Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Better get a cuppa..

Sorry for myself cakes's going to be a long post.

I have so much to share but recently been in such a blogging slump, I just couldn't get my head around posting. I have been visiting mind you and getting lots and lots of inspiration.

So, SNOW! You want snow? I'll give you snow! And tons of it. Why we chose to live here I just don't know. We live in the Peak District of England. It is beautiful, hilly, rural and very cold come the winter. As we're quite high up and also in a valley, we kind of get the brunt of the bad weather. We were warned. We knew Northumberland and Newcastle had had it bad and that it was heading our way. You just never realise how much until you wake up seeing this:



Oh yeah it is magical, and Christmassy and silent. Have you ever noticed the silence when it has snowed like this? It's like no-one comes out. It's a still, still world for a time. But it is also a pain in the behind especially when the school doesn't close. But it did, today. Thankfully. DD was up at two in the morning throwing up till dawn. Bug. Yuk. So today has been a stay at home day. I ventured out and got my car going just to keep it ticking over and then proceded with two other neighbours to clear our road of snow so at least we can get in and out. It is still snowing though so may get covered over in no time.

So... last week I got a wonderful surprise in the mail. Cathy had a giveaway for some beautiful tatted things her mum had made and no... for once .. I didn't actually win. But I did mention in the comment how I would love a tatted bookmark for my bible and last week, these arrived in the post with a rather special note. I can't tell you how much they cheered me up Cathy. Send my thanks and appreciation to your mum. I absolutely love them.

Gift from Cathy

Today brought another special gift from Berit. Can you believe that Berit was giving away this??

gift from berit

She had almost finished the design but decided not to keep it! So I got the nearly finished (and rather well stitched) design, the chart and the threads and beads! Wow. I love it and am going to finish it off as soon as I get the time. Love it. Thank you Berit. Really needed that little boost today.

What else? What else? Oh yeah... I have two TWO finishes!!! I told you I would. I told you!!

Right, here's the alphabet sampler by La D Da. Loved stitching this and it worked up so quickly. I don't know why I left it for so long in the wip pile.

Finished end Nov  2010

Stitched on 32 Sassy's Creamy Cocoa with NPI silks.

Next and here's the big one!! Here is, finally, a major TA DA!! Cirque des Cirque. I had a love hate relationship with this one. I started and restarted it several times. First I started it with beads and that wasn't right. Then I had a go with metallic threads, that wasn't right either so by the time I just got round to plain old stitching it, I'd had enough of it. And so I struggled and struggled. Then Rachael set up and Ink Circles SAL this year and I took up the challenge and finished it within the year. No more lingering in the wip pile for you matey. Done. These photos are very accurate of the colour of fabric and threads. I have had a job all year getting the thing to photograph right but it never came out well. These are pretty accurate. You have all been so great with the encouragement to finish this and keep on with it so THANK YOU all for that. It worked. ;-)

Finished end Nov 2010!!


Stitched on 32 ct Mulberry linen with Thread Gatherers Silk n Colors silk in Spring Frocks.

I have also had a new start today although it doesn't look much right now. I am doing an SAL with Lisa on Winter Whites by LHN. Tracy bought me this chart last year for Christmas so it seems rather appropriate to do it now the opportunity has arrived. There are some others doing the SAL too with other LHN winter designs and I look forward to seeing their progress.

LHN Winter Whites Stitched on 32ct Wichelt Star Sapphire

It was dd's 8th birthday the other day and we had a little celebration for her. We decide to have a simple pizza and film night for her and some of her friends. I made the cake! Smartie flowers. I saw this on Adamento's blog and shamelessly copied it :( Looks okay though hey? Tasted pretty nice too. And you can see the beginnings of my red room but its still not finished yet but you get the warmness of it though.



Lily is pulling a face in this one! What great friends. They all had a good time.

Now, is there anything left? Well, I am doing my first ever RR starting in January bu tI think I will leave it till then to post about it. There are only four of us doing it and we all know each other so hopefully it should run really smoothly. No, I think that is about all I can manage. Thank so much for your kind comments from yesterday. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. Happy stitching this December! xxx


Anonymous said...

Ooh, that's a lot of snow! I'm so glad we don't get huge amounts of it down here, we're not so exposed and hilly :) At least you didn't have the school run today.

Love your CdC, congratulations on finishing it. The fabric and thread combo you chose is very pretty and worth all the work!

andamento said...

Mmmmmmm, cake!

I just wish smarties tasted as good as they did when they were full of additives!

Well done on all your finished pieces, they're lovely, and I really don't know how you find the time (or perhaps it's just that I'm a very slow stitcher)

Hope the snow settles soon. I love it when it's snowing but you don't need to be anywhere and can stay home and enjoy it. It's not too bad with us, not much has fallen since the initial 4 inches or so, so the roads are clear and places are open.

Cath said...

Gorgeous stitching. Well done on your finishes .
Lovely gifts too .X

Cheryl said...

