Friday, June 29, 2007

June update

June update
Here is a picture of my Dreaming Mermaid udate. I've not posted one in a while as she has been a bit slow going. I am going to make her my focus piece as I really need to get going and make some progress on some of my BAPs. This page that I am on is the last full page - the rest are just partial pages so I should be able to get her done if I really work on her.

I have also been working on a gift but can't reveal it yet and I have also had an idea about the chart I'm using which I have pinched from another blog so I will keep you all posted on that one.

Well I am off to my friends for a sleepover this weekend which is very exciting as we haven't done it in years. I'll be taking my stitching and we have both been reading Anna Karenina - she has finished, I nearly so - so I am going to try and get it on DVD so we can watch it together. Have a good stitchy weekend. Thanks for reading - everyone welcome. xx

Friday, June 22, 2007


I was just messing about with the template on here and really thought I'd stuffed everything up!!! Half of my elements disappeared and all your blogs and all the pictures and links!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh I even did a system restore in order to try and get it back but to no avail. Then it wouldnt even let me edit the page elements and told me to upgrade my template. Well what the heck I thought since I have stuffed it up anyway and when I clicked it it brought everything back!!!!! Phew phew phew!!!!! Drama over. I still have all your links. That is the last time I try changing the template. You will just have to put up with boring pink. xxxxx

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

House on a Hill needlebook

Since I lost my stitching mojo I thought I'd do something small and finish it into a needlebook. I spent some time thinking about the best way to finish it and this is the result. I am quite impressed with myself as I also did a back to it and worked out the lettering for "needles". Also I did lazy daisies instead of personalising it which also is quite a new stitch for me. You know that I am not the most confident person at finishing and corners are sepecially hard but I think it has turned out okay. The felt was difficult to cut and stitch too.
House on a hill by Chartmakers
The chart is a freebie from Chartmakers and can be found here
Happy stitching everyone, thanks for reading. xx

Saturday, June 16, 2007

An update

I am feeling a little better so thought I'd do a quick update about what I have been up to recently. First off here is my June SAL of Twilight Shimmer. Still not got this page finished. I think the prob is that I didnt kit it up properly with all the threads right at the outset so keep finding threads I'm missing - doh!! Will definitely do better next month. Sorry its a bit of a blur.
June sal after

Stitching wise I seem to have lost my mojo a bit. I think what with all the morning sickness and tiredness and not being able to concentrate for long has had an impact on my stitching. Also I think not coming on and reading and being inspired by all your blogs doesnt help either. Just from the few I have been on today has already helped me feel a tad more motivated. Just as well as I got the second Loose feathers today "Awake the Dawning Day". So I am slowly building up some stash but when oh when will I ever get to do it? and how do I choose which to start first? Also I am thinking about a birth sampler but none really appeal to me.

This last week has seen us away a lot. Last weekend we were at our church leaders retreat away at the Lake District. This place is becoming like a second home to us!! We are due to go up again in August. Then on Tuesday we went to Paris and took our dd to Disneyland. Here are a few pics.
Disney Parade
We had a good time but it was very tiring and I am glad to be home even if the cat did poo in the kitchen as a welcome back gift!!!!!!!
Thanks for reading and bearing with me. xx

Friday, June 15, 2007

I am still alive

Just a quick one to let you know I am still alive but feeling icky sick on and off a lot. Promise promise promise I will get round to commenting on all your blogs and doing an update soon.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!!

Wow just look at this wonderful stash pressie I got in the post from Tracy!!
Birthday stash from Tracy There is a piece of fabric from Polstitches in a beautiful blue/purple colour, some thread cards, A Lizzie Kate chart, Some Carries threads, a VC thread and some DMC Variations!!! Great goodies Tracy, thank you so much. It really made my day. My DD got me a lovely box of hand made chocolates from our local chocolatier. They are very scrummy. My sisters bought me this weird basket thing. Looks like you could put eggs in it but its sort of folk/ country style. I figure it would look good to put my pinkeeps in lol!
Speaking of pinkeeps here is the heart I made. Not fantastic I know but getting there. I think I need to plump them up somehow.
Red Heart pinkeep
And finally, I got my Cheryl's buquet back from being made into a cushion. Here it is.
Cheryl's cushion
Still feel yukky. Take care everyone, have a good stitching week. I seem to have lost my mojo a bit. Not took up the needle for about a week. xx