Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Okay big update - lots of pics

Right something is definitely up with my camera - it is not charging properly but I have managed to get six minutes on it to get some pics and download them!! First up is this lovely gift from Lisa from Needles and Threads. I won a blog giveaway from her a while ago and look at what she made me - isn't it beautiful. It is a lovely thread holder and i love the pocket at the back. She sent some lovely extras too, all of which I'll use. Thanks so much Lisa. I love it.

Gift from Lisa feb 09


Also I was admiring Margarets little bird sampler a while ago and she sent me the chart and some linen and thread to go with it!!! Wow I am so amazed at the generosity of stitchers!

Gift from Margaret

I also got my Prairie Schooler exchange through. At least I think it is this exchange as Rebecca (can't find her blog) didn't put a note in with it to say what it was or where the design is from so I am presuming it is the PS exchange. It is a lovely strawberry emery - my first and is very nice. So if you are reading Rebecca, thank you very much.

Prairie Schooler from Rebecca Feb 09

Cheryl got my little gingerbread men ornie that I made her for her newborn. I got the idea from Danybrode's blog and I was quite pleased with my humble efforts.

Gift for Cheryl Jan/Feb 09

Now you may remember the post about my "I am Half Sick of Shadows" project that I eventually gave away to my Dad to work on. Here is how I sent it to him:

Half Sick of Shadows May update

And here's a pic of it that he sent me today!! How much progress is that??

Dad's progress Feb 09

Now onto knitting. I am araid I have started getting the knitting bug again. I joined a group called Ravelry (takes about 4 days to get an invite)and it is amazing. I would really recommend it to knitters and crocheters. I found a lovely scarf pattern on it and here is my progress on it:

mustard scarf

It is hard to describe what it will look like in the end as its not your usual scarf! So I will take a pic of me or someone else modelling it when it is finished!
Speaking of knitting, here is Lily learning to knit - just a minute long but you're welcome to share this precious moment with me if you care to:

lily knits!

Oh and before I forget here is my christmas ornie (unfinished as I am going to finish them altogether) for this month:

Feb ornie

I must admit, I feel like my stitching mojo has gone awol this month! I have hardly touched the BP and have only just started the biscornu. I think maybe I overdid it with that french mystery. I have finished stitching it up but need to finish it now and yes I did get those vital finishing instructions. It is like a littel pillow inside a pouch and I hope I'll be able to finish it sometime. Right now I want to get my scarf finished and I also need to get on with some exchanges but I just do not feel in the mood for stitching right now.
Oh and I have put the BP blog back to the public domain for a bit if anyone's interested.
We have just come back from our friends house in Wales - so lovely and DH has some pics so I'll get them off him soon and post them up. Well that's me updated for a while. Happy stitching and thanks for reading everyone. xx


Brigitte said...

Whata post. I loved to look at all the pictures. Your father's progress on the red lady is fantastic, I can't get enough looking at her.
Your little PS ornament is just darling and so are the gingerbread men. What a creative idea.
You were spoilt by Lisa and Margaret, so nice from them to send you those great gifts. You are right, one finds a lot of generosity in the stitching world. That's why I will never forget the Maltesers you sent to me. Thanks again!

stitchersanon said...

Lovely gifts and great stitching. I love the scarf you are knitting too. I think there is something in the water making us lose our stitching mojo..probably after months spent cooped up inside and now the days are getting longer we want to get out lol

Sally said...

Wow lots of lovelies in this post Hazel. Lisa and Margaret sent you some lovely things.I love the thread holder Lisa made for you.

Your PS ornament is gorgeous and I love your scarf. Can't wait to see it finished.

Julie said...

Lots of nice pics to look at. WTG Dad, he's done loads on the HAED.
Nice gifts received and i love the gingerbread one you made.

Angela said...

Wow your dad is putting us all to shame. Your gingerbread man is gorgeous.

You've had some lovely gifts.

Lily knitting is great, a real picture of concentration and effort.

Michelle Andaya said...

Wow! Your Dad stitches? Impressive!

Kathy A. said...

Please, can I borrow your dad for a few weeks. I ahve a piece that I would love to have someone to stitch for me!!!! Lovely exchanges. The thread holder is gorgeous and the little strawberry emery is lovely.

Annemarie said...

Yum, lovely long post, Hazel. So much to comment on! Loved the vid of Lily knitting. Very sweet.
I had to smile when I read (and saw) about your father's progress on 'I'm half sick of shadows'. I have a stitching Dad too :o))
The gingerbread string came out so very sweet!

I do hope you get your stitching mojo back soon, Hazel!

Carmen said...

oh, so cute video!, your doughter have similar look to my doughter,i call it: "concentration look!", my doughter put this look,when make cross stitch.

the git,,are amazing, the ring floss and the pattern even with the threads! amazing gift.

congratulations for the scarf,look very nice and war.

Lucy said...

I think your dad should have a blog so we can keep up on his projects...awesome!!!
Also, your daughter knitting is too cute for words!!!!

Karen said...

lots of stuff going on! everything looks amazing! Go Dad! wow he made serious progress on that piece. Lily is just too cute and very serious about her knitting.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your Dad has made great progress. Love the footage of Lily knitting, the look of concentration on her face is priceless. Love what you made for Cheryl, very cute.

stitcherw said...

What a fun post, great pictures to look at, and how great Lily's learning to knit. Your dad's made great progress on Shadows, it's looking wonderful. What fun gifts too. Enjoy your knitting and other projects, nothing wrong with taking a break from stitching when other things call to you. I think in the colder months especially things like knitting and crochet have a stong appeal.

FIONA said...

Wow Hazel - glad your camera is working! Don't we rely on them lots nowadays? Love your posts - great work and very inspiring!
Fiona x

mainely stitching said...

What a great post, Hazel! So glad you've got your camera sorted out. It was a delight to see all the stitchy projects and knitting goodies. :D

Stephanie said...

Love the gift from Lisa, and also love the baby gift you sent to Cheryl :) Lily is adorable! I've begun knitting on my commute into work each day, so I'm actually getting quite a bit done with my knitting - beginner though I am!

Cindy F. said...

Great post with so many pretties!!
Wow! your Dad is really moving on the HAED? piece!

Karan said...

Great gifts (sent & received) & exchange piece. Wow - much Kudos to your Dad, that's amazing progress! Love the colour of the scarf. What a great video of your DD, such concentration - hope she continues to enjoy all crafts for a long time to come. :0)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing those lovely photos. Lovely gifts. Your dad's wip is looking great.

Jeanne said...

Can't believe how much your dad has gotten done on that project - wow! Love all your progress pics. I have avoided the whole knitting there - except for dishrags. I live in a hot climate and I can't handle any more obsessions! It's okay to take a break from stitching and do something else for awhile, you will come back refreshed.

Cheryl said...

Awww i love my gingerbread men ornie :)
I'd love to be able to knit!!

Tracy Dixon said...

WOW sweetie busy busy, you got lots of lovely goodies and your scarf looks great, you know I love the ginderbread men and your dad has made great progress you must be pleased

Wendy said...

Lots of great pictures to see! Little Lily learning to knit is the cutest!