Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Who said Romance was Dead??


After a successful Valentine's meal, I decided that it would be good to start doing this more regularly. It is very hard for us to get any time together as dh works very odd hours and I can go days without spending any time with him and when he is around, we are usually both too tired to do anything except sit and slob and watch tv or go on the internet or basically do our own thing. This is great in itself but not so great for our relationship. So I thought, having a nice sit down meal with no distractions - phones off, tv and laptops off - with a bit of focussed time, would do us good. It did!

Nothing too special - effortless meal is key - so I got the £10 meal deal offer on at Tescos which includes a nice bottle of fizzy stuff. It was chicken in a marscapone sauce with red onion and proscuitto. Those nice sliced potatoes in a lovely sauce - forget the name. Veg mix. Candles.

Then I added:


and this:


which made these:


and you know I love these...

So there you go. A good evening. Short post but there to remember the good times.


Monday, February 21, 2011


After having a rather horrid day on Saturday, Sunday turned out to be quite nice. To console myself I bought some of these:


note to self: really must move my recycling box!

And made some of these:



Recipe from the lovely Lucy at Attic24. Chocolate chip cookies and Oat cookies.

The beautiful plate was a part of a giveaway win from Rachael at Clever Cheshire Cats. Look at these gorgeous goodies:

Beatiful givaway win from Rachael Clever cheshire cats

Last night, I stumbled across this beautiful SAL and spent the remainder of the day drooling.


I really REALLY want this. Is anyone else planning to do it? You can buy the chart here and the SAL can be found here. The chart is in three parts but the third part is not yet out until March.

I also managed to order the much needed threads to start Shores of Hawk Run Hollow and also some posh threads to finish up Winter Whites. Hopefully I'll have a finish soon to show you.

The lovely Suz has also invited me to her CAL of making a bedspread with those flowers on my last post so I have been thinking a lot about this and colours etc. I am yet to finish the scarf first though. Soooo much to do... so little time.

Have a great week everyone.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Busy Little Fingers...

I have been a busy little bee lately and have been very neglectful of posting about it all.

In my last post I mentioned the Crochet a Rainbow charity that Sarah London had set up. My sister had made 20 squares to add to mine and I have now sent them all off. Here are my sister's squares:


I have also been working on two boys' blankets for my dear friend Kathy who placed an order with me a couple of months ago. She wanted rectangle grannies and one in shades of blue and one in shades of green. I do hope you like these blankets Kathy and that your boys do too. I made them with two strands of dk and an 8mm hook. I did the edging very simply which I found on Bunny Mummy's blog.

Blue blanket




Green blanket




It was really hard not to be pretty and frilly and I had to remember that these were BOYS' blankets. That said, they are super snuggly and my DD says she wants the blue one!! I think I got it right.
Oooh edited to add that I got the pattern for the rectangular granny from here and it is a really great pattern!!! Very easy. I just made a little alteration and made 2 DC in the corners instead of the 1 DC that she suggests!

I have also been busy crocheting these Japanese flowers which Lucy from Attic24 started a trend for. You can find all the info on her blog including the link to the pattern. Lucy has made her flowers slightly different to the original ones. I have seen a great many of these popping up all over the place. So My intention is to make a long scarf rather than a shawl or wrap but you never know how things will end up. This is where I am up to with it at the moment:




Don't you think they are just so pretty??? I love them.

Lastly, a bit of stitching!!! This is my part of Julie's RR. I really enjoyed this as it was so simple to stitch. I even looked forward to doing the backstitch. Good choice Julie.

Julie's RR

Well, with that I will love you and leave you. I have much stitching to do and catch up on so don't be alarmed if I am quiet for the next couple of weeks.


Monday, February 07, 2011

A Most Noble Pursuit

Finally, I have completed the first block on A Most Noble Pursuit. This has been a project I was sooo excited about and initially made a good start only to put it in the bag and promptly forget about it for over a year!! I have no idea why as it is a dream to stitch. It is worked on 36 count Vintage Light Exempler by Lakeside Linen and uses NPI silks 1 x 2 which are also heavenly to work with.

1st block complete Feb 11


So it is a little TaDa moment. One down only nine more to go!

I have been very good and sticking to the Wednesday SAL for The Sampler Girl SAL over on NH forum and here is my progress on Pride and Prejudice sampler so far. I apologise for the bad lighting - the weather has been particularly awful here over the last few days with plenty of flood warnings.


Oooooh and finally my LL fabric arrived for me to make a start on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. I luuuurve this fabric so much and hope it is as much fun to stitch on. It is the called for 40ct Vintage Autumn Gold.


And just for a bit of fun, here's my ds with a huge lollipop! It's good to put a bit of colour in your life.


Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Crochet a Rainbow

If you don't already know, Sarah London has started a charity for the victims of the recent horriffic floods in Australia. She has asked for granny squares, 5 rounds each, nothing fancy, in a variety of bright colours with which she will turn them into blankets for the victims. There have been many people signing up from all over the world and if you can crochet a square or two then why not pop over and sign up too.

Here are some simple squares I have made which will be sent soon. My sister has said she will do a few and I will wait on her squares then send them altogether.

crochet a rainbow squares



Today I got the cutest gift through the post. My lovely friend Amanda from Manda's Challenges had a giveaway and I was one of the lucky winners. She sent this cute pencil case - just right for holding my hooks in and three lovely balls of yarn. Woot!! Oh there is also some special wash stuff as well just for wools. Fab prize Amanda. Thank you so much.

win from Amanda

That's about all from me today! Nearly finished the first block on A Most Noble Pursuit. Long time coming. Keep warm fellow Brits and neighbours around the world. x