Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blurry kitten pics

These are possible the worst pictures I have ever taken but I hope you get an idea of how cute this little addition is going to be. This is Misty and she is a 6-7 week old Ragdoll kitten. We will be able to take her home the first week of August. It seemed no matter how many pictures I took of her, they all came out blurry. A couple of them my dd took as she is actually very good at taking pics but again they came out blurry. I think I need a new camera!

Misty approx 6-7 weeks old




And here is an update on Mary Wigham - very slow going this one! I am stitching this on 25 count Light mocha lugana over 1:


My mum is in hospital so I am off to travel up to visit her today. They think it could be kidney stones. I have gone back to the doctor with my tummy pains and exhaustion and she is now testing me for celiacs disease. If it isn't that she thinks it could be scar tissue from the caesarean sections fusing together my uterus and bowel! Nice. Either way will involve some intrusive surgery to find out. So I have done very little stitching but I did get some nice goodies through the post including some Lizzie Kate charts for the exchange and also got these goodies from Becky K! Thanks Becky. I am onto the thread keeps lol.

Gift from Becky K in OK!

Found out my order has been sent from Needle in a Haystack so hopefully will be getting some nice fabric through the post soon as well. They didn't have the Anangram Diffusion Four Saisons chart in that I wanted but I managed to find it at Colours Down Under in Australia and decided to treat myself to it!

That's me for now. Hope everyone is fit and well and stitching up a storm.



Anonymous said...

What a cute little kitten! I love your Mary Wigham start, I am contemplating stitching it over one too, but really, I have enough to work on at the minute.

Hope they find out what is causing your pain soon.

Angela said...

Don't think there's anythibg wrong with the camera. It looks like it was just too dark and if the flash had of been on your pictures wouldn't have been so blurry.

Hope your soon feeling much better even if it does mean surgery first.

Seems to be a lot of work completed on the MW piece to me, love the fabric you've chossen for it.

Becky K in OK said...

Oh, your little Misty is just too cute. Does she have the bright blue eyes and go limp when you pick her up?

Hope you feel better soon.

Patricia Lessell said...

That kitten is just gorgeous even in your blurred photos. Hope your mom is okay and your Mary Wigham is looking great. Hope they also find out what's wrong with you as well and quickly too and it isn't that bad. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Sally said...

Aww what a cute kitty!

Hope your MUm gets well soon and also the doctors find out what is causing your pain. {{{{hugs}}}}

Mary Wigham is looking lovely.

Cathy B said...

That little kitty is so cute! Sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well. Take care --

Jan said...

OH she is precious, Hazel! Probably all of that movement caused the blurriness! Love your MW and your new charts. Hope you feel better really soon, and surgery isn't as bad as predicted. Keep us updated.

Cole said...

Your Mary Wigham looks so delicate over 1, very pretty!

I hope your mom and you both feel better soon.

Loraine said...

Hi Hazel,

Cute kitty! Kittens are such fun!

I hope you get well soon. It's no fun having your health compromised!

Hope all is well with your Mom as well.

Mary Wigwam is coming along nicely. I love the colors you chose. Have a great week.

Louanne said...

Hazel! How adorable!!!! Misty is a sweetie pie!

Sorry to hear about your Mom and your health issues. Hoping you both feel better quickly!

Pam said...

That is a very cute kitty!! I hope you feel better soon and that intrusive surgery is not on your horizon.

Julie said...

Hope all goes well for both mum and you Hazel, its no fun being in pain. {{big hug}}

Love Misty, maybe her name inspires the 'misty' pic LOL

Ranae said...

The kitty is so adorable blurry or not.
Our calico is a ragdoll too.
Nice start on MW.
I still need to get fabric to start mine.

Karen said...

very cute little kitty!

love mary wigham too! i will be starting her sometime here but not sure when.

Olga said...

Misty is so lovely! Your Mary Wigham start looks great!
Hope you and your mother feel well very soon.

mainely stitching said...

What an adorable kitten! :D

I hope your health issues will be resolved very soon, with a minimal amount of intrusion. Take care. And best wishes for your mom's speedy recovery, too.

Siobhán said...

What an adorable kitten! Your MW looks great so far. Love the stash, too!

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Teri said...

What an adorable little kitten!!! The Mary Wigham piece looks so delicate. I'm sure it will be worth the effort. Hope you and your Mom are feeling better soon!

Shelleen said...

your kittem is adorable but I thought they could go to a new home when they are 8 weeks old.

Marsha said...

Can't wait for you to get your new kitty. She's adorable and lucky to have you. Hope nothing serious is wrong and your mom heals quickly too. Your fabric choices and stitching look really pretty. I like it a lot.

Jeanne said...

What an adorable like ball of fluff! She sure is cute. I hope they find out soon what is ailing you and help you to feel better! Good wishes for your mom's speedy recovery as well. Take care Hazel!

Kathy said...

First your new kitten is just too precious. And gorgeous!
Second I hope your Mom is out of the hospital soon and that the doctors can find what your problem is without surgery. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Karan said...

Oh she is adorable.
Hope your Mum is feeling better soon & that they are able to diagnose & sort out your health problems too (((((hugs))))).
Nice new stash & WIP - will enjoy watching it grow. :0)

Cheryl said...

Im still awaiting my linen for the Mary Wigham SAL!! Great start.
Oh my goodness...scar tissue from the section fusing stuff together?! That sounds awful Hazel. I hope the root cause is determined soon, for your peace of mind and so you feel better {{hugs}}

Carmen said...

oh so cute kitty!
i love the color of your fabric (lugana).
i hope you feel better soon.

Carla said...

what a cute kitty!!!!
Hope you're ok and the doctor finds out what's causing you pain. Take care!!

Andrea said...


Raggedystitcher said...

Hi Hazel...
Your kitty is adorable..even with blurry pics!
I do hope your Mum and you are feeling better soon..please post updates. I hope you both get well soon!
Louise in NC

Maren said...

Awww, cute little kitten! I really hope they find what's causing you to hurt soon. Your MW is progressing nicely, even if it's not as fast as you'd like it to go. :)