Saturday, March 23, 2013


Well, hello there! It has been a while hasn't it? I am afraid life is just getting in the way of blogging right now. I'm still working and loving my new job. I feel like I am meant to be there; that the job was created just for me. It is hard work but I don't begrudge it. I have even started a little crochet group. I asked a couple of members of staff if they wanted to learn and also a year 10 girl. I figured if I could teach them first then I could invite some of the younger peeps. So all is going well and I have 8 more girls waiting to join the group after Easter and learn the craft. So, I am very happy. 

Husband is away on tour again but it is his last tour. He has resigned and will be finished with touring after May. Hoorah hoorah! So, whilst busying myself with watching Lost on Netflix (what a fab series that was), I continued with my hook to make and create so I thought I would post what I have done before yet another month passes. Unfortunately, I have little to show as far as stitching goes although I have had a couple more pictures framed. Once they are up on my "sampler wall", I will take a snap of them all. My wall is looking rather neat at the moment. I think stitching projects will be reserved for the holidays for now as I am really enjoying the relative "quick" finishes of crochet. 

Here is my finished "Blooming Flower" cushion. You can find the pattern here. I used the same colours in my CK stripe blanket minus the cream. It turned out really lovely except I had to fudge the back a bit as it trned out slightly bigger than I had anticipated although the stitch count was right. Go figure. 

Next up is an idea I had whilst looking at a Rowan pattern for a blanket. It was this one that caught my eye. Now this pattern is one that I was already working on for my Drops blanket here and also is the same pattern on the front of my book 200 crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton. Weird hey. So I felt that this blanket was really calling to me. I had to decide on yarn and I wanted something quick to work up. I found that I had a ball of Stylecraft Nature's Way in chunky which is an undyed virgin 100% wool so I trialed it and really liked the fireside look it gave. I ordered more balls in a variety of shades and set to work. It didn't take long to make at all and Love the chunky, squishy feel it gives. So, here it is... My Fireside Throw...

Next up, is a quickie project that I made for dd this morning. I found this on Mikey's channel on Youtube "The Crochet Crowd" when I was browsing last night. He is he guy that taught me to crochet and he has some great patterns. DD has not taken this off all day. She says it is nice and soft and not itchy. 

I suppose all that is left is to say what awful weather we have been having here in the UK. We have been hit quite badly - hence the picture at the top of this post. That was me driving to work yesterday. Today it is even worse! So now, I will retire with one of these:

and watch "Jesus of Nazareth" with my kids - an Easter tradition I think. I wish you all a blessed Easter season. Thanks for staying with me during my busy season. 

Lots of love,