Sunday, March 01, 2015

March 1st Stitching Update

I can't believe a whole month has passed me by and I haven't posted! I am so sorry dear readers but life, as usual, has gotten in the way again. I have been very busy with work and also had some health problems which I won't bore you with. Suffice to say, I have been taking things easy - well, as easy as possible. However, I do have some finishes to share. Yay! Happy dances!

It was my intention at the start of the year to do monthly goals instead of year long goals. The reason being is that in the past when I have done yearly goals, I have inevitably failed, and been left with even more wips than I previously started with; (Crazy January Challenges and all that!) So, I began this year with Monthlies - not too many so that I could feel a sense of achievement. 

In January, I met all my goals - Yay!!! 

In February, I did all my goals but one which was finishing the Woodland blanket. All I have to do on this blanket is edge it in black so it won't take me long to do. However, I did make a small lapblanket which my cat has decided is hers! Someone, gifted me some aran wool a while ago and was never sure what to use it for so I decided a quick, simple granny square blanket would suffice.

The next two photos are from my goals for February list. The first one is the Lizzie Kate ABC of Christmas. I had started this a few years ago and never really got far into it so I was happy to set it as a goal and finish it this last month.

Here are some close ups of my favourite motifs from the design:

The next finish is the Cookies ornie from CCN Classic Ornie collection that I am getting on autoship from the Patchwork Rabbit. I have to say that I am slightly regretting getting these as these designs, to me, are not really descriptive of being "classic" in my humble opinion. Nevertheless, I am trying to stay on top of them by stitching one a month. I am much preferring the look of the new LHN releases of the sampler ornaments. Much more to my taste but alas, I can only afford one autoship at a time. 

So my idea is, that when I complete my stitching goals for the month then I am free to work on whatever I like. It just so happened that I really felt like I wanted to make a start on March goals so I picked up Elisabeth Lillie and started working on her and as you can see I have made a fair bit of progress on her. Not much more to go now and so I am hoping to have her finished by the end of the month. I made a big mistake with two of the colours in the chart and mixed up a blue with a brown. This was due to the symbols not being very clear but it makes this design more personal to me. So, not an exact replica but nice all the same. 

So, March goals are

- to finish Elisabeth Lillie
- to stitch another CCN ornie
- to finish my Love Quilts square

Hope you are all okay lovely readers and surviving this cold winter.