Friday, January 25, 2008

Lots more goodies..

My goodness! I have been inundated with gifts galore! It feels like my birthday every day. Several more lottery pieces have arrived for me.

First up is Dianne's gift which is this cute drawstring bag and inside she has put a bag of Hershey's chocolates. It's so lovely. Thank you Dianne.
Dianne's lottery piece

Next up is the beautiful biscornu from Mindy who also sent this lovely wooden thread keeper made by her father and also some thread she used for the biscornu. Not only all this but a gorgeous beaded scissor fob too. All lovely Mindy. Thank you so much!!
Mindy's lottery piece

Outi's gift also arrived and with it she included a Periphaeria design and some lovely floss. Thank you Outi. I love it all.
Outi's lottery piece

Leena's piece also arrived and Leena made this cute pair of booties for Elijah too! This is the first flatfold I have ever had and I love it. Thanks Leena!!
Leena's lottery piece

Next up is my Frosty Friends exchange that Amysc sent to me. It's so lovely. A beautiful snowman cushion backed with snowman fabric and lots of other goodies too. She sent me 3 charts and a charm for one of them, 2 pieces of fabric and 2 threads. Thank you so much Amy. What a perfect gift.
Amy sc's frosty friends exchange to me Jan08

Now, some time ago I entered a competition on Sara's blog and lo and behold I won!! I guess I was really blessed last year to win so many things. Sara was very secretive about what the prize would be so I was totally blown away to receive this gift today!!
Sara's prize
The ornie she stitched is by Teresa Wentzler and she also sent me some sachets of cocoa, hand made chocolates, body lotion, threads and a great Lizzie kate kit in a box which I have never seen before. Really cool stash Sara. Thank you so much.

And just to treat myself, like I really need more treats hey, I bought the Mary Peacock Sampler chart ond these great miniature putford scissors from the Sampler Guild and they arrived the very next day. Wonderful service. I don't know when I'll actually get around to stitching it but it's nice to have in my stash. And I just adore the scissors.
Mary peacock sampler and putford scissors

So that's me for a bit. Sorry if I have made anyone green eyed! I have been slowly working my way through blogs and responding to my comments. I was so blessed to receieve so many lovely comments concerning my new baby. Elijah is doing well but unfortunately I have ended up with an infection in my wound which has made it very uncomfortable for me. It was just about healed too when the infection set in. So I am now on antibiotics and cream to sort it out. Hopefully I'll be a lot better next time I write. I have been working on a biscornu and not sure whether to give it to my sister for her birthday or to keep it or give it to someone else. I will post a pic of it next time I write when I hopefully will have finished it. Small, easy projects this year I think.

Till next time, happy stitching.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Welcome Elijah John Henry..... Long post, lots of pics

elijah 044

Here's our beautiful new arrival, Elijah John Henry, who came as planned on the 8th January at 10.15 weighing in at 9lb 3oz!! Yes I do have a habit of giving birth to big babies! Lily weighed 9 lb. I'm recovering well from the section - a lot better than last time. We only got home on Monday due to him having to stay in hospital an extra couple of days as he had jaundice. He is fine now though. He is absolutely adorable and is very cuddle. He likes his cuddles. I'm very tired as I'm only just starting to catch up with sleep after having none in the hospital for 6 days!. I did take some stitching in thinking I might have to wait a while for the csection but they did it straight away.
Here is a video of his first cry!!! Just as he was taken from me. (hope it works)

elijah 041.mpg

Since I have been away I have started to recieve some lovely goodies through the post from the cross stitchers lottery.
Here's what I have rec'd so far:

This is from Stephanie which is absolutely stunning. She even sent some extras - the fabric of which I took into hospital with me. Thank you Stephanie.
Stephanies wallet
Inside Stephanie's walletExtras from Stephanie

This is from Cheryl who also sent me a couple of baby vests too. Thanks Cheryl. I love it.
Cheryl's pincushion

This is from Carol which is so lovely and is set on a real wooden box!! Very impressive. I can store my threads in there. Thank you Carol.
Carol's Peacock box

This is from Edgar. Great fabric and my favourite Season. Thank you Edgar.Edgars Pinkeep

This is from Dawn who also sent some extras. I really need that ribbon lol! Thank you Dawn - it's fab!Dawn's goodies

This is from Aniza - so sweet and I love the fabric colour. Thank you Aniza.Anizas pinkeep

This is from Yasmin. I adore the thread colour. Thank you Yasmin!!yasmins biscornu

Phew Loads of goodies.

Also as if that is not enough to show I also have finished the Simple Little Quaker design. Here it is stitched on 32 count lavender mist belfast linen using Dinky Dyes Amethyst thread.
Simple Little Quaker Jan 2008

Also I can show you what I stitched for Jeanne for the Frosty Friends exchange as she has recieved it now. It is by Beardie Designs and is called Winter pocket. I sent some extras too but didn't photograph them.
Frosty Friends exchange to Jeanne
lined with silk

So going to be a bit busy now but will try to get on as soon as I can. All the best everyone. xx

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Can I squeeze in a quick one??

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2008 is a happy and prosperous one for you all. Was not going to post till baby came but a couple of things have happened that I just need to write about. First off I am so pleased to announce that I won the cross stitchers lottery!!! I can't tell you how chuffed I am to be recieving so many lovely stitched pieces. I look forward to recieving some great gifts in the post!

Also, today I recieved this beautiful wall hanging from Judith!
Gift from Judth Jan08

Its so pretty Judith. Thank you.

I have also been adding to my stash! Well, I'm not giving up my favourite hobby just because we are adding to our family lol. Just a short break perhaps. I figured that if I didn't get these charts now then maybe I'd never get them. The only place I cound find these charts was Wyndham Needleworks. Let me know if you know of another supplier of Exampler Dames designs. I only found two other suppliers but their stock of charts was low. So here are what I ordered:

Examplar Dames "Love"
Examplar Dames "Faith"
Examplar Dames "Prosperity"
Indigo Rose "Mary's Pin Pillow"
Indigo Rose "Peek a boo Pin Cushion"
Carriage House Samplings "Folk Art Pincushions"

So just a last splurge with some Christmas money I got this year. It might be a while before I splurge again.

I have also nearly finished Simple Little Quaker. I am into the last page and am pleased with how it is turnign out. If I don't get it finished before I go into the hospital then I shall be taking it in with me!! I don't know what I'll be taking in if I do get it finished - maybe my Patchwork. Or maybe a little biscornu design or something. I will be staying in for a few days to recover from the c section and dh will be at home in the evenings with dd so I may as well take something in to occupy myself with.

Oh also to thank Tracy for her lovely Christmas treats I sent her a parcel and amm pleased to say it arrived safely. Unfortunately I didn't take pics of what I sent but you can find it on her blog.

Until baby arrives then.......