Friday, July 30, 2010

Biscuit anyone?

Today I made the perfect cookies. I got the recipe from the fabulous lady of Attic24. They were so easy to make and didn't take long. The longest part was waiting for them to cool. Now if you have ever had Millies Cookies then these are just like them. No kidding. Nice and chewy on the inside and a bit of a crunch on the top. The little peeps really couldn't wait to get their hands on them:


Now I started a new blanket until I can get more white wool to finish my granny square afghan off. I am just loving these hippy dippy stripes. They make me so happy. They are just so bright and colourful. This in no way is a breaking on my Pledge as it's a different craft so it doesn't count (cough cough).

This is the very tricky start. I had to chain 240 stitches and I had fortunately made a small practice piece first which I had undone twice before I got it right. So 240 stitches and hoping it would work out and that I had counted it right. I had!

Starting the granny stripe

It quickly worked up and then there were three colours:

3 colours in

Then this:

Loving this!

I am so loving this! It is very addictive. Sorry to the stitching which has been set aside for just a little while. This is just so very satisfying.

On a not so positive note we have one of these:

oh wasps!
Wasp Nest. Which resulted in this:

Nice man reckons there are approx 5000 wasps in that nest. Nice! So then they all went bezerk and we shut the door!


Can you see all those blighters?? Most of them are queens as they have started reproducing queen wasps. They were huge!!! All is calm now and the nice man is coming back next Thurday to remove it. I might get a pic of the inside.

Okay that's me. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my face painting skills or lack of them and the granny blanket! I appreciate all your comments so much. It's good to be in blogland. xx

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hooky time

School holidays.... I remember them well. Not quite the same as an adult! So dh takes little one off to nursery which left me and dd with some time on our own together. Mum and daughter stuff. We started our day with dd wanting to start a new stitchy project. Very good. It gave me a bit of time to work on my crochet blanket. Here is where it is up to now:


73 squares up to now.


and a few more squares to add...


I am going to do one more row of granny squares then figure out how to edge it. I quite like the squares without the white edge to it actually. Funny, when I got the wool it was a big improvement on the last blanket made with all odds and ends and scraps. However, I have seen some amazing blankets out there and so now I'm fed up of these garish looking colours. But my ds loves it so all well and good. I have just ordered some yarn to do the granny stripe blanket from Attic24's blog. I have ordered the same colours and hope they come soon so I can make a start.

So Back to me and dd and our day. We motivated ourselves to do an exercise dvd. My lazy butt badly needs a kick in this direction. I was surprised she sat out sooner than I did.

Time to go get ds and once home we entertained ourselves doing some face painting:

Ocean Fairy & Dog


It has been a couple of years since I last had this stuff out and wasn't sure I could still do it. Not too bad an effort hey? I need more clients to practice on.

So all is left to do is baking I guess then I can be the perfect Mother Earth figure! Yeah right. Happy holidays xxx

Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm still here!!!

I am so sorry for the major absence! Life has just been too hectic and busy. Hubby goes away again today but only for a couple of nights so not long and to be honest we could both do with the break away from each other I think. Today is dd's last day of term and I am dreading the upcoming holidays. I am really going to have to put my thinking cap on and get out there and do something with them. I am thinking, picnics in the park, trips to sealife places, Chester Zoo. Lots of museums and of course, the odd ball pool place thrown in for good measure.

Sooo what have I been up to?? Well I broke two rules in one go. I did. I really broke two of my own rules. So, my rules for the Pledge was to have no new starts right? For six months, yes? Well I boo boo-ed on this one. It wasn't intentional. No. You see I blame the HAED forum and that enabler Fudgey. She had a Storykeep SAL earlier in the year and I missed it. Well, basically all you have to do is post up two progress pictures in six months and then you get all the charts offered as part of the SAL. So it means I get three more charts just for posting two pics! So I had to you see. I really did. But wait, it also meant I broke my second rule:

"I will only ever stitch on one HAED at a time."

Yes, that's my very own quote and I broke it. :(

So here are some progress pics:

HAED Rose Storykeep

July Progress

I know it doesn't look much yet but it is a unicorn and a girl. Or will be...

HAED QS Breaking Dawn

July 10 progress

This is lovely to work on. The colours are amazing. You can see her hair forming now.

And just so you know that I really have been sticking to my Pledge, here is my progress on the dreaded CdC. I have finished page 3 so I am half way there. Sorry the photo isn't great.
CdC Ink Circles


Here's a fabulous finish by my dd. Thi sis her third finish and it only took her a couple of days so she is definitely improving. I am so proud of my stitching girl:

Lily's third finish July 10

I went to visit my parent's not too long ago. Their garden is just gorgeous! Here are some pictures.








While I was there, I snapped a quick pic of "I am Half Sick of Shadows" which my dad is working on for me:
I am Half Sick of Shadows

July 10 progress

Unwashed, unironed, but you get the picture.

Well, I have been busy hooking away on my next crochet blanket but I have forgot to take it out of my ds's bag and he has gone off to nursery with it so next time I'll show you that.

Next month, I am hoping to get my Just Nan finished off and make some more progress on CDC.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me comments. You make my day! x