Friday, March 28, 2008

Oooh a finish

I decided to join the Monthly Finishing Challenge blog and make a pinkeep out of an old Lizzie Kate freebie design I had had stitched up but shelved for years. So here it is. I can't remember what the fabric is but the threads are dmc.



It's the first time I have done a padded pinkeep and the first time doing one of those bow thingys at the top. Don't know if I have done it quite right as it is only pinned on and doesn't feel very secure. Apart from that, I think it looks quite cool and has built up my confidence a bit. The lovely trim I got from John Lewis - they have such lovely trims and things and was only 50p a meter which is not bad all things considered.

Oh and I saw this wonderful book on Staci's blog:


which looks fab so I am going to get my dh to get it for me as part of my Birthday present which isn't till June but hey ho! You'll get a better idea of it on her blog actually.

Well tomorrow is reveal day on the Jayne Attics forum for the March Challenge so I will post another pic tomorrow of another finish I have done.

Take care all.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Woohoo I got spoiled.

Today I received my Spring Quaker exchange from Edgar from the SBEBB. I am so blessed! He made me this gorgeous pinkeep with lace edging and he truely spoiled me by sending me three charts off my wishlist, four threads, some lovely fabric and a tin of altoids!! The charts are: LHN Coffee Menu, Sampler Cove's Grace Quaker Sampler and Ink Circles' Quackworth. I have been looking for altoids to get the tin so I can make something with it but not been able to find any over here. Now I just need to find a little design to put on it. I'll also need to find some finishing instructions too. Thank you so much Edgar. I am thrilled!
Spring quaker rec'd from Edgar March 08
front of Edgars pinkeep
side edge
I have some lovely charts in my stash now. Just to decide which one to start next. Hmmmmm....

Monday, March 24, 2008

Quick update

Thanks for all the lovely, supportive comments you gave me after the last post. It's not post natal depression but other issues that have been going on for a while that have just happened to surface at this time. Mainly rejection stuff that I have suffered from for a long time but hey ho you don't want to hear about all that do you?

So the big news is that Elijah has got his first tooth! It has been confirmed by the Health Visitor that the white lump on the back of his gum is indeed a tooth coming through. She also said that his front gums look "ready to pop" too. So poor guy, that is why he has been niggling so much. He is doing really well in getting into a routine now. We put him down at 7.30 and he has a feed at 11 then goes through till about 5 or 6. Not bad going for a hungry, teething boy! As long as I get some of my time back in the evenings, I don't mind.

So I have been able to get a bit of stitching done. I have been working on Steph's pif but can't let you see that yet. I have done the March challenge on Jayne's attic but not allowed to reveal that yet either! But I have also been working on Patchwork so here's an update on that:
March update 2008
I really enjoy working on this and I aim to get it finished this year. I am just using random threads and silks for it so it will be like a real patchwork of threads.

Something else I have done is booked a workshop that a group from Jayne's attic is going on. It is run by the Bedfordshire school of needlework which is over 3 hours drive away. I have never done anything like this before and I am a little nervous but excited too. It will mean an overnight and possibly a 2 night stay in a hotel. Here is a link to the workshop I have booked.
It is a drawn thread sampler and I have never done this type of needlework before so should be good. I have booked a friend on it too so I won't be alone. It's not till June so I have time to get organised.

Sorry I have not commented on many blogs lately. If you have had a comment from me then you are in the minority! I have been savouring any free time I have and have been using it to stitch and watch the series 24 with my dh in the evenings! I promise I will get back to commenting soon. Hope everyone had a blessed Easter and bank holiday. Catch up soon. xx

Saturday, March 08, 2008

And the winner is....


As hand picked by my daughter!! Well done Carla. You have won my Needlebook. I don't think I have your snail mail address so please email me it and I'll get it sent off to you as soon as.

So I have had a very hectic couple of weeks and not been on blogland at all!! Last week my dd was in a dance production which lasted all week into the wee hours of the night. We were shattered, she was not. She had a wonderful time dressing up in her costumes and wearing make up and having her hair sprayed with a serious amount of hairspray. She adores being up on stage and being the centre of attention. I wish I had her confidence.

So that was last week and this week has been emotionally hectic. I have a lot going on with my emotions right now and am having to go "see" someone about it. Nothing too serious and I will get fixed but it's been a hard week.

The great thing is that we are now able to start to settle Elijah into an evening routine. It's at the stage where he is crying when we put him down but after about 5 to 10 mins he settles himself. This means I will be able to pick up my needle and thread again! Yippee. I already have made a start. I have begun a pif and Stephanie if you're reading, here's a sneaky peak. Like I said it might take me a while to do.

And speaking of stitching, I am still undecided on threads for the Spanish Mystery that Periphaeria is doing. I came up with this combo of pastels which I thought would look nice on the Cashel Couture linen in Lemon. The Cashel comes ready hemmed and would look good as a table piece I think.

I am still a little nervous about starting an sal when I have so little time on my hands and also when I have never seen it before. The parts are once every two months so I have time to decide when I have seen the first part.

So here is a little pic of Elijah as he is two calendar months old today.
Elijah at 2 months old
Have a good week.