Saturday, June 28, 2008

Longish post. Loads of pics.

What an exciting couple of weekends I have had. Last weekend was the Jayne's Attic weekend away in Bedfordshire. It was wonderful! I learned some new stitches:

Met some lovely people:

Amanda and I had a great time.

I was a little nervous about going away with people I didn't know from the internet but I shouldn't have worried. Everything was fine and I would definitely do it again.

This weekend was even more exciting. It is my dh's 40th birthday today and last night I booked us in at the Wizard's Thatch luxury hotel in Alderley Edge. It cost a huge amount just for one night but it was so wonderful. It is a 300 year old cottage that is covered in roses and flowers. Inside it was timber beamed and laid with wooden floors. There was a lot of nostalia inside too. Framed pieces of old newspaper clippings and pages adorned the wall, some from as far back as 1700s. The four poster bed was spread with red and gold sheets and tapestry curtains. Fresh flowers filled the rooms. I didn't want to post all the pics as there are so many but here is a slideshow for those of you who wish to see them all. As you can see of the ones of me, I still need to lose my baby weight :(

Wizard’s Thatch June 08

And finally, here is my first tin!
First tin top


Not a fantastic tin topper I admit but a tin topper no less. I tried to put a scissor holder in the top twice but the lid would just not shut down!! So I ripped the top out in the end.

So this is me. I am speeding away on my pif although had a slight dilemma with the ribbon that came with it as there wasn't enough but a massive Thank You to Leena who kindly sent me more so I'll be getting on with that tonight or tomorrow.

Have a good weekend. xx

Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm off...

I'm off to the Drawn thread workshop weekend away with Jayne's Attic crew. Have a good weekend everyone and I'll post up some pics when I get back.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thank you Stephanie!

Wowza! I got a wonderful parcel today from Stephanie (In Stitches) for the SBEBB ABC Exchange. Not only did she stitch me a wonderful piece from Ewe and Eye and Friends but she sent me a load of other goodies too. Here's a pic:

Steph's abc exchange to me!!!

This is a list of other goodies she sent me:
Magnetic alphabet letters (my dd will love these)
Magnetic wooden "H"
Brass "H" charm
Stitches and Spice fabric (Steph knows I adore this fabric)
Silkweaver fabric
Alphabet fabric
Cath Kidson Bath melts and mitt
Tin of mints and 4 bags of sweets yumm yumm yumm
La D Das Alphabet chart with the NPIsilks to go with it!!!!!!

Here are some more detailed pics of the exquisite stitching:

Inside the bag:

Gorgeous beaded edging:

This was wonderful to recieve and really cheered me up. Thanks so much Stephanie. I love it. xx

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I am in Love..

With DMC Variations 4210!! I wanted to stitch something for the tin topper challenge on the Monthly Finishing Challenge blog and stitched this motif from an AMAP chart I have on 36 count Edinburgh Antique white linen (which I have also come to adore) but found that the design is too big for the little Altoids tin I have :(

I guess I will save it for another finishing challenge.

So then I set about stitching another motif - same colours, same fabric, again from AMAP and I think this will fit :)

Cathy B wrote me to say she got the ABC exchange I sent her so I can now show pics. This is La D Das A-Z and between I made into a pinkeep for her:
ABC ex to Cathy B
Back and I also wanted to get her a chart off her wishlist but when it came I was just too tempted so made it her as well as giving her the chart. This is Notforgotton farm's Alphabet pinpoke and I stuffed it with lavender and backed it with the same fabric as the pinkeep. I sent her some extras too but don't have pics of those.
Notforgotton Farm alphabet pinpoke

Did I mention that Sally sent me the Brightneedle chart? Here it is, I so love this.

Pretty in Pink Brightneedle from Sally
Also got the Thank You Sarah Tobias chart from Down Sunshine Lane this week fromthe GC that Jenn sent me. It is fab and can't wait to stitch something from this book.
I have been extremely tired this week and have had very little sleep for the last three nights. I sometimes get these attacks of insomnia!! Don't know how much stitching I'll get done this week and I have also got our weekenders trip away with the Jayne's Attic forum on Friday too. I am looking forward to it but just hope I can stay awake the whole weekend.
Thanks for all your comments, they mean so much. Happy stitching. xx

Saturday, June 07, 2008

More gifties!

Look what the postman brought me today!!

First up is this gorgeous scissor fob from Carol that she sent me for my birthday. Thank you Carol I love it. She has even personalised it on the back for me.
Birthday fob from Carol

Next up is the freebie exchange I got from Leigh! Leigh has so spoiled me by not only stitching this pretty design and edging it with silk ribbon but also sending me all these extras. She sent me silken ribbon, fat quarters, and Blackbird designs Bits & Pieces Stitcher's Journal from my wishlist! I feel very spoiled. Thank you Leigh.

Freebie exchange from Leigh

I also decided to buy Thank You Sarah Tobias chart from Blackbird designs with the gc that Jenn sent me. Thanks again Jenn. I am sure I will enjoy stitching that design.

Dawn B - thanks for the email hun - I got it.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Yesterday I turned....

well I'm not going to give my age away lol but somewhere inbetween 32 and 34!! So here's how my day went....

Woke up to my dd rushing in and giving me the gifts she bought. She really loved going shopping and choosing something for me and I think she made a lovely choice.

Gift from Lily

Next giftie was from dh who bought me perfume and bath stuff but he is also paying for my weekenders trip away which is in two weeks yeehaa!

Flowers from dh and another friend:

DSC04057 From Carol

My friend bought me an AMAP chart which means a lot as she is a new stitcher and really shows she put some thought into what I like. My sisters put together and got me some fat quarters which will be great for exchanges.
From Amanda

From sisters

When I went online, I found that Jenn had sent me an online gift voucher!! So I was really pleased with that. Thanks Jenn! And in the post Tracy sent me this bunch of goodies:

Gift from Tracy
Amazing gifts, thanks hun!

So the morning started with me having to drive dh to the airport to hire a car and then he took me for lunch in John Lewis. £18 for two salads and two drinks!! Afterwards we picked Lily up from school and went in the park as it was so nice. Before we went out for our meal, Lily and dh sung happy birthday to me and I blew out the candles on my cake. Thorntons chocolate cake with truffle cream and chocolates on the top!


Lovely meal with frinds in an Italian that we frequent ended my day. Oh yeah another friend bought me three more books in the Tudor Novels by Philippa Gregory. Carol - I am nearing 200 pages into The Other Boleyn Girl and loving it!! Parents and in laws gave me money so may have a little online spend. I have seen some gorgeous caramel coloured Athalie threads which I fancy. Will look nice on the BP quaker.
Oh Yes, something else. This is what happened when we went out for our meal:
Lily's first gap
She lost her first tooth!!

So all in all, a lovely day. Thanks for all your best wishes. xx