Wow, you finished CDC!! It looks amazing! I am so jealous. I am 50% through mine, dont even know where it is at the moment...a bag somewhere LOL
We've been hit with the snow too!
Happy Birthday to your DD x

Parsley said...

I was hoping for a recipe for that yummy dessert at the top!

Sweet Sue said...

Nice to see you posting Hazel, congrats on your fine finishes - kudos! Cakes look scrummy, snow here too:)

Julia said...

What a lovely, soothing, calming, inspiring post Hazel!
Oh my word, this was lovely to read - and I am in awe of your embroidery work, it's beyond stunning!
As far as snow goes, my goodness we have had a belly full of it already! It's about 18" deep as I type and still falling from the sky...yes, one of the perils of living so darn close to the Pennines, and where is everyone?? It's terribly quiet here and Im itching to get out. Im also looking forward to it melting, (and am looking into emigrating and wondering why I wasn't born in Majorca at the same time hee hee...) :D
Sending you lots of love, Castleton in the Spring sounds fabulous by the way, lets do it - once that bloomin' snow has all gone!! :D

Julia x x x

jane said...

Congratulations on finishing CdesC Hazel, it looks lovely. The birthday cake looks fab too.
The snow is getting tiresome now, isn't it? stay safe and warm.

Carol said...

We had our very first snowfall of the season last night, Hazel. I loved waking up to it, but then I didn't have to work today so I could just stay home and watch it fall--so pretty!

Congratulations on your wonderful finishes... CdC looks like a lot of work, but the end result was worth all your effort.

Loved seeing the girls laughing and dancing at your daughter's party--that is such a cute age!

valerie said...

Isn't it amazing how a little flour, sugar and butter can make you feel better? The treats look wonderful!

And congrats on your finishes! I just love, love, love your CdC. The linen/thread combo is worth it all! The alpha looks great too.

Happy birthday to Lily...the cake is so cute!

The snow looks gorgeous! But seeing as I am already freezing in 45 degree weather, I think my buns would freeze off in that snow. Stay warm Hazel!

capecodgirl565 said...

Your pieces are all lovely, but honestly, I am having trouble getting past the picture of the little cakes! How about a recipe, they look fantastic!

Margaret said...

I read that Europe and the UK were getting clobbered by snow -- I guess the scene out your window proves it! Love your finishes! Love the pressies in the mail as well! Your daughter and her friends are so cute -- I remember that age! :D Happy belated birthday to her! Feel better. I think I have the blahs too.

Abi said...

Your CdC looks great! Isn't it a fun project to work on? I enjoyed working on mine.

The cake looks so adorable and yummy! And I can't wait to see more of your red room. :)

Maggee said...

Wow! Your Cirque is just beautiful! What a wonderful combination of fabby and thread! Congrats on finishing it! I live vicariously through all the brave stitchers who complete it, cause I sure won't be starting it! But I just finished MY Winter Whites--you can see a picture on my blog. Started it years ago... I rarely see snow, so it is a BIG thing when and if we get any! Yes, it does get very quiet... love that! Until all the neighbors, young and old, go out to play in it! One year we had a great snow war! I watched from inside... I'm no fool! Enjoyed visiting! Hugs.

Veronica said...

That's a TON of snow! It looks magical :)

Those tatted bookmarks are gorgeous! Congrats on winning those. I received my ornaments not too long ago. Aren't Cathy's mum's work exquisite?

Beautiful stitching! Love your CDC color combination. Major Congratulations! La D Da's Alphabet is cute too.

Deborah said...

Hazel, I want to visit so i can eat some of those little cakes. They look yummy. I am also impressed with the wonderful stitching.

DonnaTN said...

Congratulations on finishing the Ink Circles! It looks great as does that cake. I love the "flowers" and think that would be a good idea for an Easter cake.

Christine said...

Wow, CdeC looks amazing, congratulations on finishing it, and the La de da alphabet.
Snow is very pretty, but its a right nuisance!

gracie said...

Magnificent finishes...good for you. And the party, they certainly look like they were having fun.

cathymk said...

Beautiful finishes Hazel! I love the CDC - congratulations!

Sally said...

That is a lot of snow Hazel! We've had quite a bit but nowhere bear as much as that. We've had it a week now and the flurries keep on coming.

Gorgeous finished! Congratulations! Lovely start on the SAL too. I started Poinsettia House last night and am loving it already :)

Happy Birthday to Lily!

Just-Do said...

Wow, you really are incredible. Indeed, you did tell you would finish the embroidery. Good for you. I usually think I will manage to do something, but always get distracted some way and end up doing completely different things. Even now, I think I have the time to write you a little comment, and my son comes in and wants to have a conversation in French!
Good luck with all the snow, Dorien

Maggie O said...

