Thursday, November 10, 2011

A scramble of bits and bobs..

I haven't that much to show by way of handiwork but I do have some bits and pieces that I want to blog about so there might be a few pictures in this post but bear with me. I seem to have sooo much to do with dd's birthday coming up and Christmas and then my ds' birthday too and lots and lots of ornies to do in between. I just haven't had time to sit down and blog about the good things that have been happening in my life and I do want to blog about the good bits. I do I do. Things have been lots and lots better in regarding my home situation. There has been a definite turn around and things are on the up. So I want to make a bt of space in blogland for some good stuff - even if it's mediocre.


First up is this gorgeous parcel that fell through my door today and look at how beautifully wrapped it is. Now I knew who had sent this as I recently won one of Andrea's yearly ornaments on her giveaway on her blog and I knew this was it. I ummed and ahhed about waiting till Christmas day to tear the wrapping off but no I couldn't bear it. I had to see which one she had sent me and woweeee look at this:


It is so exquisitely finished. Perfect in every way. I will treasure it always. I have tried for the past couple of years to win one of Andrea's ornies and I am so happy to finally be the proud owner of one. Love, love, love it. Thank you so much Andrea.

I am stitching a secret project for somebody very special but I cannot reveal it yet so here's a sneak peak.


Yes, it is on aida!!! All will be revealed soon.

The weather is getting cooler and it is definitely time to snuggle up and light the candles and have some woolly projects on the needles I think.

I made a quick scarf for my little man. Just knitted in plain garter stitch with a blanket stitch border. I wasn't sure about it after I made it but it looks okay on ds and he loves it! So I am happy.



I also had a go at doing my own candle votives after seeing them on Anaboo's blog. Here are the results. They look really pretty and I am just rubbish at taking good pictures! They were much more "glowy" in real life.



It was bonfire night at the weekend here in the UK and as is our usual custom we traipsed off to the local bonfire and firework display. I didn't get any good pictures but I think my husband did so I need to pester him a bit to send me some of the pictures. I decided to try my hand at making cinder toffee and after dipping it in chocolate it turned out fab. I piled it into little sweet bags and we took it with us to the bonfire. It was really easy to make and you can find many recipes online. Mine was just a simple recipe with only a couple of ingredients - butter, golden syrup and sugar and then added a splash of vinegar and bicarb of soda.

From this:


To this:


And staying on the food that is bad for you theme, I couldn't resist making this:

Chocolate Nutella mug cake:


Nom nom. You can find the recipe here

What else???..... Oh yes! My neighbour has started stitching! She came round for a look at my stash haul and ordered a few bits and pieces for herself and then came round for a stitchy night! Boy, I think she has it bad. Look how much she has done already and this only in a few days!



I have another friend who has also started stitching and she is going to come along to join us too. Woot! Our own little stitchy group. It's going to be fun fun fun.

Well, I told you it would be a bit of a mish mash of stuff and there is probably more to add but that is enough for now and I feel a little more on top of things. Hope you all have a cosy week if you are feeling the cold. Things are going to get a little hectic for me now for the next few weeks but I will try to keep things updated. Hugs to all.


Stitchabilities said...

I am so pleased things are going well!!
I love those jars, very simple and very effective, How do you light the candles?
Your lads scarf is great
It is fab that you are able to get together and stitch with friends

Jackie's Stitches said...

Welcome back! You've been missed.

Congrats on winning an ornie from Andrea. It's beautifully stitched and finished. I can't believe I've not seen her blog before - thank you for the link.

Your son is just too cute! And I love your votive candles. I've not seen canning jars like that before. I've only seen plain ones.

Juls said...

Such a lovely post Hazel!!! I so enjoyed reading it!!! And the recipes look delish

Becky K in OK said...

What a great ornament win. And your darling son looks so cute in his scarf!

andamento said...

Your wee boy is soooo cute and he really does looked pleased with the lovely scarf you made him. Love the sound of the cinder toffee but I'm trying to keep the sugar levels down so will have to resist that one I'm afraid. Glad to heart things are more positive for you now too.

Ruth said...

I thin your votives are lovely-- very glowy indeed. They do justice to your ornament win -- congrats.
Your projects all look perfect, but we need to talk about showing all those yummy looking foods! I need to go get the drool out of my keyboard now.

