Wednesday, December 09, 2015

It's been a while....

Well well, where did this season go? The last time I posted was way back in September and I think this term has just been super busy at work and super tiring too. I finish on Friday though for three wonderful weeks off. I am trying to get as much work done for next term as I can now so that it won't hang over me throughout the Christmas season.

I have been stitching! I have managed to do a fair amount on the Moira Blackburn sampler and pleased with my progress on her. I am more than half way there now.

I have also had a new start on a design I noticed in an Attic Needlework letter a few months ago. This is by Long Dog Samplers for Gentle Arts and was a charity design that proved very difficult for me to find. I eventually got it from overseas and threads took a bit of time to get here as well. So I haven't done much on this yet but I am sure it will be stunning once it is done.

I had another new start that I almost forgot to mention. I have been eyeing up this design for years now so when someone introduced me to some beautiful hand dyed fabric by Crafty Kitten then I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get it. This is my progress on Fairy Moon by Mirabilia and the fabric is Bramble Liquor 28 count cashed. I love it so far.

I have also purchased another Mirabilia chart Lady of the Mist and I'm planning on stitching that on Crafty Kittens Aurora fabric. I just need to kit up threads and beads for that one. 

This is what it will look like according to

I also bought a little stash recently from Sue at Peakside Needleworks. I knew that some of the Prairie Schooler designs were beginning to sell out fast so I wanted to make sure I had the full set of monthlies and ABCs in. Sue is selling them as complete sets if anyone is interested but doesn't have many left in stock.

This weekend sees our annual Advent stitchy meet up and exchange which takes place at my house. I'm looking forward to welcoming Tracy, Tina, Lesley and Sue for a little Christmas cheer and stitchery. We have an exchange which comprises of hand stitched ornament, chart and chocolate and this year, Tracy and I will be doing our first ever advent exchange. We decided we would do 12 days of Christmas instead of the usual 24 and I really enjoyed putting it altogether for her. Hope she likes the little gifts I bought.

I got my Just Nan framed for my mum for Christmas and I am really pleased with how it turned out. 

I have another little finish as well. It is the Potpourri Heart from the Sweetheart Tree. You can't see how sparkly this is in the picture but wow! It really is stunning. I am looking for a pretty 4x4 inch frame to put it in. 

My son also picked up the cross stitch bug. I gave him a little kit by Daisy Designs to do and he got right to it:

And finally, I thought I would leave you with some cat pictures for you feline fans. They seem to have settled in really well and they are very much loved. 

So it's been a busy season with brass band concerts, nativities, trips to the theatre, retreats and parties and I am thoroughly exhausted. Looking forward to a long relaxing break.

I will try and post again after the weekend to show all the exchanges.

Best wishes everyone.


blue star stitcher said...

Aww the last photo of the cats cuddling is so cute! Love the fabrics you picked for the two Mirabilia pieces. Looks like you are having a busy holiday season.

La Comtesse said...

This post is really full of love!
... your designs are gorgeous!

Vickie said...

Oh Hazel, your mother's gift is gorgeous! And the Sweatheart piece is lovely as well.
Merry Christmas!

butterfly said...

So much lovely stitching WOW
Love Just Nan so adore your mothers Christmas gift.
Your home looks so cosy.

Julie said...

Mums gift is stunning
Lots of lovely stitching you've achieved since you posted last tme.
Have a lovely advent meet up.
Merry Christmas

Marilyn said...

The Samplers are beautiful, and so is the Just Nan for your Mum.
Your son looks so proud of his stitching. :)
Pretty kitties too!

Maggie said...

Everything looks lovely Hazel :-)

Enjoy your meet-up this weekend, make sure you take lots of photos to share with us :-)

Annette-California said...

Wow! Love all your updates on your beautiful projects. Congrats to your son who did a great job on his bear. Exciting exchanges you have planned. So much eye candy in your post! Merry Christmas ! love Annette

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi I love your Blackburn sampler. It is surprisingly colourful. And I also like the new chart you have chosen. Happy Stitching.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You've been busy stitching even if you haven't been blogging!
Love Moira Blackburn and the Mirabilia. I love Crafty Kitten's fabrics too.
Congratulations to your son on his first finish.

Margaret said...

That last pic of the kitties is so so sweet! So glad they are happy and you are too! Love your framed finish, your little heart finish, and the Moria Blackburn piece. And everything else too! But Moira Blackburn wins out every time. Love her designs. Love Long Dog designs too! Your tree looks beautiful! Hope you have a great break from work and a lovely Christmas! (Hooray for your son! A new cross stitcher is born!)

Brigitte said...

So much stitching has been going on at your house, and gorgeous projects.
You made some great progress on the Moira Blackbourne sampler, I stitched it too many years ago and I remember that I enjoyed stitching it a lot. Your new starts are all very beautiful projects as well and when I look at them I just want to go and stitch them, too.
Wonderful, your gift for your Mom. This frame is perfect for it.
Have a great and relaxing holiday season.

duClay Chapter of EGA said...

You have indeed been busy! Your kitties are adorable! I have Three Things in my stash and it is definitely one I want to stitch. I've been enjoying seeing your progress.

I hope your son stays enchanted with needlework!

Anna van Schurman said...

So much wonderful news. Glad your son is learning the joys of cross-stitch. Beautiful work on your BAPs.

The Fairy Bank said...

Hi Hazel. Hope all is well. Love from Rachel. Just started Death by X stitch. (Longdog) still haven't finished the swamp monster xx

The Fairy Bank said...

Hi Hazel. Hope all is well. Love from Rachel. Just started Death by X stitch. (Longdog) still haven't finished the swamp monster xx