Friday, February 26, 2010

A word of warning!

This is to the sick chinese pervert who keeps trying to put sick sex links on my posts - DON'T BOTHER! I moderate all my comments so you are wasting your time.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look who made me cry again!

This time it was Brigitte. About a year ago I sent Brigitte some Maltesers through the post as she had never tried them before. That was all. Just a bag of Maltesers. It was a biggish bag but just a bag all the same. So you can imagine my surprise when Brigitte sent me this parcel through the post. I was overwhelmed. She wrote me a lovely card that said she was sorry I had been having a rough time of things and that it was "payback" time!!! Seriously Brigitte you have outdone yourself!

Rak from Brigitte!!! Feb 10

She sent me all these lovely goodies including the sweetest egg shaped pinkeep ever. She also sent me 3 peices of linen - you know how I love linen! and have had such a lack of it until these recent raks! She also sent me lots of chocolate - the Toffifee have gone already :-O. She also sent a lovely PS chart which I will definitely stitch up soon. Thank you so much Brigitte. This was a wonderfully, unexpected surprise and it DID make me cry but in a happy way. Here is a close up of the pinkeep:


Yesterday also brought something I won from the One World One Heart blogging event. This was a pendant I won from Tina. Her work is exquisite! I wore it last night on a chain. It is beautiful. I have no idea how you made it but you're very clever! So thank you for that.

Winnings from Tina owoh

Some were asking about the Besem soap I purchased. Well, so far so good. The soaps are all made from natural ingredients and essential oils and 10% of the purchase goes to charity. They smell lovely and have not dried my skin at all. They foam up really well. Here is the link to her Etsy shop if you are interested:

I have also been inspired by Sharlotte's punchneedle this week and have decided to order a small starter kit and a punchneedle and see how I get on. It hasn't arrived yet but will let you know how I get on with it.

Things are starting to look up a little. DH had a day off yesterday and although he has gone back this morning, he will be back on Tuesday for a couple of weeks so coming to the end of it all I think. The Japan trip will be hard when he goes but glad it is nearly over and we can get back to some normality. Thank you for all your kindnesses in thoughts, words and deeds! xx

Friday, February 19, 2010


I got my Stitch Red for Heart exchange through the post today and what a parcel it was. Look what Janet sent me:

Amazing Stitch Red exchange from Janet

This is the beautiful front of the heart pincushion/scissor holder. It is stitched very neatly over 1. I turned it over and this is what I found:

Back of the heart

Stunning back including all these hand dyed threads by Janet herself held on by mother of pearl heart threadkeeps and a pair of scissors held on with some ribbon. Wow!

But that is not all. She sent a bunch of extras. I cried. No less than 9 pieces of linen in various counts and sizes and colours. Beading needles, gold needles (spoiling me now), glissengloss threads, beads, charms, pen, and chocolate (which the darlings ate).


But to top it all off was the heartwarming letter she wrote to me. I cried again. I was so touched by your thoughtfulness and your generosity Janet. This came in the middle of a bad, depressed slump I have been in. People have asked if I have been depressed and I can honestly say that I haven't been, until now. DH being away has hit me harder this time than it usually does. Perhaps the extra child? I don't know and I know I will be okay but this parcel really gave me a boost. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Also got some lovely soap I ordered from the US today. From Besam hand made soaps. I got the link from Edgar and these soaps do smell good. Very natural and not the synthetic smell you can sometimes find with similar products. I will let you know how they are.

Thank you for all your lovely comments. I am adding people to my following list every day which makes it even harder to get through blogs and comment but I am trying to pass your way soon. Have a good weekend.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Stitch Red for Heart exchange received

I learnt today that Sharlotte received her Stitch Red for Heart exchange I sent her from the HoE blog. Here is what I sent her:

Stitch red for heart ##### ex Feb 10

I stitched this lavender heart pomander using Amon Ami Pierre freebie and also made this bookmark using stamps and embossing powders and inks. The bookmark says "Stitch Red" on the top of it. I learned fro Sharlotte's wishlist that she likes Christmas fabrics and rasberry chocolate so popped in some of those too. I wanted to keep the exchange simple but send something from my heart and I believe she likes it. She has much better pics on her blog including a lovely handmade card that my sister made.

Thank you so much for all the beautiful, encouraging comments about my bad week. It brings me to tears to read the kind, thoughtful words. I love you guys soooo much. I don't know what I'd do without this blog, I really don't.
Edited to add: go here for a great giveaway!!


And the winner of the One World One Heart scarf giveaway is...........

comment 200


Well done Barbara. I will be emailing you soon and if the prize isn't claimed withing three days I will do another draw. I used the random number generator for this.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this event and looking at lots of new and different blogs. There just wasn't enough time to look at everyone's though and I am sorry I did not get round to all of them. On the other hand, I will be glad to get back to my usual blogging buddies as I have missed my inspiration.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's no wonder I'm grumpy!

I have held it in long enough and now I want my moan time! My dh is away for a long time (I consider 3 months a long time) and I am left alone with my two children. Last week we were hit very hard. It started snowing again and no sooner it did when my heating broke down again. We went a week with out central heating and we were freezing. So last weekend, off I trotted to my sisters to stay over and keep warm. At 3 am the boy was sick - all over his travel cot and sheets! Nice. So there I was at 3am trying to mop up copious amounts of sick and trying to stop him crying and waking up my sister's family. I had to rob my sister's towel cupboard to lay down towels for him to sleep on. YUCK.

So weekend over and off I trotted back home. One near miss collision on the motorway (my fault) and finally we arrived home to our freezing cold house. But wait... the story doesn't end here. Why? you say... Surely it couldn't get any worse? Oh yes indeedy. I had gone out especially to buy my cats an extra litter tray (a larger one even) so they would have plenty of litter tray space while I was gone. Except.... I had shut both the trays in the office and they couldn't get to them (my fault again!). So I came home to a pile of poo all over the kitchen floor. Well good cats, thought I. They haven't done it on the carpet. Good, good cats. NOPE. They had weed all over the cushions on my couch!! So out went the cushions but the smell was lingering. So on went the bicarb of soda. Seems to be gone now. Urgh!

So happy ever after tale.... no. Then my washing machine broke. That all.... NO!!!! Then someone came round to give me a fan heater to keep warm. I aimed it into the dd's bedroom and then started smelling smoke! It melted the front of it and nearly set the carpet on fire.

Okay so it ends there right...... NOOOOO. Then I gets sick. Puking in the early hours and in the morning. During the same which my ds decides he needs to be in bed with me because after all, he is stressed too!!! So when I wake up in the morning, I then find he has wet our bed. Even with a nappy on. What???

So you see folks, I have had a rather stressfull week. All on my own and without my dh. Can you understand my grumpyness?

So you can understand why I was so happy to receive this lovely gift from Marjorie through the post. She was having a giveaway for this chart and I won it. But she also bought me my favourite brand of threads to stitch it in (Crescent Colours of course) and didn't she do a great job of choosing the colours?

Giveaway won from Marjorie Feb 2010

Design - Canon
Designer - Whispered by the Wind
In case you were wondering... the heating is fixed, the washer is fixed, we are all well and it has stopped snowing!