Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Homey things

This week I have been busy baking these:

and these:

and I am feeling the pounds piling on!!

But most of all... I am so happy to have received this in the post today.....

My new petticoat!!!! I LOVE it!

Just thought I'd take a moment to share. What are your happy moments this week?


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baby Blanket Ta Da!!

Well, it is only small - more like a car seat blanket or a pram blanket - not very big at all. But, a finish is still a finish. I did a lovely picot edge around it to finish it off and even managed to work out how to make the ripply edge straight. If you are doing Lucy's ripple pattern from Attic 24 then I worked 4 slip stitches along the peaks, 2 SC, 2 HDC, 2 DC, 2 HDC, 2 SC, 4 SS and just repeat it like that. Don't ask me about corners as I am rubbish at corners. Just try to put a few extras in with some chains!!

Anyways, here's the proof:

I'm on a roll here, better see what else needs finishing off. Take care all.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Feeling rather inspired..

You know those days (and nights) where you start to blog hop and you just can't get enough and you get totally inspired??? That was me last night. 

It started here with Andamento's blog which led me here, The Crafte Nook, which led me here, Tiny Owl Knits and to that particular pattern which I just had to buy! Really looking forward to getting some Rowan Cocoon and crocheting those up. 

All this blog hopping got me thinking about my style as well and I really love the natural, floaty, earthy style of clothes that I see around such creative people. I always have a hard time finding clothes that I like and that suit me but I really think I am starting to find MY style. Ans so I happened upon this Etsy seller, Ooooohhhhhheeeeee yeahhhhhh. Totally fallen in love and will need to save a few pretty pennies I can tell you! And also this Etsy seller, who makes THEEEEE most gorgeous shoes I have ever seen. I MUST have some of these at some point in my life before I die. Yes I can see MY STYLE right before me. 

So then I started thinking about layering and all that and found these beauties and uh huh, I bought one. Bit pricey but its a start. I really hope it is as good as it looks and even more importantly, that it looks super fab on me. 

Today, I wore my hair half up and wore a dress and cardi and felt GOOOOOOOOD! 

I hope you have a nosy at some of the linkies. You can call me mad at any point! Off to crochet some flowers.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Milly's Bunny giveaway

Could not let this opportunity pass us all by!!! Go over to Milly's blog to enter this great giveaway. xx

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wipocalypse June edition and a trip to a yarn shop

Finally, I have a little slot in one of my busy busy days to do a quickie post. I nearly missed the Wipocalypse for this month till I saw it on someone's blog. Arggghhhh!!! Hurry hurry!. I really wanted to finish my wip of The Sampler Girl's "Return to the Sea" and so last night, just after midnight, I put in the last few stitches. 

What a joy to stitch. I adore The Sampler Girl's designs. So sweet and simple and quick to stitch up. I love the colours too. Great choice. So, here she is...

Return to the Sea by The Sampler Girl
28 count Antique Cashel Linen
DMC as coded

I'll be off to my framers with her tomorrow to get her framed and up with the rest of my Sampler Girl collection. 

For some time now, I have heard and read online about a yarn shop in the centre of Manchester called Purl City Yarns but everytime I went into the city (which is never very often) I could never find it. We happened to be there the other day and struggled for a place to park - it was a Saturday, in the middle of the city (what were we thinking??) - but lo and behold, there it appeared. Just like THAT. BAM! Right in front of my eyes. I could hear the orchestra in the back of my brain playing this great victory song. Honestly, I couldn't believe it. I was going in...

I was not disappointed. This little treasure of a shop had tons of beautiful yarn in it. So much to look at but I didn't have long. I noticed they had some Debbie Bliss Angel and that it was reduced so I snatched it up. I had been thinking of doing some japanese flowers in it for a nice shawl but I was wanted more earthy, muted, natural colours so these are the ones I have gone for. 

and this was my first trial flower:

I am not sure whether to do single colour flowers or a combination of colours in each flower so I need to experiment but can you get the feel for what I am aiming for?? Something fuzzy and light and sweepy?? I can't wait to get going on this but I really need to keep on with the flower bed blanket I am doing for DD. I will be all flowered out in no time. 

