Friday, September 26, 2008

Prairie Schooler exchange

My partner finally recieved her Prairie Schooler exchange I made her for the HOE blog. My partner was Sharon from Cross Stitch Happy. Here is what I made her:


I made her a matching scissor fob and holder and needlecase. It is from the book Needles and Pins and I enjoyed every stitch. I think Sharon liked it too to I can breathe a huge sigh of relief now.

Today I got my PS exchange through also. It is from Ulla. Thank you Ulla, it is very nice.

Exchange rec'd from Ulla

Here's a snap of my Mira Christmas Angel that I started this week. I have just ordered the beads and kreinik for it so they should come tomorrow. I am stitching this on 36 count and I am loving how it is turning out.

Christmas Angel start sept 08

And just for fun, I thought I'd post some bath lights that I bought the other week! They change colour and float and are just the most relaxing thing!!


So, I have a mini biscornu exchange due out next week and I also need to make a start on the Harvest Time exchange and think about the Christmas ornie one. I have also been looking at fabrics for the Beatrix Potter SAL and Rachel from Willing Hands has kindly directed me to Sassy's Fabrics which look really stunning. I'll be thinking about that one over the weekend.

Have a happy stitching weekend,


Saturday, September 20, 2008

A bit of this and that

Oh I have been a terrible blogger of late not updating with pics! I really need to as it's the only organised system in my life for keeping memories together. I am really bad at that which reminds me I desperately need to get my dd and ds a big pair of boxes to keep all their achievements in as they are laying around all over the house. See I told you I was disorganised.

So first up, some holiday snaps - only a couple as my dh hasn't emailed me the ones he has taken with his camera but you can get the general idea. It was a lovely beach, weather was mixed, but lots of fun had by all.

Broadhaven Sept 2008


Now, after reading in Artystitch's blog about them learning to do crochet and after wanting for years on end to be able to make my very own granny square like the ones my mum used to make, I decided to have a go. There are some fantastic links on You Tube and from this one I learned it in no time at all and look what I have made already:

I know the colours are horrid but the point is to use up all those gory balls of wool you have that you will never make anything with and turn it into a blanket. So this will be for my dd's bed hopefully if I can make it big enough. Or, I might do several of these squares and sew them together. The gorier the better.

Here's an update on my Wiehenburg sampler. It is coming along rather nicely and I am still loving this colour 4210:

update sept 08

And just for fun, here's the little Christmas design I thought I might do this year. It's a Mirabilia one from an old copy of The World of Cross Stitching.


I think she is so beautiful and would look lovely as a pinkeep.

I have just sent off my HOE Prairie Schooler exchange and I must say I am mighty proud of this one!! I can't wait for them to recieve it so I can show it off hehe!! I have also signed up for two more exchanges - even though I said I wouldn't - I just couldn't resist. The Harvest time one (if I'm not too late) as it is a stitched gift only one (no extras) and the Christmas ornie one. So that will keep me busy for a while as well.

I am slowly working my way through my blog list and also any newbies who have crossed my path but it is a mighty dangerous thing this blog reading. I always see another new pattern or another new finishing technique which goes on my to do list.

Happy stitching, xx

Saturday, September 06, 2008

I'm back!

We have just spent a lovely week away on the South Coast of Wales right on the beach and it was lovely despite the weather not being the warmest! Will post a proper update soon with pics. If anyone is still interested in joining the Beatrix Potter stitchalong then please email me and I will send you an invite. I have had an email from Jaqueline Holdsworth the designer. If you can't get a copy of the chart then email me for details on how to get it.