Kate said...

Lovely post - congratulations on your ornament win it's gorgeous. Your scarf looks great but my favourite picture is that little bag of cinder toffee!

Siobhán said...

Hazel, how cute is your son!? He is just adorable. I love the scarf!

I'm so glad to hear that you've got a stitching group started, from the sounds of things--what fun that will be!

Margaret said...

My internet went out just as I was going to comment. lol! Love the jars. Your boy is so cute with his new scarf -- which is lovely. Love the ornie you received, and that cinder toffee looks scrumptious!

Christine said...

The ornament is just beautiful.
I can see how much your son loves his scarf, he looks so proud of it!
Great job on the votives too

my4lilgirls said...

Great to have you back :D
Love your beautiful gift, it really is a treasure, & that lil boy scarf is too cute, of course its even cuter on your wee guy!!!!
Am drooling over that toffee & cake, not fair having to look at it & not being able to taste :( Yum!!!
Have a great weekend Hazel
Lots of love Karen x

Carol said...

What a wonderful ornament to win.
Those jars are really nice.
The little man looks delighted with his lovely scarf, what a great photo.
Looking forward to seeing your new aida work.
I am not looking at the recipes because I have just been on the scales!
Carol xx

Lesleyanne said...

So pleased things are on the up for you. Love the ornament Andrea sent you. Your candles are lovely. Your son looks really chuffed with his scarf.

chris said...

What a lovely post, you sound so happy and that scarf for your DS is super, a proper boys scarf.
Well done Hazel I think you have said God is good!

Chris xx

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

That scarf looks lovely and comfy :D

Annette-California said...

I'm so very happy for you Hazel. When things are good we celebrate and YOU certainly deserve to be happy. Loved your post. It's great to get together with some friends who share your craft passions. Your son's scarf is so cute. He looks Happy and proud to be wearing your scarf. Just darling. I would like to try your recipe for toffee next week. I'll let you know how it turns out. Congrats on winning your ornament. i jsut stitched one that same pattern love it. Annette

Catherine said...

Oh my goodness! Your son is adorable!!
So good to see your post. I am glad to read that things are going well. I can tell you, having your own little stitching group is so much fun!! Enjoy!

Brigitte said...

Hazel, great to see another post from you. And even more to read that things are improving in your life.
Congrats on winnin g such a loevly ornament. It looks gorgeous. And so do the candle jars that you decorated so beautifully. But the sweetest is your little son.

Carol said...

Wonderful to hear things are looking up on the home front, Hazel!! Your ornament from Andrea is spectacular--her work is incredible, isn't it? I received a PIF from her a few years back and just love it!

Aww...your son looks so cute and proud of his new scarf--lovely blue eyes :)

Enjoy your new little stitching group--how lucky you are to have others nearby who enjoy stitching as much as you do...

Berit said...

Love IT! This is all great stuff!

My favorites are happy home trends, DS' scarf, and the luscious cake! :D

Julie said...

Fab news that life is happy for you, lots to kep you busy in the coming weeks.
Love and (hugs) xx

Sally said...

I am so glad that things are looking up Hazel {{{hugs}}}

That is a gorgeous ornament from Andrea.

Love the scarf you made for your son. That will keep him warm and toasty as the weather cools.

Giovanna said...

Congrats on winning the ornie, and what a gorgeous picture of your boy - he seems very pleased with his new scarf :-)

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful post Hazel, I really enjoyed reading it, where do I start with the praise? I love your vintage votive candles something I must have a go at, love your DS's scarf, perfect and he looks proud as punch wearing it (can't believe he's so big already)
gorgeous ornament form Andrea
thanks for sharing the recipes my DD always wanted me to try making cinder toffee x

Margaret said...

What a lovely post. So happy to hear that things are much better.
Your son is so cute and looks very warm and comfy in his new scarf.
How wonderful that you now have your own stitching group. Enjoy!!

Robin said...

Wow, where to start. I too received a RAK from Andrea and your's is beautiful too. Your son and his scarf are cute cute cute. Love the candles. Pix looks great and glowiing. Stitching looks great and recipes yummy.