Love the cakes...and the work you are doing is I hate to say "stay in the slump" but girl it is working for you, LOL!! Seriously, your work is fabulous and to finish two such pieces amazing - you must be in 7th heaven now. The pictures of your work are very good also, it is hard to capture the right colours and the texture - looks like it worked for you. What kind of Camaera? Looks like the girls had a girly B-D party and enjoyed every mo -luv to see them having fun. "8" is such a great age.
Looks like you have our snow...we don't have any here in Ontario...well maybe tomorrow. Stay warm.

Catherine said...

What pretty snow! I am not quite ready yet after all we had last year!

What sweet surprises your recieved!

Congrats on your finishes - they look great! Love the alphabet and I can certainly appreciate the work that went into the Ink Circle piece.

What a sweet picture of the girls dancing!

Oh - and those "sorry for me cakes" - they look delicious!!

Kathy A. said...

Oh what a lovely newsy post. It is good to hear from you.
Congratulations on your two beautiful finishes. CdC is indeed a huge challenge. Yours is absolutely gorgeous done! Nice work. Mine is languishing somewhere in the bottom of a bag.
Those cookies - oh my - want some LOL.

Ele said...

Hello Hazel,

I'm coming over Sylivas blog and have to say: Your embroideries are all beautiful and also your Christmas cookies look so!

Have a wonderful stichting time and a lovely Advent

from Bavaria

Blu said...

Your CdC looks stunning! So gorgeous

Happy belated birthday to your DD. That cake looks adorable.

Michelle said...

Wow - that cake looks amazing and yummy! And your CdC is gorgeous - I love love love the colors you chose for it. Stunning! Congrats on your finishes.

Olga said...

Happy birthday to your daughter!Congratulations on finishing CdC, it looks wonderful!

Kathy said...

Lovely busy post Hazel. I love the snow photos. Only thing. Please keep it over there in the UK. I am so not ready for snow. :) I'm sure the children love it. :)

And a happy Birthday to your DD.

Love your finishes. And what wonderful surprises you received. Just beautiful.

Jackie's Stitches said...

The snow look wonderful! Very easy for me to say because I don't have to live in it. I can't imagine having to clear the driveway and street before going to work before 8 am.

Congratulations for continuing to work your projects and finish them. Now it's not hanging over your head anymore.

Brigitte said...

Oh no, Hazel, don't send your snow over here, lol. We do have some ourselves, and it's not just a little, believe me, lol. And the weather forecast promised even more of the white stuff for the week to come :(((
Congratulations on your two finishes. Both are so beautiful. You can be very proud of them. The colours you chose for the Ink Circle are very special.
And now I have to go and have my breakfast because the cake pictures made my mouth water, lol.

Siobhán said...

What a lot of fun in your post! From the bday party (happy birthday to your daughter!) to the beautiful stitching, to the snow! I grew up with snowy winters and it didn't faze me much till we moved here, where they don't grit the roads or sidewalks and plows are something only seen on TV. Yikes. Your new start is a perfect choice--you'll always remember the snowy week you had when you look at it!

Katrina said...

Wow, lots of snow which means lots of shoveling :-(. It is pretty!

Love the finishes and the gifts. I have some of Cathy's hardanger, gorgeous.

Andrea said...

Mmmmm, I just fancy one...or two...or three of those butterfly cakes. Yummy!

Snow! I hope we're finished with it now. It's fine for the first couple of days and then it's just so inconvienient!

Wonderful finishes Hazel.

Cole said...

Beautiful finishes Hazel!! So glad you stuck with it for CdC, it's gorgeous!

Julie said...

Belated birthday wishes to Lily, looks like a fun party, cake looks sooo tasty!

YAY!!!!! Huge congrats on the 2 finishes, CdeC looks fabulous

Gorgeous gifts received, the tatting cross is wonderful, what a very special present to have been gifted with.

Hope your snow is thawing

Lisa said...

I know how you feel with the snow, we had a lot more here than for a lot of years and I'm sick of it now lol. Hoping to be able to get back into a normal routine this week finally.
Your tatted bookmarks are lovely, along with the unfinished kit you were sent, lucky girl.
And well done on your two finishes, that's really wonderful, you deserve a huge happy dance there.
Hope you're enjoying Winter Whites and got your colours sorted, the rotation doesn't allow for stitching on it again for me til Wed, but I'm really looking forward to it, it's just what I've been needing I think.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

First off...slumps stink and I hope that your back to feeling chipper again real soon. I understand feeling feel happy soon!

CDC is WONDERFULLLLLLLL!!!! Gorgeous Hazel. And your La-D-Da alphabets...another stunner!

You've won lots of great things and treasures to behold each one.
Your Daughter's party appears a huge success! YAY!!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Congratulations on your two finishes, especially for CdC. I know what a struggle it has been for you but your perseverance has paid off, and it looks amazing.

Trish said...

Hazel, the girls look like they are having a ball, my little princess loved it, thank you xxx

Cindy said...

Big congrats on finishing your looks awesome!!

Sue said...

Wow, congratulations on your finishes. Your Ink Circles piece is unbelievably beautiful. Love the La-D-Da piece too. Lily's birthday cake is adorable ;)