Monday, July 09, 2012

Day out with the Girls and Flower Blanket Ta Da

On Saturday Lynn had organised a fab little meet up for some of the NH forum girls at Nimble Thimble near Oswestry. I took dd and Gran and Grandad had the boy for the day so I was able to go!! DD took knitting, a book, some stitching and some colouring in. I took my Ann Taylor and beavered away on her. It hasn't changed much since the last time I went so here are a few pictures of the shop from a couple of years ago.The shop is so quaint and set in the most stunning environments. As you can see these last pictures were not taken in the lush summer as it was on Saturday. The river was flowing, the grass and trees were green and lavender and flowers popped around each corner. It was stunning and I am sorry I didn't take more pictures on Saturday. It is a needleworker's haven and is filled will beautiful stitched pieces and some very unusual things too. If you need a day out then this is a great place to go.

And a few shots of US girlies!!

Tina, Leslie and Pat

Lynn's dd, Pat and Tina

Jane, Lindsay and Lynn

Michelle and Lily

Me and Ursh

Can I also add that Chris the owner made us all feel so welcome and treated us superbly! The food and cakes were most excellent and I would definitely go again should we have another meet up. Thanks so much for organising Lynn!

Finally, I have a photo of the Flower Blanket I have been making for dd. I could very easily, pop another few rows onto this to make it drape a bit more down the sides but it is fine for now and dd was harping on and on whether it was finished or not so I decided that, for now, I will take a wee break from it and let dd have some use of it.

I used Stylecraft Special in the following shades:


(I think that's the lot of them!)

Thanks for popping by to visit. Take care all.

ETA: The flower pattern is from a book which you can buy from this etsy seller:

It has the instructions in diagram form for the pattern and instructions for joining. She is a lovely seller and very easy and reliable to deal with.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

July Wipocalypse post

I'm quick to get in my post this month! I have been working on Ann Taylor all week and have a fair bit of progress to show. Determined to try and get as many of these wips finished as I can, I have been beavering away, one at a time. I am loving this one. I especially am loving the eyelet alphabet I am working on right now. The fabric is my own coffee hand dyed though you probably can't see it properly in the picture. The original fabric was white (Brittney I think). I am using the called for DMCs.

Happy July 4th for our US friends and happy stitching/crocheting everyone else.


Monday, July 02, 2012

Wonderful giveaway...

Pop on over to Nancy's blog for the chance of a wonderful giveaway.