Well, I haven't been so well for about a week or so but starting to get on the other side of it now I think. Feeling generally very positive about life, the universe and everything although DH goes away tomorrow for 3 weeks and I had a bit of a nasty altercation with one of the other  mums today. So unnecessary and hurtful. What is wrong with people??? I have been into school as well and all is good on that score too. Really looking forward to starting there properly. 

So it's a quick one but I'll be back soon with more pictures and yarny love. God Bless lovely readers and friends. 

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Been hacked

Just a quick one to let you know my email got hacked by spammers last night. So sorry if you got something dodgy from me. Most of you who know me know I wouldn't send stuff like that out. Obviously don't click on any links etc. Its all okay now so don't worry if I do email you now.Back to business! Xxx

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Birthday celebrations

My life feels like I have been in a whirlwind of a race these past few days and I am only just able to sit down and catch my breath. Last week, our family took a short break to a Haven site and it was wonderful. Just what we needed. There was so much to do - we got to see the Olympic torch  go through Pwllheli, in scorching hot sunshine too. We went to the beach, swam in the pool, slid down the slides umpteen times. Daughter went roller blading and water walking and we all had a go at pot painting.

We enjoyed - yes really - the evening entertainment and all got up for a boogie on the last night. We weren't there for very long so we tried to fit in as much as we could but we are definitely looking forward to returning. It was fab fab fab! 

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a blast! My dear friend Tracy had come down to stay for a couple of days and we had a great time stitching and starting new projects. Tracy even managed to learn to crochet! Finally!! And she didn't throw a strop once! Great going girl. I started a new Sampler Girl one, "Return to the Sea," which I have had kitted up for a while now and wanted it as a companion piece to the "Staying Home" piece I did. 

I got some lovely gifts from friends and family and there seemed to be a bit of a butterfly theme to them all. If they didn't contain butterflies in the actual gift itself, then the card or wrap had butterflies on it. It was really quite strange and now I am bent on wondering what all these butterflies symbolise. Freedom? New start? Short life??? So, if you don't want to see what gifts and goodies I got then look away now.

Here are my gifts from Tracy. She also sent me a mahoosive cut of wichelt for a chart that I am hoping soon to get from Edgar in exchange for another - (Edgar - I am onto my neighbour and she is stitching away on it!) I just had to take a close up of the cute bookmark with the sewing charms on. They're gorgeous. The chart is simply superb and she even kindly bought me the CC threads to go with it as well. Thanks so much dear friend. Love it all.

I also took part in the Friends Through Threads Birthday exchange and I have been paired up with Jill who sent me a wonderful parcel of stitching goodies. 

The stitched piece is BBD's Rose Garden which is on my wishes and she also sent me a chart from my wishes too along with notebook, linen, pins, threads (including some of her own hand dyed) and glue and walnut shells which is fab as I don't have any of this great filler and can't wait to use it. The stitching pouch was made by Mama Joan. Everything is perfect and lovely Jill. Thanks so much.

Non stitchy gifts included this beautiful Yankee Candle wax tart burner - butterfly themed - from my kids.

A butterfly umberella and scarf and a homemade butterfly picture and homemade candle from my sweet sisters.

Some lovely perfume and recipe book from my friend.

Beautiful necklace from my husband.

So lots of lovelies for me!

In the evening, we all went round to our friend's house as it was her partner's birthday on the same day too! We had a BBQ and a few drinkies and stayed over and it was a lot of fun. Really great to be able to let my hair down and not worry about getting back in time for the babysitter. Although they don't have kids they seem quite alright to have us over from time to time so all the better. Here's some pics from the happy night:

Little craft update. Here's where I am up to on the flower blanket:

It's growing!

And a snippet of my new Sampler Girl start:

Just had to finish on a Jubilee with this pic my husband took of my son and me which I thought turned out rather well. I'm not very photogenic so when I see a reasonable pic of me I don't mind showing it. This was taken round at the sister in law's house where she put on a little Jubilee House party for family and friends. What a lovely, thoughtful idea. 

Hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.