Friday, July 27, 2007

Thinking about August goals.

Textile Heritage scissorkeep.

Here is the fob I sent to Carol for her birthday. I sent some other bits too which you can see on her blog. I didnt't take a picture of the rest of the stash, tut! This was the first fob I ever made and it's slightly different to some of Carol's other fobs in style so thought she might like it for her ever growing collection! I don't appear to own a fob of my own now so think I might make one for myself lol. Maybe I could make one of the "House on a Hill" ones to go with the needlecase I did.

So I have been fairly quiet at the moment. I have been doing some knitting for the new arrival but I'm not very good at it really. My sis says if it doesn't turn out quite right then give it to my dd for her doll!! Cheek! It's not that bad. I'll post some pics when I finish it off and sew it up.

Stitch wise I've been quiet. I have been doing a little on Patchwork but not enough to show progress really. Was very saddened by the death of the designer, Jan Houtman. What a loss to the stitching world. I am trying so hard not to start any new projects and just focus on the ones I have got but I am feeling so uninspired by them at the moment. I have finished a gift but need to send it off first before I can reveal it. I am still waiting for my fabric from Sugar Maple. I think she is having to dye it first as Mindy told me she found the piece of linen I wanted. So I guess she is having to dye it and then it needs to be sent from the US to UK so that will take some time.

So, August Goals:

I haven't set any goals for a while so it might spur me on a bit.

1. Work on Dreaming Mermaid
2. Work on Twilight Shimmer
3. Work on Patchwork
4. Make a fob
5. Possible start Cirque de cirque if fabric is here
6. Work on I am Half Sick of Shadows
7. Make a gift for someone, who? I don't know yet - it could be you!

and I think thats enough for this month. Nothing too taxing there.

Hopefully I will have some more pics next time I post.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ooooooh baby pics!

Oh my it's been a while since the last time I posted. I haven't really had much to share till today but today's been a fab day. I finally had my first baby scan which they normally do between 10-12 weeks but I was 13+!! Actually found out today that I am actually 14 weeks tomorrow! So I am a little further on than I had thought - only by a few days. It was such a relief seeing the tiny heartbeat ticking away and its arms and legs kicking. It's so good to see what is actually inside. It has been particularly stressfull for me recently as dh has been working away again and there was a problem with getting him back for the scan. Well, not so much getting him home but getting him back out there in time for the next gig! I am praying for no delays as he has just got on a plane to Heathrow and then flying out to Bucharest in the morning. So it was touch and go for a while but he made it to the scan so all is well. They can't tell the gender at this stage but we will be finding out at our 20 week scan.

13 week scan 16th July 07

And, now onto some stitching. It was the HAED SAL this weekend and I was stitching Twilight Shimmer and I have the beginnings of a face!!! You can make out her nose and lips and an eye. I am getting a trifle bored with all the blues but I think I did extremely well this weekend. It must have had something to do with DH being away. By the way he is away for another week, back monday, then going away again Tuesday!! I am not getting to see him hardly any this month sniff sniff (that'll be the hormones!)So here she is in all her glory. I saw on Rachel's blog (Willing Hands) that she has been busy with her Loose Feathers. I feel so bad as I haven't even started one of their designs yet and another is on its way!!!

July SAL progress

Oh yep, I have also ordered some fabric from Sugar Maple Fabrics to start my Cirque de Circles chart. I have never ordered from them before but Mindy was ever so nice and helpful. I hope it comes quickly. I haven't yet decided on threads yet but will post a pic as soon as I get everything together.

So happy stitching, till another day, or another week lol.... xxxxx