Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How about a better picture?

The lady who I am getting the ragdoll from has kindly sent me a lovely photograph of Misty. Look at those blue eyes!


I am counting down the weeks till we get her.

Now I had a serious stash haul last week from Needle in a Haystack - my long awaited birthday treat. Finally, my package arrived and I wasn't unhappy to find this little lot:


From left to right: Lakeside Linen Vintage light examplar 36 ct, Legacy linen Oaten scone 34 count, then top to bottom : Wichelt 28 ct Buttermilk, 28 ct Twilight Blue, 40ct Sandstone, 32 ct Star Sapphire!!!


And the threads are Threadworks 10051 Wine Castle red, 1048 Green, and Crescent Colours Ye Olde Gold. These are for my "A Quaker Christmas".

I also got this through very quickly from Oz! From that lovely shop called Colours Down Under. I had been struggling to find this chart as I think it is very quickly going to go OOP:


Anagram Diffusions "Sampler 4 Saisons"

I have stitched all four of my pifs and made up one! Three to do ladies - hang tight. I hope you'll like them. Since I have been busy with the stitching and making up of PIFS, I have left very little time to do my BP but I did manage to squeeze in 2 motifs and a little of a third which means I am still on target for finishing at the end of the year. I love working on this one. I don't know why as the colours are quite plain. Perhaps the fabric? Or the simplicity of the motifs? I don't know but once I get started on her, I really enjoy her and don't want to put her down. Here's where I am up to:

June Progress

June close up

I was listening to the news yesterday about how in Wales they are going to charge everyone who shops 15p for every plastic bag they use. It got me thinking about string bags and knitted bags and I have been browsing and looking for an easy one to do. The ones I have seen look a bit complicated. If anyone has any good patterns for string bags, let me know. They can't be that hard to make surely?

That's me! Hope you are all well and not melting in the heat.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blurry kitten pics

These are possible the worst pictures I have ever taken but I hope you get an idea of how cute this little addition is going to be. This is Misty and she is a 6-7 week old Ragdoll kitten. We will be able to take her home the first week of August. It seemed no matter how many pictures I took of her, they all came out blurry. A couple of them my dd took as she is actually very good at taking pics but again they came out blurry. I think I need a new camera!

Misty approx 6-7 weeks old




And here is an update on Mary Wigham - very slow going this one! I am stitching this on 25 count Light mocha lugana over 1:


My mum is in hospital so I am off to travel up to visit her today. They think it could be kidney stones. I have gone back to the doctor with my tummy pains and exhaustion and she is now testing me for celiacs disease. If it isn't that she thinks it could be scar tissue from the caesarean sections fusing together my uterus and bowel! Nice. Either way will involve some intrusive surgery to find out. So I have done very little stitching but I did get some nice goodies through the post including some Lizzie Kate charts for the exchange and also got these goodies from Becky K! Thanks Becky. I am onto the thread keeps lol.

Gift from Becky K in OK!

Found out my order has been sent from Needle in a Haystack so hopefully will be getting some nice fabric through the post soon as well. They didn't have the Anangram Diffusion Four Saisons chart in that I wanted but I managed to find it at Colours Down Under in Australia and decided to treat myself to it!

That's me for now. Hope everyone is fit and well and stitching up a storm.


Sunday, June 07, 2009

So much to blog about... again!!!

Yet again I have so much to blog about and I'll probably not get it all on one post! So, I'll try to be brief.

First up, here is my Dad's progress on my "I am Half Sick of Shadows" piece:


He is steaming ahead with this and I am so so pleased as I was never going to get very far with it with so much other commitment stitching going on.

Lisa V got her Birthday Exchange from me from the SBBC. I stitched her the alphabet from the Thank You Mary Tobias booklet from Blackbird Designs. I used a Threadworx thread and stitched it on 40 count newcastle linen. I used two contrasting ribbons around the edge and made a bow thingy at the top. This was a little fiddly but I got there in the end.



And some of the extras I sent... I also sent some chocs and drinks but didnt picture these:


It was my birthday last week and I got my own birthday exchange through from the SBBC from Tracy N from New Zealand. She stitched me a sweet little biscornu. I seriously have to get a big basket for all these as they are starting to add up now. She sent me some lovely goodies too so if you're reading Tracy N, Thank you very much:

Birthday exchange from Tracy from New Zealand

And my super bud Tracy D sent me this gorgeous parcel through the post. You know me too well dearie:

Birthday parcel from Tracy D

and a close up of the fold up:

Close up of stitched piece from Tracy D

I was so excited opening this parecel. I love everything in it. Thanks hun.

Just spent the last few days down in Wales and now having to do an awful lot of catch up.

Still not got round to photographing the crochet squares!


Monday, June 01, 2009

Mary Wigham

Just to let everyone know, I was asked to be UK leader for the Mary Wigham SAL by Jacqueline so I have set up a blog for this purpose. If anyone from the UK only, wishes to participate then email me and I'll send you out an invite to the blog. Email on the blog or in my profile.

Mary Wigham SAL UK

Stitchers from other parts of the globe can contact their country's leader for more information. Further info on different countrys' leaders can be found on the Needleprint blog.