Saturday, December 29, 2012

Squeezing another one in???

Two little makes for you today. 

First up is the lovely chart Tracy gifted me with for my birthday. It is called Morning Star by Blackbird Designs. It took me a total of 3 days to stitch. It uses the called for Crescent Colours threads. It was a fab stitch. Loved it. I think I can put this as my last Wipocalypse post too!

Secondly, I had a go at making a quick cosy for dd's new tablet. Just double crochet in rounds using cotton yarn. Thankfully she likes it so it will be put to some use. 

I'll be back in the new year with a proper round up. 
Take care sweeties. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Did you all have a merry Christmas??

I did. It was a lot of fun waking up with the children so excited and opening their gifts. They loved what we had got them and hopefully there were a few surprises too.

I was a bit saddened to see news reports of fatalities yesterday in car accidents. So sad at any time but especially devastating at this time of year. I pray everyone drives a little slower and safer today.

Well I can finally show you the secret crochet doll's blanket I made for dd. She really REALLY wanted a La newborn doll for Christmas. I thought she had grown out of dolls but no. So I got her one and set ion making a little blanket for him. For quickness I just used 3 colours and made block squares which I then used the continuous join as you go method. I made a lovely edging from the Edie Eckman book Crochet borders. It makes it lok as if there is ribbon going through it. Here it is.

Hubby and I decided that we would not buy each other gifts this year but give each other some money to spend so apart from a pair of slippers and a dvd set, we didn't get many other gifts. My dear, sweet friend, Tracy got me some lovely things including these great charts which were off my wishlist. This was the only crafty gift I got this year so I think a little crafty spend is definitely in order!
On Christmas Eve, my dd was desperate to have her hair curled so I cut up one of my ds's vests and made them into rag curlers. Here's the before:
And here's after!!!!

Wow!!! They actually worked. How cool is that! A proper little Shirlee Temple! She reminds me of me when I was a little girl. My mum used to curl my hair very often.
Here's a picture of our happy family!!
We went to the inlaws for Christmas dinner which was wonderful as usual and had a lovely time seeing the other half's family. We don't meet very often so it is nice to spend the day with them.
Today, the weather has perked up a little and for once it has stopped raining so I think we are going to take oursleves off for a little jaunt somewhere. Then it is off to the brother in laws as he wasn't there yesterday. Hopefully I will get in some stitching time today before I have to start thinking about going back to work and all the planning I have to do!! Eeek. Oh I have also slowly started to put all my photos back onto my posts. I won't be able to put them all on as I just can't plain remember which ones should go where. I have started with this years posts as I need all my Wipocalypse posts back up and then I will do the most memorable ones and the ones that got the most traffic. It is a pain but if there are any posts/pictures you want me to do in particular then please let me know. Thanks for being patient. Stupid webshots. grrrrrrrr... 
Hope you all have a lovely Boxing day holiday. xx

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Last Wipocalypse post and end of year round up.

Well I think I have just made the last Wipocalyse posting! Here is my finish of Glad Tidings by The Sampler Girl. It has not been ironed or framed yet as I was in such a hurry to get a snap of it and get it up on my blog. It was a wonderful stitch as with all the others in the series and I am happy to have this finished in time for Christmas. It was great fun SALing along with Tina, Sue and Tracy too.

So I don't have very much to show other than that. Life has just hit me with hectic and so stitching and crochet have taken a back seat. I do have something else to show but I can't post it until after Christmas.

So Christmas is looking sweet as usual in my house. Same old tree and same old decs but I love the look. Tonight, I have friends round to celebrate with good food and a kid-friendly film so my little ones can join in too. Carol service first though and quite looking forward to that.
I am trying to not get angry about the way Webshots has behaved in removing all pictures from their site when it changed to Smile. Smile????? What have they given me to smile about when they have removed 6 years worth of blog photos from my posts!!!!!!! Grrrrrr. Very very cross. I still have all my pictures but it won't quite be the same but I will try and put some of the posts right.
So its a short post - sorry about that - but I will try and write again before the new year. Until then, I wish all my lovely readers and commenters a Wonderful, Peace Filled, Gift Laden, Joyous Christmas!