Friday, November 30, 2007



Finished her yesterday 29th November!!! Amazing what determination can do lol! Now onto my Frosty Friends exchange. xxx

Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm back and check this out!!!!

Having no comp must have done my stitching some serious good!!! Look at my progress on DM!!!
So close to finishing. Nov 07
Close up of the unfinished bit.
I am so close to the finish. If I get this little bit done before the end of this month (by Friday) then that is three pages I have finished in a month and a completion to boot!! Hoorah hoorah!!

So my comp is back up and running so I can spend some time catching up on all your blogs. Thanks to everyone who still commented even though I was not around - it means a lot to know people think of me.

Here is a pic promised of Dawn's gift that she sent me:
Lovely baby gift from Dawn Bowers.
What a sweet, kind, thoughtful thing to do. I'm sure he will love the little toys.

We survived the weekend as it was Lily's fifth birthday party. She had a lot of fun and she got loads of presents which was fab as I have just given a load of her toys away. Spent my entire Sunday evening getting dolls out of packaging. I don't understand the need for all those twists, threads, and selotape!! If someone is going to nick the toy they will take the box as well!! No need! We got her a lovely birthday cake and it's not doing my weight any good!

So hopefully when I complete DM this month lol I will have the whole of December to concentrate on my Frosty Friends exchange and the Cross stitcher's lottery. I have to remember to also do the Twilight Shimmer SAL for the second weekend as it's the last one.

We have made a start on turning the pink bedroom into the baby's room. DH undercoated it today and we are going to buy the paint tomorrow. I have chosen a light blue and a beige colour. Once it's painted then I will be able to start washing all the clothes and bedlinen and get it into drawers all nice and ready. Then I might be able to relax a bit! Baby is due 6 weeks tomorrow. January 8th. Unless he tries to maek an early appearance that is.

Going to go and catch up with blog reading. Have a good stitch week. xxx

Thursday, November 22, 2007

No Computer!!

Just to say I have no computer the moment. It got poorly last week and is now in hospital being repaired. I am on DHs comp while he is out but I don't get along with it as the mouse jumps all over the place and the keyboard is weird. Just to let you know I'm okay if not an little heavy and uncomfortable. Got Busy time ahead with Lily's birthday coming up this weekend, then Christmas plus all the decorating for the new arrival to do. We have just moved Lily into the bigger room so now we just need to decorate the baby's room and get his stuff in there ready for when he comes. Big thank you to Dawn who sent me some lovely baby goodies through the post. When I get my comp back I will post some pictures. I'm doing really well with Dreaming Mermaid and nearly finished another page so I am on track to complete before the end of the year. Still need to get the frosty friends exchange done and the cross stitchers lottery piece. Another thank you to Louanne for the HAED chart - I only just opened my mail today!!! It's lovely, thank you. Hopefully I'll be back on track with update pics soon.
Have a good stitiching week.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Bump pics and updates.

Okay as promised here are a couple of bump pics. I do not take a fantastic photo so I apologise in advance. I look huge on these pictures but I'm sure I don't look that big irl!! Here I am at 31 weeks.
31 weeks
31 weeks

And here is my Twilight Shimmer after the SAL weekend:
Sorry about the blurry pic! Slow going this one. I am thinking I might not complete the full design but just do the top half and get it framed as a miniature.

And here is my Dreaming Mermaid which I am pushing to complete before the end of the year. I really need spurring on to the finish line. I am up to page 7.
Nov update page 7

Have a good week.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Harvest Exchange from Leena!!

How gorgeous is this!!
Harvest Exchange from Leena
It's a lovely box and tiny scissor fob from Leena. I love it so much and the threads are great too as I have never tried them before. The packaging was decorated with lovely stamps all the way from Finland.

So beautiful. Thank you Leena! xxxx

Monday, November 05, 2007

Hello. It's been a while but thought I'd let you see what I sent to Nicki for the Harvest exchange. This little cushion is designed by Homespun Elegance and its called delivering Harvest. I did not have all the specialist buttons so I used some leaf buttons. Here is the front of the cushion. I filled it with lavender. Gathering Harvest

This is the back. back of cushion

This is the fob I made with a design taken from a UK magazine. Front and back:
Squirrel fob back of fob

And here are some other goodies I sent her.
extra gifties I sent

I'm still into getting the Dreaming Mermaid done but I just don't know if I will finish it for the year. I'm going to give it my best shot though. I will be working on Twilight Shimmer this weekend though for the SAL. If it is this weekend that is, I'll have to check.

So on with the mermaid. Hope you all have a good week. xx