Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I am in Love..

With DMC Variations 4210!! I wanted to stitch something for the tin topper challenge on the Monthly Finishing Challenge blog and stitched this motif from an AMAP chart I have on 36 count Edinburgh Antique white linen (which I have also come to adore) but found that the design is too big for the little Altoids tin I have :(

I guess I will save it for another finishing challenge.

So then I set about stitching another motif - same colours, same fabric, again from AMAP and I think this will fit :)

Cathy B wrote me to say she got the ABC exchange I sent her so I can now show pics. This is La D Das A-Z and between I made into a pinkeep for her:
ABC ex to Cathy B
Back and I also wanted to get her a chart off her wishlist but when it came I was just too tempted so made it her as well as giving her the chart. This is Notforgotton farm's Alphabet pinpoke and I stuffed it with lavender and backed it with the same fabric as the pinkeep. I sent her some extras too but don't have pics of those.
Notforgotton Farm alphabet pinpoke

Did I mention that Sally sent me the Brightneedle chart? Here it is, I so love this.

Pretty in Pink Brightneedle from Sally
Also got the Thank You Sarah Tobias chart from Down Sunshine Lane this week fromthe GC that Jenn sent me. It is fab and can't wait to stitch something from this book.
I have been extremely tired this week and have had very little sleep for the last three nights. I sometimes get these attacks of insomnia!! Don't know how much stitching I'll get done this week and I have also got our weekenders trip away with the Jayne's Attic forum on Friday too. I am looking forward to it but just hope I can stay awake the whole weekend.
Thanks for all your comments, they mean so much. Happy stitching. xx


Dawn T. said...

What a great exchagne!

Katrina said...

Hope the insomnia passes soon. Love the exchange you made, everything is so pretty.

Lennu said...

The exchange you made is really beautiful, congratulations!! I love DMC 4210 too, it's such a lovely colour, you've stitched lovely pieces with it. Oh I hope you'll be able to sleep well soon!

mainely stitching said...

Love seeing the DMC all stitched up - I stocked up on it to do a large monochromatic design and now I can see that I made a good color choice. :)

WONDERFUL pinkeep!!!

Jenn said...

What a pretty pinkeep. I love the fabric you used on the back of it.

Hope your insomnia goes away soon.

cathymk said...

Sarah Tobias is a great book - enjoy!
Love the exchange you sent - very pretty.
And your Tin topper pieces look beautiful!

Aussie Stitcher said...

I love the pin keep, gorgeous.

Cathy B said...

Hazel - Just want to thank you again for the lovely ABC exchange that you sent to me. La D Da designs are my favorites. The pinpoke is really cute too! They are very special and I will treasure them!

Anonymous said...

The pinkeep and pinpoke (what a funny word...) are beautiful!!!

Yodamanda said...

Hey hunny, I will 'pinpoke' you if you fall asleep on me over the weekend LOL. I love your stuff but then you already knew that.

Dawn B. said...

Nice exchnage gift you did. Love the little motifs too.

Sue said...

Wow, you have a lot of great finishes ;)

monique said...

Wonderful exchange gifts! And I think you have me sold on that 4210-- must try some ASAP!

ave fun at the JA weekend :)

Mylene said...

Lovely finish and i do love that colour too.

Your ABC exchange piece is wonderful. Well done!!

Sally said...

Lovely exchange pieces you made for Cathy:)

I love DMC 4210 too! It's such pretty shades:)

Enjoy your weekend.

I hope the insomnia passes soon. I'm struggling at the moment and desperate for a good night's sleep.

Solstitches said...

The oinkeep is beautiful and I like the pinpoke too (never heard that expression before)
I hope you had a great weekend stitching.

Susimac said...

Gorgeous pinkeep.

Carla said...

LOVE the pinkeep you made for the ABC exchange!!!
Glad you are enjoying stitching on 36ct linen :)
Oh, I'm also stitching with DMC 4210 and like you loving it :)

mimimira said...

Beautiful exchange!
You have really beautiful and delicate works!

Greetings, Maria

Lisa said...

What a coincidence - I just ordered A to Z yesterday and was thinking about doing it up as a pinkeep. I love yours!