Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cross stitch book review and give away

Some time ago, I was asked to do a review on my blog of this book you see below. It is called Two Hour Cross Stitch - Flowers 300 quick and easy designs by Trice Boerens. 


Here is the blurb on the back:

"If you have limited time for crafting, Two - Hour Cross-Stitch: Flowers is the perfect book for you. It's brimming with 300 classic, vintage and retro-inspired blossoms that are not only beautiful, but also quick and easy to stitch. The colourful motifs are shown finished and are accompanied by a chart and a list of suggested colours. Perfect for stitching on the go, these flowers are sure to shine on any project you design."


It is a sturdy paperback book with full colour charts inside. The instructions are very limited which suggests it is aimed at people who already know how to stitch but because of the simplicity of each design, this book would be suitable for the beginner. Each design has been stitched and is photographed alongside each chart. The colours in the list are DMC.


I think each design would be great to use for smalls like pinkeeps and scissor fobs and such like and would make lovely RAK gifts. There is potential to collate them together and make into a bigger sampler as well if you are the creative type.

I am offering this book as a giveaway to one of my followers. If you like the look of it and think you might use it then please make a comment below. This is open to all my followers - wherever you are in the world. I will pull a name out of the hat  on Sunday 6th May.

Thanks for reading! Look out for another giveaway very soon. A full kit from Yiota's Cross Stitch!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April WIPocalypse and catch up

Not much stitching to show for having been away for over a month - blogwise I mean! Here is where I am at with Bouquets - slowly but surely. I was hoping to get it finished by tonight but I have had so much on my mind at the moment, my mojo has just disappeared completely! If you find it, please send it back to me. Thanks.Here's my wipocalypse for April then. Sorry it's a bit late!

So so close to finishing this sucker! Go go go!!!! I want to start another Sampler Girl one. 

Thank you so much for all your kind comments on my last post and the lovely emails and messages you have sent me. You really are the world's dearest friends! I have been up and down and they say time is the greatest healer but I am not so sure of that one. I am working things through one day at a time. 

A special Thank You to Karen from My 4 Lil Girls for this amazing gift to cheer me up. I bought one of Karen's bags from her last year and I love it! These are just perfect additions. I know I am a little late in publicly acknowledging this but Thank You Karen from the bottom of my heart. xxxxx

A Tissue Holder:

A Patchwork cushion cover:

A Patchwork Heart:

Some good news is that I have an interview for a job on Friday. I had prayed about going back to work as littlest starts school in September. I had prayed that a job would "come to me" and that I wouldn't feel stressed about trying to find something. Well, something did come to me. The Deputy head of an independent Christian School not too far from me had also been praying about a position needing filled and my name had dropped into his mind. I am certain that I am right for that job. It means also that my children will be able to attend it as well which is a bonus as fees are expensive. (Not as expensive as other private schools but still expensive to me!) So I have had to think about getting my teaching head in gear as I haven't used it properly in a good few years. Saying that, I have been doing a little bit of tutoring this year so I am half way there already I guess. For those of you who don't know, I am trained as a secondary English teacher. Crafting has definitely taken a back seat this last month. 

Hubby and I managed to get away this month as well. The first time we have been away on our own without the children in about 3 years!!! Thanks to my dearest friends Michelle and Mark who kindly ran them ragged for us. We decided to head Northwards and went and stayed in a quaint place called Alston - north east of Cumbria along the Penines. The Pub we stayed in was small and cosy and all the locals seemed to appear that night. Everyone was warm and friendly and the food was delish. All local and home cooked etc. Log fire burning. You get the idea. We stayed at The Angel Inn which I would highly recommend. The next day we went a walking around a few local places which did us the world of good. Just wish we could get a few more of these times away. Hubby is working away now for a good few weeks so it's home alone time for moi. Here are some snaps of where we stayed and visited. 

Well, that's me although I do have a book review to do - which will be a giveaway and also Yiota from Yiota's Cross Stitch has also asked me to do a giveaway from her so please look out for those posts coming very, very soon. Much love to all my readers and commenters.