Saturday, August 15, 2009

Long time - no post!

Time is truly passing by quickly these days what with a little kitten to keep entertained and also two children during the summer holidays. However I have been stitchign and finishing and finally I posted out my pifs! I know Tracy has hers as I gave it her personally when she came to stay and I know Chris and Lisa have got theirs but I don't think Cathy has received hers yet as it has further to go so I'll post the pics here anyway. The designs are by Pelin Tezer and is the Alphabet Cherubs. I used a mixture of threads, DMC and Crescent Colours (I just love those threads) and a mixture of linens as well. The finishing I got the idea from the Freebie Gallery (Can't remember who did it to give proper credit).

First up is Lisa's pif:


PIF for Lisa aug 09

close up

Lisa close up

Next is Chris':

PIF for Chris outside

Inside Chris

close up Chris


Next is Tracy's:

Pif for Tracy July 09



And Cathy, if you're reading then you may have guessed you might be getting something along the same lines but I won't spoil the surprise any more and hang off from posting till you have it ;-).

And the kitten..... hmmmmmm... she is the most adorable little kitten ever! She is liek a playful puppy one minute then a cute cuddly furball the next. We all adore her. Here's a few pics. More to come:




Oh and I'll just fit in this quickie that Dad sent me of I am Half Sick of Shadows:


He's reached the other side! Yay!

Off to see it irl tomorrow as it's my brother's 50th birthday soon - not bad seeing as he was only supposed to live till ten! He is mentally and physically handicapped and I'll see him at mum and dad's tomorrow.

Till next time, happy stitching folks. xx