Saturday, November 15, 2008

A gift and another fine tea (dinner)

Here is a gift I have made for someone. It is someone I promised a gift to a while ago. Someone will get this little giftie in the post in the next week or so. One of my blog readers. It could be you...

A Rose is a Rose La D Da freebie


A Rose is a Rose - La D Da freebie
Finished as a mattress pincushion
32 count lavender mist belfast linen
Sampler threads and weeks dye works

And tonight's tea (or Dinner as the South like to call it!)....

Hotpot - my own recipe - with lashings of red cabbage. (No it's not prison food and it is actually really nice).

november hotpot

And finished with another winner from Becky's blog! Peach Cobbler!! I had to cook it a bit longer as it was still uncooked in the middle but then it was very scrum esp with cream!

Becky's Peach cobbler

These are doing wonders for warming me up as it is quite cold here in the North of England. The weather is utterly miserable as well. Rain and rain and more rain it seems.
Still ploughing away on the Vierlanden mystery quaker suzanne. I have half a page left!! I will hopefully get this finished tonight! Yay it is about time I had a Happy Dance for one of my larger projects. Also I have signed up for the Year long Prairie Schooler exchange which I am soo looking forward to. Right off to do some serious stitching and a little blog reading/catching up.


Ranae said...

Pretty pincushion and that food sure looks yummy, as it is also dinner time here.

Julie said...

A lovely gift, it wont be me, i've only been coming here a short time LOL.
Nice dinner, hope it was all eaten up!

Mylene said...

I LOVE your recent finish piece. It's soo lovely.
your dinner...hmmmm, it looks sooo yummy!

Carla said...

That's a very pretty pincushion !!

Karin said...

Great pincushion - and dinner looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

oh my what a wonderful pincushion I love it! the colours of threads you used are perfect!

It's called tea time in our house, but I so wish I was having dinner at your house, we called Hot pot casseroles, or if it's mince and veg, then it's stovies in Scotland
I must have a go at Becky's peach cobbler looks totally yum!

mainely stitching said...

That's such a pretty finish of a lovely La-D-Da design, Hazel!

Your comfort foods look VERY comforting! :D

glamlawlib said...

Very pretty pincushion and your tea looks scrummy :)

Angela said...

That's a very pretty pincushion.

Annemarie said...

Your mattress pin cushion is just lovely! Must try this way of finishing myself one day :o)
Your dinner looks quite yummy. It's dry but incredibly chilly here. Can't get the cabin heated no matter how hard I try!

stitcherw said...

Your pincushion is lovely, and the dinner looked yummy as too. We aren't getting rain here anymore, but are starting to get snow, so hot comfort food like this sounds very good.

Sally said...

Very pretty pincushion Hazel.

Dinner looks gorgeous. I love red cabbage. I have a recipe for it in a Delia Smith Christmas cookbook and I make it every Christmas.

stitchersanon said...

I love hotpot and red cabage, or with husband ( a Southerner crossed Irish man) thinks I am gross...I grew up in Manchester though and it is perfect for winters days...mmmmm think I will make some tomorrow now..have a craving for some reason hehe...lovely pincushion too!

Cindy F. said...

Such a beautiful gift for a very lucky recepient!!
The food looks so good...I can almost smell it here in Texas:) YUMMY!

Olga said...

Wow, a very pretty pincushion! I just love this rose design though can't find it.
Your hotpot looks very delicious!

Cathy C said...

Where is this Prairie Schooler Exchange happening? Can you e-mail me with info? Thanks!!! Cathy C

BTW, that Peach Cobbler looks wonderful!!!

Rachel V said...

It's me, it's me, it's me! I still can't believe that I am the lucky recipient ... thank you again, Hazel!