Sunday, February 01, 2015

Keeping the Chills out!

I gave a sneak peak a while ago to a special project I was making for my daughter's birthday. I promised a finish post but alas, I never got around to taking the pictures until now. 

Some of you may have guessed what it was but if you didn't here it is........

A Katniss Cowl

With her obsession with the Hunger Games novels and films, this pattern was just the ticket and truth be told, she has rarely gone a day without wearing it.

There are different ways to wear it.....

It is extremely thick and heavy and verrrrrry snuggly. The yarn I used was Drops Andes in Light Grey mix which you can find here.

Below is a close up of the pattern. I did have to leave out the last two rows as I ran out of yarn but felt it was thick enough for my 12 year old anyways!! You can find the pattern here. It is very easy once you get going and just follow the steps. 

She has had lots of compliments when wearing it. It only took me about three evenings to make. 

Then, this one! This was a quick project which I started yesterday when I intended to use up some Lion Brand Amazing yarn I had in my cupboard doing nothing. I made up the pattern and chained about 200 chains or just over. Then I single crocheted into the chains and then did half doubles for about 12 rounds. I finished with a single crochet edge. Easy peasy. It wraps round the neck three times. I thought the yarn would do the hard work and so it just needed a simple pattern and I am very pleased with it. Instead of joining each round and chaining up, I just continued and worked it in a spiral i.e. continuously if you get what I mean. I used a 6 mm hook for this project. 

Thought I had better post these before the summer comes along!