Saturday, January 27, 2007

Getting to grips with this Blog!

Long time no post!! Got lots to add lots of new stitching catch up but first need to figure this blog thing out!!!

Ok Here's a few pics of some of the projects I am working on at the moment.

This one is the Patchwork sampler by Jan Houtman - took me ages to find the chart. Had to go on a forum etc etc to get to the person who could get it for me!!! Anyway I got it and some gorgeous threads to go with it. Jenifer from Haed board also bought me a Vikki Clayton Voucher so I could get some nice threads for it. Thank you Jenifer!!

That reminds me... the HAED forum, cool place! What a nice bunch of guys hang around there. They specialise in fantasy art designs in cross stitch. As you can imagine the detail is rather intricate but fun to do. Here is Dreaming Mermaid by Molly Harrison that I'm working on. I am nearly finished page 3. Have been waiting to get some threads through which arrived today thankfully so I'll be on my way! As soon as page three is done I will upload more pics.