Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I have so much to post about... Beautiful gift from Cathy, DD's birthday, TWO finishes!! Snow. Round Robins, SALs. So much. I am so tired. I have not even had the energy to have my two happy dances yet. Soon, I promise. I'm just in a small slump.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oh my, what a beauty!

On Friday I got this amazingly beautiful scissor fob made for me by the very talented Veronica. It is soooo stunning that at first I thought it was just too good to use. I didn't want it to get lost or broken. However, I grabbed my new Ginghers and promptly placed it on them. Love it. Veronica, thank you from the bottom of my heart! And you know what... she even put a coffee pot on the end which is very apt for me as I don't drink tea - only coffee! Now, how did she know that I wonder??

Gift from Veronica


I have been working away on La D Da's Alphabet sampler which I haven't touched for a good while. As you can see, I have done a fair bit on it. I don't think it will take me long to get this done at all. Maybe a week? Although saying that I do have other things I need to get done - like, 2 exchanges, CdC, Stitch alongs coming up, RR to prepare for, other ornies for DD, DS etc. So you know, maybe I will finish it, maybe I won't. Watch this space.

Sassy's 32ct jobelan Creamy Cocoa using NPIsilks 2x2


That's me! Have a good week everyone. xxxxxxxx

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coffee dying fabric

The other night I turned my hand to coffee dying some fabric using the instructions found on the back of Heartstring Primitives Charts.

I used some odd bits of 36 count Edinburgh white linen and also a scrap of stitching I had done to see how it would look to dye after stitching. I tried using instant and ground coffee and did a weaker solution for a small scrap to see the difference. Actually, the ground coffee I used was a rather special Chocolate Truffle flavoured one from Whittards. I noticed no difference between the instant and the ground coffee to be honest. I then put the linen in the oven to dry off a bit and these are the results:

These were taken in the evening:



These were the same pieces taken in the daytime:



I then had a piece of cream coloured 28 count Brittney which I thought I could dye and see what happens. This piece took a bit of battering. I burned it a bit int he oven as I couldn't get it to lay all flat and wherever you get lines or folds then these places will darken. This can be a good thing if you want these marks but I wanted something more subtle. So I washed out the burned bits and dipped scrunched up areas into a darker coffee solution and put back in oven but then that wasn't quite right so I washed it out a bit again and tried ironing it dry. Iron too hot and caused burn marks as it began to cook the coffee. Washed it again etc you get the picture. Eventually hung it up to dry and this is the final outcome:



As you can see - a more subtle result. So I was a happy chappie and set about having a new start on it. This is Ann Taylor by Heartstring Primitives. I love my new start and my own hand dyed fabric. Squeeeee!!!!!


Love love love it! I'll definitely be doing this more often. A cheaper alternative methinks.

Also just a quick note about another lovely blogging lady who is going to have a fantastic giveaway as soon as she reaches 300 followers. Julia Crossland is a localish artist to me. Please go and check out her blog and wonderful creations.

Thanks as ever for all the beautiful comments. You really cheer my days - oh you'll never know how much they mean right now. Thank you special peeps. xx

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cosy stitchy update

Well I do think an update is in order, don't you? I haven't posted in over a week but that's because I have been doing some serious stitching. Well that and doing the whole bonfire night thing and freezing our behinds off at the local display. Yep that was good. I refrained from making the rocky road eaties again and even swerved from putting on a crusty pie top on my hotpot! Well, I'm at target now you know so I have to be careful to stay there - this time!

So first up is my CDC progress. If you have followed me for any length of time you will know what an absolute hell I have had with this project and have not enjoyed stitching it muchly. However, recently, I have had some sort of a boost and have not been able to put the thing down! I have had to save a bit to do in December as it is now part of an SAL which I think has been extremely helpful in me getting this thing done!

November progress

This silk (Thread Gatherer silk n colors) has an amazing sheen to it. I have tried to capture it on camera but I can't really do it. When you turn it, the whole thing changes. I can't really describe it but I have never experienced it before with thread.

I have also been working on HAED Rose SK. So much detail in this one - it really makes my eyes water at times. Loving the way it is turning out. So so pretty.

November update

Got the latest copy of Country Homes and Interiors the other day - oh what an issue. If you haven't got it - run RUN and get it. It is gorgeous and filled with drooly christmassy things. Here's a taste:


and if you're wondering what that is floating in my hot choc - it's marshmallows - yummo!



Really warmed me up. We've been having some freezing cold weather here. You remember my cold feet?? Lookie now:


Thanks to MnS. Perfect cosy toes. Keep warm dear friends. xx