Saturday, November 10, 2012

One WIP, two WIPs...

Hello all. Goodness me, I can't believe how fast the time is going! Christmas will soon be upon us. I am currently getting ready for DD's birthday which, although not until a few weeks time, she will be celebrating next week with a pool party at the local swimming pool. She has invited friends old and new and, fortunately, I have a couple of great friends who have offered to help me out as DH is not around. He is off touring with a band around the UK. 

So, what with work and childcare, you would imagine, quite rightly, that I have had little time to focus on crafty pursuits. Life has been incredibly busy. Even the half term break was busy and I decided that instead of tearing my hair out at home, I would trot off to my friends in Wales and do it there instead. 

Just a few images of local places of interest.

We had a great time, going to the quaint, little shops in the village, skipping down to the park but mainly just relaxing with good friends and good food. I did a little crochet too and taught my friend a few new tricks. 

One project that I had already started - I mentioned it in my last post - was my Cath Kidston inspired blanket. I decided to start it so that I could just carry on with it whilst I was down there with no fiddly starting chains to do. I wanted to try my hand at a blanket I had been inspired by in this blog. (Karen you are soooo my inspiration!). You can find the pattern here. I decided it would look lovely in CK colours and so I set about choosing my colours. I went for the Stylecraft Special DK range. 

So this is where it is up to right now and I am pretty darned pleased with it if I must say so myself! I think I have got the colours and the style right for once. 

I am using the following colours:
Cloud Blue
and I am sticking with a repeated pattern. I am thinking that a Blooming Flower cushion would go very well with this as well - you know- as a matching set type thing. This blanket is great to snuggle up under as the weather has been getting so very chilly of late. This is what I adore about this season. It allows you to stay home and snuggle. You don't need an excuse!

So my other WIP is my SAL with Tina, Sue and Tracy. We are stitching The Sampler Girl's Good Tidings for Christmas and I am pleased with my progress on it as I have hardly spent any time on it at all. I think I chose the best pattern as a Christmas SAL as it is such a sweet design and simple to do. I love the colours - all those golds! 

Please excuse the hoop marks as I do not iron my projects until I have completed them. 

In other news, I woke up this morning to this:

It is so nice to see my blankets in use!

Also thought you might like to see what I have just made for our tea tonight. At work, one of the mums comes with bags of fruit and vegetables for the staff to take home as a way of expressing her thanks and gratitude to them. This week she gave us courgettes and mushrooms and parsnips. I looked on the internet and that trusty Good Food website and found this recipe. Courgette, mushroom and mozzarella tart which is made with puff pastry. We have just demolished this and it proved a winner with the kids too. Bonus! The only changes I made to the recipe is that I used some red onion also and sauteed them in olive oil for ten mins before I put it on the pastry. Deeeelish!

So now we are just polishing off some Shreddied wheat and sultana chocolate crispy cake type thing! 

I hope you have enjoyed reading my little catch up post. As busy as I am, I really do not want to give up blogging my bits and pieces of life. Thanks for all your lovely comments and hello to all my new followers. It is great to see you! 


Carol said...

Hi Hazel, that was a lovely post.
I do like your new CK blanket WIP, excellent choice of colours and you really can't beat Styelcraft! Yes, a blooming cushion would be perfect.
The flower blanket has found a lovely model!
Glad you had such a nice time with your friends crafting in Wales. Such special times.
I've done a little bit of cross stitching but not very much.
The time is indeed flying past.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend.
Carol xx

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Nice to catch up with what you are doing Hazel.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely photos from your trip. Your Cath Kidston inspired blanket is gorgeous. Great progress on your Jane Austen piece.

cucki said...

wow very pretty wip's..i love them all so much..
big hugs xx

Gillie said...

Your weekend away looks lovely. Well done on the blanket too. I agree with BBC GF, it is my homesick magazine, lol! We made an excellent slow cooker roast from James Martin from there while I was in Wyoming.

Vickie said...

So nice to see what you have been up to Hazel. Such nice projects. AND scenery.

Catherine said...

I am loving your blanket!! The pic of your daughter snuggled is so sweet!

Margaret said...

That blanket you're working on is gorgeous! I just love it! Love the pic of your DD with your flower blanket too. Lovely Sampler Girl WIP too. Glad you had a chance to get away with friends too.

Brigitte said...

What a nice post you were writing here. I loved to see the pictures of your little vacation. I'm sure that it was a much needed one. Being in such a lovely place with friends must be paradise :))
Your new blanket looks really great. As in the past I can only admire your choice of colours. I hardly can wait for my retirement to finally start crocheting these lovely blankets, too.
Thanks for mentioning this mozarella tart recipe. I think I'll try it out very soon.

Annette-California said...

Your blanket is so very pretty Hazel. Loved seeing all your wips - good progress. What a FAB getaway for you. Have a great week.
love Annette

Giovanna said...

Great blanket, and great stitching.

Christine said...

Great stitching and crochet Hazel, and the courgette and mushroom thing looks wonderful

Shirlee said...

You do such beautiful crochet work. It is always such an inspiration. The trip to Wales sounds like a real treat : )

Siobhán said...

Your WIPs are lovely! Beautiful photos of Wales--one of my favorite places!

Chris said...

Lovely post. Wales looks beautiful.
I love your cross stich projress and the crocheting too.
That tart looks soo yummy!

Julie said...

Nice new blanket, thanks for the link to the pattern, you chose lovely colours or it.
The SAL is looking great, hope everyone else is doing well too. Have been eagerly waiting updates of it at NH.

Grammy Braxton said...

The blanket WIP is beautiful. I must make one of those. I'll just add it to the ever growing list of "Want to do". The stitching is lovely also. Glad you are dropping in to post. It's great to keep up with you and what going on in your stitchy world.


moleymakes said...

Your CK inspired blanket is looking lovely. I do like the stitch pattern.

Your tarts look really scrummy. They really have some fab recipes on BBC Good Food :)

Carol said...

Lovely photos you've shared with us Hazel and your blanket is lovely!!

Louise said...

Hazel, Loved this post! I have been thinking about you. My husband too is away at the moment. Gives me time to do some crafty things while missing him so.
I have to say, I loved the pic of your daughter snuggled with that beautiful blanket! I think that is my favorite one that you have finished. So pretty! I do love that you take on new challenges too, the difference between me and you is that you can actually accomplish a new pattern, while I start something but never finish..I even give up so easily too! I need to be more like you :) Your new blanket is coming along beautifully! I also love your new stitched piece :) Blessings to you,
Louise xx

Karoline said...

Sounds like you had a lovely break

Your new blanket is lovely and great project on the Jane Austin sampler

Jackie's Stitches said...

Sometimes getting away and letting obligations wait is so recharging and just what is needed....I'm glad you took that opportunity!

Your CK inspired blanket is coming out beautifully!

Maxine said...

You have some beautiful WIP's on the go and I love your crochet. It's something I want to learn, I have instructions and the hooks but it's a bit daunting lol.

Nicola said...

I came across your blog via another blogger. I am glad that I stopped by and look forward to following your stitching journey.

bina said...

davvero carine le tue coperte
buon anno bina