Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The "All About Me" Award Post

I was recently awarded with some bloggy awards. Thank you so much! It is truly an honour to receive them as you get to thinking that perhaps folks don't really like you or your blog so getting an award or in this case two is even better. I don't really spill the beans much on who I really am - I tend to focus just on the crafty side of things. I am way too afraid of rejection and tend to show more pictures than actual writing. Have you noticed that? Anyway, if you are at all interested in a few silly facts about me then read on.

Way back in May Heather gave me this award:


and more recently, Cuckoo gave me this one:


It takes me forever to respond to awards as I never quite know things to say about myself or really stuff I think I could say but shouldn't. So... with much thought and a brave face, here are a few facts about me.

1. After my incident with Heather last weekend, it really got me thinking that no-one would really recognise me if I walked down the street. Every picture I take of myself is different and weight gains and losses over the years, what with the unavoidable ageing process, shows me in a different light each time I snap. Most pictures of me are pants and not very nice so I tried my best to get a half decent one of me. Here you go:


oh go on then.. a full frontal:


Sheesh I really do look like I am getting old! So now if you do see me walking down the street you have no excuse not to say hello!

2. I have put a serious amount of weight on recently. A few years ago I lost a lot of weight and have put it all back on with more besides so it is a case of getting back on that old waggon again. And staying on! The Old Waggon in this case would be Slimming World - tried and trusted.

3. It seriously annoys me when people hide their loo roll in their house and you can't find it.

4. Although my dh and I are christians, we no longer go to organised churches. We have been too badly hurt and seen too many bad things going on. I do get "fellowship" in other ways though.

5. I'm very forgetful and can never think of the right word to use. The other week I had to ask my DD the word for "sunset". I had completely forgotten it. I am putting this down to tiredness.

6. Linked in with the tiredness is that I seem to suffer from .... thinking of the darn word..... INSOMNIA quite a lot. I have been put on tabs but they don't do much really and I can't take them when DH is away which is a lot. Not stressed about anything too badly - just can't switch off.

7. I have two older sisters and an older brother. My brother is mentally and physically handicapped and I am making him a blanket for his birthday. Pics soon.

8. I am a totally paranoid fruitcake and think that everyone hates me! Like I said, paranoid fruitcake. I am trying to get over this low self esteem thing by chanting, "I am unique, I am special, there's no one like me!". Not sure if it's working yet or not.

9. I have never been on an abroad beachy holiday. I have been to beachy places in this country but never abroad. I have been to Germany and Paris. I am not so great with heat and so laying in the heat for hours on end does NOT appeal to me. Geeps, this last few days in the UK have been bad enough for me. I am sure I should have been born in Finland.

10. I intensely dislike bloggers who never EVER comment on your blog even though you have probably written a hundred comments on their blogs. Yeah I know, we are all Blogging Without Obligation but just one comment! Come on.

Okay well, that's ten and that's enough. I will prob find half my followers gone by the morning now. I pass this on to all the blogs I follow cos you're all brilliant - you can see them in my profile. I think there are about 300 of them. So feel free to take the awards and use them.

Think I need a drink now. My nerves are shot.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Woolly Woolfest!!

Had a rather rushed trip up to Wolfest today as DH had to be back home to do a gig this evening. What an interesting time was had! Started off with a service station stop at the lovely Tebay services as boy was letting us know loud and clear that his wee was coming out!! Who do I spot but none other than Heather from Little Tin Bird!! I knew it was her - I could totally tell from the pictures and it was only after I had called her and introduced my self and said hello etc that I felt a bit of an idiot because although I knew her immediately - poor Heather probably didn't recognise me from Adam. So... Heather... It was lovely to meet you but really sorry if I scared the life out of you lol.

We then missed the turning and carried on up to Carlisle - like you do before realising and heading back. Finally got there and was wowed by all the colour and creativity.

I am very camera shy outdoors but managed to take a few snaps before someone reprimanded me for not asking her first! She thought I might have been a journalist or someone from a magazine or someone who was going to steal her ideas. Quite flattering really. Nuff said. Camera went away till I got to the sheep. They didn't seem to mind. Here's a few of the shots I did manage to take of various outlets and crafty goodness.







Also saw my lovely friend Carole from Skeins who was helping out with someone else's stall. I treated myself to a lovely handdyed skein of wool for a scarf for the Autumn.


I got myself a new purse too. Desperately needed one as the zip had broken on mine. Lily got a toadstool brooch and two friendship bracelets.




I also saw a demonstration on needlefelting and the pictures looked wonderful so I bought myself a starter kit. It's a beach/sea scene - just a simple one - just to start me off.


I saw some fantastic woven hangings and there are courses held in North Wales so I would love to have a go at that at some point.

Finally, some sheep pics for all you sheep fans. Some of them were really friendly.


(These are the smallest breed of sheep in the world you know!)



We managed to stop off in Keswick for fish and chips before heading home. On my return I was really pleased to find that my two books from Japan had arrived! I bought them from this recommended seller here on Etsy called Pomadour24 and true enough, these items did ship fast! I am so happy as one of the patterns is the flowers from the flower scarves I made. So I know I am just going to drool and drool some more.


