Monday, October 31, 2011

Things I will do today...

Today I will...

Pray for my husband, marriage and kids.

Go and do the weekly food shop.

Tidy round the house and then again and again.

Take ds to play park.

Walk to pick up dd from school.

Finish Blue Ribbon freebie Noel ornie.

Read Of Mice and Men in prep for tutoring on Wednesday.

Read some of my Outlander book.

Knit a few more rows on ds' scarf.

Make tea.

Put a wash on.

Limit my time on Pinterest.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Thanks so much guys..

Thank you so much for all the kind comments and emails you have sent me during this last week. They have been very much appreciated. There has been a little breakthrough this week although I don't feel we are quite out of the woods yet. Faith and patience is the key. And lots and lots of prayer. Thank you to those who are agreeing with me in prayer for this situation to turn around. I really trust and believe it will.

Anyway. Onto a more cheery post of some productive finishes I have this week.

First up is part 7 of the istitch mystery. I can't believe I have kept up with this one. I really do think I am better with a bit of a push and a shove and a kick up the behind in order to get me to do things. It appears the whole, "finish the part then you will get the next part" appears to have worked for me. Only one more part to go and then I will be looking into finishing it into something.


I also made The Sampler Girl ornie into an ornie today. Just another simple cushion finish backed by red fabric with holly on it. I'll have a few of these to go on my tree this year. I think I may need to get a bigger stitching tree.


I took a break from crochet and knitted up some wrist warmers for DD which I had had the wool for for quite some time. I used Sirdar Crofter which knits up like Fair Isle but without all the hassle. I am quite pleased with them although I did make a mistake but made the other one the same so it matched. It is all that business about ending on a right side row stuff. Pah! I am sure it must have been a man that made these patterns.


Finally, I have made a bit more progress on Part 2 of Sampler Aux Bouquets. I am really loving this but dreading when I get to the end of this piece as I have not yet ordered part 3 as I have no printer at the moment and I have been getting them in PDF format. Anyway, here she is..


And lastly, browsing Tabiboo's blog, I came across this post on scent and I have been wanting to get one of these tart burners for some time now. I have bought them as gifts for friends and sisters but never one for myself. I think I was secretly hoping someone would buy me one but no luck so I finally ordered one for myself and it is lovely! I bought this Autumn hand painted one to go in my red autumnal room. It matches perfectly and lets out the sweetest smell. I bought a pack of Christmas scents but want to get a set of the kitchen ones now. A lot of money but I am so happy with it and I felt I did really deserve a treat, you know.


So that's all from me for a while. My hand really hurts. I think I have torn a ligament in it and find it hard to pick anything up - even light things. It even hurts to type! So I am off to rest it. See you in a little while.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Crochet comfort..

I am in definite need of some TLC and the crochet has been a comfort to me in these last few weeks. I do want to share my heart and what is going on with here with you all as a number of you have been following my little blog for some time now. You have seen me from the start and saw my second child being born. I have shared many memories and many finishes with you. You have seen me at my best and at my lowest. I do want to share but I feel there is only so much I can say online. There are people in real life who read my blog and there are certain things that I could not possibly share as it would cause great upset and distress. So suffice to say that things have not been exactly heavenly round here and being on my own a lot with two young peeps has indeed been a struggle.

So, I have thrown myself into my crochet this last couple of weeks in an attempt to take my mind off things. Remember the Autumn blanket I was so excited about that I started last year? I took a special trip to Rowan in Holmfirth and met the lovely Lisa from blogland there. I was sooo excited about it and made an initial good start. Then I got way laid by all the ends and also realised I needed more wool. Several balls were by this time discontinued and it took me a while to find suppliers on the net. Anyway, to cut it short, I finally got going with it again and here it is - almost - all finished. I still need to do the border and for this I will need more wool so it looks like another trip to Holmfirth might be in order. I have seen a border I want to do in the book Crochet Borders and Corners. Here it is for you all to see. How comforting and warm this blanket is. It isn't massive by any means but it is a good snuggle size.





I also finally got round to making a back panel for this cushion front and have finished the Tiny Squares cushion. I need to get 6 buttons for this just to fasten it but couldn't resist showing you it. Another snuggly!





And just before I rush off, let's not forget the istitch mystery I have been keeping up with. Here's part 6:

Hazel 6

Well, I hope that is enough of a colour explosion for you all today. Wrap up warm if you're in the UK as it is mighty cold here today.

Chat soon.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

How time flies...

Howard Park mushroom!

Well it is definitely autumnal out there and I love it. I really couldn't take the heatwave we had this last weekend but things are considerably cooler now which is just perfect for me. Instead of going out and basking in the rays, I shut myself in for the weekend. I was truly miserable and kept on snapping at everyone. I really don't like the heat.

Found this mushroom at a local park and thought it was totally cool as I don't think I have ever see a red mushroom before - only in fairy tale books etc.

So, it has been over two weeks since my last post - eeekkk!! Figured I had better get a post up before I let things get out of control. In my last post I said I would have Dandy Dreams finished within a week or two but actually it only took a few days. The chart is now on it's way to the USA to Lynda who will stitch it and then send it back as I have others waiting to borrow it as well. Here's my happy finish:




I also finished stitching the September ornie that me and Tina (no blog) are doing. I was a bit late as I started it on the last day of September! Oh well. I still need to finish it off but it was a lovely one to do. This is a freebie from the Sampler Girl and you can find it on her blog if you scroll through the archives.


I have also been beavering away on Sampler au Bouquet and just loving this design! Here is where I am up to right now.




I am using the Vintage Country mocha belfast linen and the called for DMCs and love the way it is turning out. The fabric looks even better in real life and I can't stop looking at the way it all mottles and blends. Lovely.

Okay, next up is part 5 of the Istitch mystery sampler. I am keeping up with this and doing the parts as they come out but I have been glad of the break so I can stitch on other things as well. Here's my part:

Hazel 5

Sorry the picture is so small. It is at Carol's request that we keep them small for the time being.

Well, I got a lovely gift in the post today from Lynda at A Cosy Little Place for Stitching. She sent me two LHN All Dolled Up charts from my wishlist so I am super pleased with them and will be definitely stitching them along with the couple of others I have. Brilliant and a super surprise so THANK you Lynda. Love them.


Well. I think that is me all done. Unless that is you want to see pictures of my lentil meals I have been making? No I thought not so I will save them for my food forum lol. I have done a bit of crochet but it is for a charity blanket and I am not sure that the square is good enough to get used so I am waiting to find out on that one. It's that darn Jan Eaton book - I need a tutorial in how to follow her charts! Anyway, that's another story. Have a good week everyone. Hopefully it will be cool enough to get out my Autumn blankie and start working on her again soon.