Friday, February 22, 2008

Another gift and a giveaway!

Hello all. I have not had chance to blog for ages due to Elijah starting to be a bit more demanding in the evenings. I received this lovely lottery piece from Barbara last week but haven't managed to get the time to put it on my blog. I don't know about anyone else but it takes me ages to take pictures (and they're never very good) and then download them onto a host to put on my blog. It always seems to take a long time. So sorry it's so late being put on here Barbara and that the picture's not very good:( This beautiful hanging ornie was made by Barbara for Elijah's room. It's so beautiful and I love it. You can't see the top but it has two little heart buttons attaching the ribbon. She also sent these cute little mittens which Elijah has already worn!
Barbara's lottery piece

Because of all the lovely, amazing gifts I have recently received from the lottery, I have decided to give away my little needlebook that I made for the lottery. I really like this piece but I feel to give it away since I have been the recipient of soo much stuff.
Lottery entry Needlebook 2007
You can click on the picture to see more pics of it, back, inside etc... The design is from Repertoire des Frises and uses DMC Variegated threads. There are felt pages inside to place your needles. The first needlebook I made was the one with the little house on and I use it all the time. A very practical piece of stitching equipment! So if anyone would like it then just reply to this post and say so. I will do a draw in two weeks time or thereabouts.

I have been agonising over the Periphaeria spanish sal. I dunno what colours to choose. I would like to be creative and pick colours myself but without seeing the design I don't know if the colours I'd pick would be right. Does anyone else have this lack of creativity problem going on??

I am desperate to start something new in my stash but I have been hard pressed to get time to even finish my spring quaker exchange piece. It's a good job I started it early. I have nearly managed to get it done but Elijah has started to be a little more demanding now. I long to start my Collaberation sampler of A Most Noble Pursuit. I have all the silks and fabric for it so it's ready to go. Maybe sometime soon.

Well hope you all have a good stitching weekend and don't forget to put your name down for the giveaway. It's open to anyone.


Friday, February 08, 2008

Elijah pics and a new mystery sampler

Wow Elijah is one month old today - one calender month that is. Here are some pics of him from today. He looks much cuter irl to be honest!!

Feb 8th
Feb 8th

I also got an email today from Periphaeria Designs that she is going to be starting a mystery sampler for this year and some of next and best of all it's free. So I would recommend signing up for her newsletter so you never miss a part. After it has finished it will no longer be free. Sounds exciting and can't wait to see what part one is like. To help support the Lady I ordered some of her biscornu charts today and rec'd them very quickly. I got Nita's lace, Courtyard of Alhambra and Beescornu

I also found this excellent finishing tutorial for a scissor case from Linda's blog and I think it is wonderful. I am definitely going to try one of these out:
Scissor Case
And then I spent the last part of the evening browsing lots of new blogs and getting inspired again. In between cradling my baby and being puked on a few times!

Till next time...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Another quick post

Boy I do have a good baby that allows me a bit of time to stitch and post! Wanted to quickly show what I have stitched recently. It was both my sisters' birthdays recently so I decided to make them both a biscornu each to add to some other stuff I gave them. Here is one I made for Fiona which is actually one I started in hospital but didn't get very much done.
biscornu for Fiona

And then I felt I had to make one for Wendy, even though she might not be quite into it, I felt I couldn't leave her out. They are both made from threads and fabrics given to me by people recently. This one is from a Periphaeria chart from Outi and uses Atalie threads which she also gave me.
Biscornu for Wendy

I also recieved this beautiful chart from Jeanne and some lovely baby stuff too. This was a chart on my wishlist which Jeanne had and offered to send me. Thank you so much Jeanne.
Gift from Jeanne

I am finding a little time to stitch and blog so I decided that I would sign up for the SBEBB Spring Quaker exchange. I didn't think I'd be able to participate in any exchanges so soon but Elijah is a really good baby and just wants to eat and sleep at the moment. Although I haven't been commenting on every single blog, I have been looking at them and getting inspired. I am amazed how much stitching some of you have done already. Some of you already have quite a list on your 2008 finishes! Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my blog. It is wonderful to know that there is even a single person who takes an interest in me!

Hope you all have a great stitching week. xx