Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have been chosen to participate in Elisa's PIF (pay it forward) and I am so excited as she makes the most beautiful things!! So now I have to offer the same gesture on my blog.

*** This is how it works ***

If you would like to receive something handmade by me within the next 365 days, please comment on this post to say that you are interested. I will then ask my DD to draw 3 names out of a hat on Saturday 1st November (GMT). If you are one of the chosen three then in return, please post the same offer on your blog.

This is a simple and a lovely way of spreading joy in the stitching world. I hope that you will join in and possibly become one of my PIF members!

This PIF is open for everyone!

Now last time I did this I only got one person who responded, the lovely Stephanie who I spoiled rotten! Hopefully there will be a few more this time.

It's half term here in the UK so hope everyone has a good week and the weather gets better and that you all get some lovely stitching time in. xx

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some progress..

Alas my meet up with Tracy didn't end up happening last week as she got some very bad news on the morning of the day she was all set to travel. Hopefully she can re-arrange and we'll have a meet up before Christmas.

I have been working on some wips over on the Let's Stitch blog and have made a bit of progress. Here is my Wiehenburg Mystery quaker:


I love working on this! It is such an easy stitch and I just love this colour.

Also I worked on Polar Santa. I realise now why I hide this one away in the cupboard for moths on end:
1. It is on aida.
2. It is on NAVY aida.
3. There are loads of fractionals on it.
4. After I finish the stitching, I will have a truck load of french knots to do on it.
However, after plodding away on the Friday, here is what he looks like now:

October update

Just working on his big sack of toys on his back.

Yesterday I got some post through that I'd ordered. It was some stuff for advent. Every year I have been saying to my dh that we need a more Christ centered Christmas as I hate it when it all gets so materialistic esp when I have a young dd who gets saturated by it all. Anyway I ended up with this book:

It is great! It is filled with so many heartwarming ideas. Things like decorating your home with images associated with the birth of Jesus and holding christmas brunches where family and friends can share in a time of fellowship and prayer over the advent season. There are several things I'd like to put into place and as I thought about it, I began hunting for a pattern of the name of Jesus that I could stitch and place in a central area. I came across this freebie:

His Name is Jesus

which I thought was amazing! So I am intending to stitch this in probably reds or greens for advent. I have also been rummaging through old magazines for a nice nativity scene that won't take too long to do.

I have signed up for another exchange; winter house and I am very tempted to sign up for the ABC one and the Blackbird Designs one too. So I may be very very busy over the next few months!! I also have dd's birthday end November to think about and ds' birthday is early Jan so a very busy time all round.

Hope you're having a good week,


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Elijah update 9 months

Wow Elijah turned 9 months yesterday so I thought I'd better take some footage and snap some pics before I forget. Here he is. He has just started to crawl and yes I think he is going to take after his dad (guitar man).

elijah movie 9months

And a couple of snaps...

9 months

Elijah 9 months


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

More biscornu pics

Here is the biscornu I made for Tracy in the mini exchange we did with Amanda and Sally. The theme was Autum Colours biscornu. I stitched this (Peripheria Nita's Lace) on 28 count black jobelan and used Dinky Dyes silk in Desert Sand. The colours reminded me of Bonfire Night here in the UK.

stitched with dinky dyes silk on black jobelan. Pattern - Nita's Lace Peripheraria

Biscornu exchange for Tracy Oct 08

Some exciting news is that Tracy is coming to visit!! Yay! It's the first time we will meet together and I can't wait. She has been a really special internet chum and has blessed me in all sorts of ways. She has been having a bit of a rough time of things lately so feel free to go give her a cyber hug! Hopefully the visit will cheer her up.
Thanks for all the offers of wool! Any old wool, acrylic mix etc will do. I keep going back to the blanket and doing a bit more and I'm on my 4th square at the moment but need to do a lot more. I have been very busy working on the harvest time exchange for the sbebb and I have decided to do the pattern over 1 on 28 count fabric so it feels like it is taking a long time and not accomplishing much but I know I'll get there in the end. I also need to think about the Christmas ornie exchange too. Still waiting for the Just Cross stitch ornie mag to come through from Jayne's attic so I can choose a design. Still waiting.....
On another note, I am considering becoming a Slimming World consultant. I have been doing the plan for a long time on and off and the group I go to have been having a rough deal with a lack of a permanent consultant. Temp after temp after temp and it is such a shame as they are such a dedicated group. So I am thinking of training but I have to think of the logistics of it and how I can fit it in with family life. It may be the start of a new career!
Welcome to all new commentators on my blog! I am trying hard to keep up with blog reading and leave a message in most cases. The inspiration never ends and think I need to do a little giveaway soon to say Thank You to y'all so look out for it. Just let me get these exchanges over with esp the over 1 one!!
Right, off to stitch some more ... Have a good week everyone. xx

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Biscornu exchange received and a request

I got the most gorgeous biscornu from Sally and the lovliest extras. It was a mini exchange with just four of us involved. The theme was "Autumn colours Biscornu" and this certainly sums up the lovely colours we see this time of year. Sally, you have done a superb job and I just love it!!! The fabric and threads are scrummy too and can't wait to put these to good use.


Sally's biscornu exchange top me Oct 08

I sent mine off yesterday so hope to be able to show you what I stitched soon.

Okay now I am going to be really cheeky here and make a request. If you don't ask you don't get right???? So you know I am working on making a crochet granny blanket for my dd's bed and I am doing it in all sorts of weird colours (very seventies). Well, what I'd like to request is if anyone has any old, odd balls of wool that they are unlikely to use could you kindly pass them my way???? It is taking up a lot more wool than I thought and I am running low quite quickly. Like I said I will take any colour of any ball, any size etc. If you have any that you'd like to lovingly donate please email me for my address if you don't already have it.

Right, cheekiness over. Hope you all have a good weekend. I have enjoyed catching up on some blogs and esp some newbies too. Thanks for all your happy thoughts and comments. They are so appreciated as I am having a bit of a tough time of things at the moment. But that is another post for another day.