Sunday, November 02, 2008

PIF Winners........

Congratulations you four!! Thanks to all of you who entered. The reason I have picked four of you is that I have also won a pif on Jessie's blog so instead of reoffering I have picked an extra person. I think four will be my limit! Please remember to Pay it Forward by putting the same offer on your blog and spreading a little stitching cheer throughout the year! I have sent out emails except to Lisa as I can't find your email hun. Let me know your addresses and favourite colours and I'll get something stitched up for you inthe next 365 days! Hopefully they will get made up sooner than that! I already have some ideas that I want to stitch up for you guys.
I have just spent the best couple of days away in Wales ever!! Just went to visit some friends who live in a farmhouse on forty acres of land and we had the most blessed time there! Amazing. I wish I had taken some pics!
Sorry this is a short entry. I got a load of stitching to do!! Catch up with you all soon. Thanks for visiting. I appreciate all your lovely comments.

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Lisa said...

Woohoo! I'm so excited. Thanks for picking my name as one of your PIF's. Have emailed you and posted my PIF in my blog.