The blanket they are laying on is the one I started making last year but had so many ends to weave in it totally frightened me! Over the last couple of nights I plucked up the courage and began to weave those ends in. Just got a couple left to do but it means I can carry on with it now without fear or loathing. Here's a snap of it up to now. Maybe I will get it done for Autumn this year!


Thanks for staying with me if you're still reading. It is not like me to post so often.

I have been given a couple of blog awards and I will try and do a "Facts about ME" post soon. Have a nice weekend whatever you do.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Round Robin complete and a couple of RAKS...


...are winging their way to two special people. They don't know it yet but they will in the next day or so. Hope you like them recipients!

What else have I been up to?

I made a tin can cozy.


Actually I also made a bigger one for a bigger tin but it was a bit loose. DD doesn't mind though and she now has it in her room. I also made a blue stripey one for the bathroom but dh was like... "Why have you put a baked beans tin in the bathroom??" Men - they just don't get it! I might make a few more for pens and pencils and things. They are quite handy and rather addictive.

My Round Robin got back to me from Julie and here it is in all its robin glory!


I did this one:


Tina did this one:


Clare did this one:


and Julie did this one:


Perfect. Thanks everyone. Great job. Now I need to make it into a cushion.

I also had a play around with a new App on my ipod touch. It's a Kaleidoscopic camera. I took some pics of my crochet and here are a few of the pics. Aren't they cool? I think I could get some of these printed off and make a bit of a collage/mural/picture with them. These were only my first attempt so some of them might look a little fuzzy.








Well, that's me. Short and sweet. Time is of the essence. I am off to Woolfest tomorrow for a short visit but hope to take lots of pics. Be prepared sheep fans! xx

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Round Robin, new stash and blanket catch up.

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments in my last post. Your lovely words about my model really blessed me and I know they blessed her too. You are all very kind! Some questions were:

What yarn did you use?
Well, I used good old Stylecraft Special in various shades. It is an acrylic but a very soft one and I find the colours and feel of this yarn is great value for money. I love it.

Are you going to make a bigger one for yourself?
Perhaps. I'd like to but with my increasing size at the moment I am not sure it would flatter me a great deal. Saying that, I could always do one for just wearing inside the house.

I also got asked another question about my new cashmere merino yarn I bought recently and if I had done any more with it? The answer is yes! And here's the proof. I have done four rows up to now but I am weaving in the ends as I go so it won't be a mammoth task at the end.




I have to say the quality of this yarn is truly amazing. It is so soft and has a heaviness to it that makes it really drapey. It is lovely to work with - very soft and slips through your fingers very easily. I am not sure how big I will be making this blanket. I am sorely tempted to buy more yarn and just keep on letting it grow.

I got some lovely goodies through the post this week. For my birthday, Tracy gave me a $60 gift certificate for Anita's Little Stitches shop and here's what I bought. Anita was so kind and sent me a packet of Bohin needles as well as an extra birthday gift. I can't recommend Anita enough. She is super fast and very thorough.


So from left to right, I bought:

Plum St Samplers, Paradise Lost
Shakespeare's Peddlers, Jenny Bean's Friendship Sampler
Sullivan scissors
Blackbird Designs, Blue Bird
With Thy Needle and Thread, Homestead Samplar punchneedle kit.

The last one has puzzled me a bit as the last Punchneedle kit I bought, it contained and iron on transfer to put the image on the fabric but this one says "trace on" - yet it is back to front????? Any tips from punchneedlers out there would be much appreciated! Also a little disappointed that it only shows speciality threads and not a dmc conversion so I am going to have to spend a little time working this one out.

I also entered Simona's giveaway and won! I was supposed to get just the book of motifs but Simona sent me a magazine, some threads and some charms as well! All beautifully wrapped in lovely paper with real lavender in the package as well. Thank you so much Simona. It was a lovely surprise.

Giveaway win from Simona


Lastly, I finished up Tina's Round Robin. I really loved working on this sweet design. Since I am the last person to stitch on it, it is going back home now to be with it's owner. It was a lovely Round Robin and when I get mine back I will do a proper post all about it. It was my first Round Robin and for once there were no problems. Well, up to now that is!

This is Seasonal Samplings by Hillside Samplings.


Well, that's all from me for now. I'm off to pop the kids to bed then it's HAED SAL night with Lisa and Tracy. Need to get more progress on that pink lady!

Have a good rest of week.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

First time poncho perfect

Well maybe not so perfect but dd loves it so I am very happy!


Got the inspiration from MemeRose and the pattern from Lemonddesucrette. Soooo quick to do. DD chose the colours herself and the order in which they went in. You can't see them properly as two of the colours are greeny shades. She said she wanted it like the colours of the sea starting with white and getting darker as the sea got deeper!


I say it's not perfect as I think I should have done the neckline a little larger so it would be slightly more drapey. I finished it off with a simple cluster shell edging. DD says it is warm and snuggly and loves it to bits so that makes me very very happy.


Not bad for a firstie hey???