Monday, March 23, 2009

Nuneaton, BP, Christmas ornie and DT exchange

Nuneaton meet up March 2009

Here is a little slideshow of our meet up in Nuneaton. Everyone brought their finishes and wips to exhibit and there were some real beauties! It was so inspiring to see all the wonderful work. Great to meet new people too and to see some old friends!! It was a great weekend and I'll definitely do it again. Thank you Clare for organising it all.

I worked hard on my BP whilst I was there and it helped to get me going again as I was in a bit of a slump before I went. I have worked out that if I stitch three motifs a month and then stitch four every third month then I will get this sucker finished by the end of the year. So this is my plan. I am on target to do this now. Here's my progress on her so far:

March update

And I also worked on my March ornie for the Christmas ornie challenge. I am stitching these up first and then making them up altogether at the end:

March ornie

My Drawn Thread exchange arrived in good time to Becky K in OK! I am really pleased with the finishing on this piece. I saw someone do a mattress pincushion and stitch the sides so this is what I did.

Drawn Thread Exchange



The Drawn Thread
Spot of Spring
36 count Belfast antique white linen
DMC Threads
I want to thank all of you for your kind words from my last post. It means so much to me that there are sincere people out there who really do care enough to take the time to build me up. Things are okay at the moment. We are trying to keep our heads down really. The ex boss is in serious trouble though as someone has blown the whistle as it were.
Next weekend is our ten year wedding anniversary and we are going staying in a very swish hotel in the Lake District - just for one night. Really looking forward to that.
This week I am planning on starting something for the Birthday exchange which is coming up in the next few months. I have an idea of what I am going to stitch. Just need to gather supplies. Has anyone signed up for the new Papillon Creations SAL "Castles in the Air"?? It looks really pretty. I have purchased both the cross stitch and speciality version but the speciality version looks very complicated to me. I haven't even started last years one yet although I do have it all kitted up ready to go.
Hope you all have a lovely week. xx


Cheryl said...

Nuneaton looked like fun! Enjoyed your slideshow.
Always amazed how much stitching you get done! Everything looks great, especially that mattress pincushion.
Happy anniversary when i arrives, thats great you're getting away for an overnight break. Sounds like you both need a lovely time away!

Becky K in OK said...

Looks like you ladies had a fantastic time. Were you in a library?
My stitchy friends loved the mattress cushion!
Happy Anniversary.

Shari said...

hi Hazel,
I haven't checked your blog for a while & I apologize for that. I pray things are getting better for you now. It sounds as if it has been rough for a while. I hope your anniversary weekend away is a great break for you! Your stitching looks great, as always!

glamlawlib said...

I missed the last post, sorry to hear about the difficulties, I hope all gets resolved soon. {hugs}

Lovely stitching! Sometimes it's a useful hobby to have to take your mind off things?

I hope you and your DH enjoy your stay in the swish hotel :)

mainely stitching said...

Everything is so lovely! :D

Melody said...

Hazel, What a beautiful job you did on the mattress pincushion you did for Becky.

I did this piece a few years ago, and gave it framed to a friend. I think I like your finish better tho.

I hope things improve for you, and Happy Anniversary.

Lucy said...

That really is a beautiful finish on the pinchusion!

Jacqui said...

Great photos Hazel, we sure did have a great time didn't we! It was lovely to meet you at long last and put a face to the name. Hope you enjoy your wedding anniversary.

Sharon said...

Hi Hazel, sorry to hear that things are not so good. I am hoping they will be better you all soon. Happy Anniversary! I love the stitching-it all looks fabulous! Take care!{{{hugs}}}

lynda said...

Your pincushion is lovely!
Please pay a visit to my blog...I have something for you there.

Olga said...

Glad to hear that things are getting better for you. You've done a lot of pretty stitching, love your mattress pincushion.

cathymk said...

What a beautiful mattress pincushion for Becky! Gorgeous!

Love your progress on BP!

Dovilė said...

perfect mattress pincushion:)

Siobhán said...

Wow, thank you for sharing that beautiful slide show!! You must have had to wear a bib around all that gorgeous stitching and the quilt, too. Your DT exchange is gorgeous! Love your PS ornament, too. I love that series. Your BPQ is coming along well, too. YGG!

Julie said...

BP looks superb, love the mattress pincushion too.
Happy Annniversary, hope you have a lovely time away.
Maybe i will make Nuneaton next time!

Maren said...

Your WIPs look wonderful. I really like the mattress style pincushion you did, that looks wonderful!

Have a very happy anniversary next week!

Brigitte said...

I was enjoying the slide show very much. You ladies must have had a lot of fun.
Hazel, I love your mattress pincushion, it's so nicely stitched and perfectly finished.
I'm glad to read that life has taken a better turn for you.
I wish you a very Happy Anniversary and a great weekend at the Lakeland. The Lakeland, ahhhh ....

Clare-Aimetu said...

Happy Anniversary Hazel. It was a wonderful weekend, thank you for being part of it :)

Sally said...

Looks like everyone had a brilliant time at the meet-up! Lots of lovely stitching on show.

Your BP is coming along nicely. I can't see me finishing it by the end of the year!

The mattress pincushion is beautiful and I love your ornament.

Have a wonderful anniversary:)

Wendy said...

Oh Hazel, that slideshow is awesome! All those lovely lovely pieces are so gorgeous. And your little mattress pincushion is to die for!!!

Amy said...

Hi, do you grid your linen to do the BP? It is beautiful!