always fun to enhance your fabric and thread stash, isn't it?
Four Seasons is one of my WIPs which I want to finish this year. There is just the summer section left. I love this design very much. And your Beatrix is coming along great with the colours you chose.
Here you've been having to pay money for every plastic bad for many years now. I have an assortment of baskets that I use when I go shopping.

Annemarie said...

I know *exactly* how you feel when you're counting the days until Misty comes to live with you. I've had the same experience. My Pantoef arrived last Friday. Yay!

Your stash is magnificent and your progress on Bea... well. Beautiful. What's that? You want to know how mine's coming along? No, you really don't want to know.

Beatrice said...

That is one pretty kitty!!!
Great stash Hazel have fun with that!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable cat!!
Love your stash, I'm drooling already, lol!

Kathy said...

Misty is gorgeous! I love her coloing AND those eyes are beautiful. I hope she is arriving at her new home soon.

pj said...

Misty is gorgeous~tell us how you found her. Very pretty coloring. And your stash will keep you busy. Thanks for sharing. pj

Elisa said...

I have given you an award please head over to my blog to claim it.
Hugs Elisa x