Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Looking back...Looking forward...

2012 was an eventful year for me. Lots of bad things happened but also lots of good things. I have spent a fair bit of time going over my blog posts from this last year due to having to re-upload my photos from Webshots deleting them. It made me a little emotional. I browsed through holiday shots and crafty bits and bobs and read through posts which were deeply unhappy posts but some were cheerful and upbeat.

This last year has seen me cope with my husband leaving me and then returning. It has seen me having to cope with the aftermath of serious revelations I never thought I would have to hear. It has seen me going through the whole job application process and interview and me getting a job which I LOVE. It has seen me going away and spending time with friends and family. It has seen me completing some projects and learning new skills. 

Looking back at last year's post where I had so many great expectations about all I would accomplish, I can see I really didn't get very far with much of it. I completed a few of those Wipocalypse projects but not as many as I had hoped to. I completed Ann Tayor, Sampler au Bouquets, Here we come Wassailing and Dandelion Dreams, Morning Star as well as some crochet projects.

Next year I am going to have to cut right back on projects. I have to be realistic. I am working full time now with two young children to care for. I am exhausted which has shown in me spending the last two weeks of this holiday asleep!! So I have a bag... a very nice bag that my dear neighbour Sue gifted me with this Christmas that she made herself....

And in this bag are my projects for this year....
These are:
Lizzie Kate ABC of Christmas
A Most Noble Pursuit
CHS Helen Bell's Multiplication Sampler
Bygone Stitches A Quaker Christmas
Just Nan Nan's Garden
Macintosh Samplers Elisabeth Lillie
Yiota's Cross Stitch Poppies and Daisies
And that's my lot! My intention is to stick with these projects and when I finish one of them then I can add another into the bag. I am not holding out much hope to be honest what with life so hectic and all but it's good to have some sort of focus. Whether I stick to this plan or not, only time will tell.
Well I had a lovely new year spent with dear friends of ours. We're home now but then of to my sister's this afternoon. Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed 2013!
Michelle, Mark and Elijah!