Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The summer has ended..

Yes it is that time of year.


Sweet Daughter has gone back to school and is now is year 3!!


We ended the summer on a high note and took ourselves off to the seaside for a couple of days. We stayed in Scarborough first and visited Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby whilst we were there.





Scarborough was really lovely. I have never been there before and was pleasantly surprised. We had a gorgeous view from our hotel window and in the morning I was able to watch the sun come up over the sea. Seagulls squawking their heads off as they do at that time of the morning but it was just lovely.

View from hotel window, Scarborough

Robin Hood's Bay is a place you will never forget. On its homepage, it has as its quote, "Sea, Sand, Secret Streets and Smugglers" which pretty much sums it up. I went when I was very young and have wanted to go visit it again since. Finally, I got my way and there we went as it is not very far from Scarborough.




The Bay is a stunning place with tiny streets and alleyways leading down to the sea. The cottages are tiny and so sweet. The shops are just lovely and I couldn't help getting a little driftwood boat and a beachhut for my sadly neglected bathroom.


We spent time just mooching around and admiring all the shop windows and peering into alleys and doors.





It really is the most prettiest place in the world to me!

We went to visit Whitby as well and took a trip around the Abbey. Such a gothic feature. Really stunning. It is hard to imagine that this ruin of a place was once filled with monks and worshippers and the building was ornately decorated.



The second night took us to York. Absolutely stunning place. Lovely quaint little shops.



And what would a trip to York be without visiting York Minster Cathedral?

York Minster

I went into the Cath Kidston shop and bought a couple of teatowels and a little jug.


How good was I?? I wanted to go into Little Betty's Cafe but I did not dare to take Sweet Son in in case he broke something. I was desperate to go in as I believe they have a lot of original stitched samplers on the walls dotted round the place.

Little Betty's Cafe, York

Ahh well, that is for another time.

On the way back from York we visited Beninburgh Hall and Gardens. This is such a stunning place. The gardens are beautiful and full to overflowing with flowers and fruit. Inside the house, which was very grand, they had kitted out the 2nd floor to accomodate preschool children. At one point Sweet Son did go through the rope barriers and set the alarms off!

Beninburgh Hall



Well, I just had to didn't I???

So then it was back home via Holmfirth. I was on the lookout for the Rowan Shop "Up Country". Found it but didn't go in. I'm saving my pennies for this wool:

Pure wool dk

I was in John Lewis and they had it in there and now I can't stop thinking about it. I was drooling over it for ages. The colours are gorgeous. Think Autumn. Think Plum and Damson and Spice and Glade... I am thinking about my next crochet project of course. I have almost finished the granny stripe..


Just need to do the final edging.

I have a load of pastels sorted out for my Sweet Daughter's ripple but I am desperate to get the Rowan and do one of these:

Summer Garden

Maybe not as big...

Okay giveaway will be on the next post. I have everything sorted for it. Just need to upload pictures. Bear with me.

Hope you have enjoyed walking with me by the sea. Please please, if you are a follower, please leave a comment so I can pootle over to your blog. I know it is hard to get the time these days but I do visit many many blogs and love to see and meet new bloggers. xxxxxxxxx


Margaret said...

Oh my! Your daughter is so lovely -- I love how kids look all dressed for school! Thanks for all the lovely pictures! Your area of the world is just so beautiful and so different from anything one finds here in the states. Maybe someday I'll be lucky enough to actually visit the UK. I would so love that! I just love your stripey blanket! And that wool and the new project you want to do -- I don't blame you for wanting to save up and get started! So yummy! I need to get back to crocheting sometime. Hope the start of school is going well!

Lesleyanne said...

What lovely photos of your days away. I LOVE this area. I have only been once in October and the weather was awful but fell in love. Your daughter looks lovely in her school uniform, very grown up. Can I ask where you stayed in Scarborough? I tried to drive up one the of little roads in robin hood bay, a nice man reversed my car all the back down again lol.

Lisa said...

Ooh, sounds like you had a lovely time. DH's family live in Scarborough so we visit there quite often, I love to take a run round Marine Drive. And I spent a lot of my childhood in Robin Hood's Bay, gorgeous place.
If you came to Holmfirth you were about 15mins away from us!

Julie said...

What a wonderful way to spend a few days, great pics of your adventures.

Granny stripe blankie looks fabulous, the rowan wool looks sumptuous colours. Hookey work is addictive, i've started a blankie project for DD.

Hope all goes well for your DD in her new year at school

Cole said...

Beautiful post Hazel, it looks like you had a wonderful time!!!

And look at your Granny Stripe... excitement!!! can't wait to see the big ta-da reveal ;)

valerie said...

It looks like you had a wonderful holiday. It's stunning and like Margaret said, very different from what you would see in the States. I want to be there!

Lily looks so cute and grownup in her school uniform!

You're almost done with the granny stripe blanket! Wow! It's so fun and colorful!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your daughter is adorable. She looks so grown up in her school uniform!

Thank you for sharing pics of your trip. I find it interesting how difference beaches are around the world. I especially loved seeing pictures of the Abbey and the Cathedral.

Your afghan is wonderful! Rowan has wonderful'll love it!

Elisa said...

Looked like a fantastic time was had in "my neck of the woods", wished I knew you were coming...

I am pleased you found my favourite!!

Edgar said...

What great snaps - THANKS!!! I love having the little holiday via your blog. I haven't gotten as far north as York, but it is on my list my next UK visit.

hazel c UK said...

Love the photo of your daughter and hoped she enjoyed her first day back. It was lovely taking a wander with you on your holiday and my what pretty colours your blanket is. Will have to have a look in John Lewis's next week when I go to Kingston (UK) to see the new wool you are talking aout.
Thank you for bringing back memories of york.
Hazel (UK)

Shari said...

wow, LOVE your pictures....I want to come for a visit!!!!! Everything is so pretty & relaxing looking.
Hazel, your daughter is gorgeous!! She has the prettiest eyes!!!
your afghan is gorgeous as well!!!! Love it!!!

Deborah said...

WOW! I loved the pictures of your trip. Simply breath taking.didn't

Christine said...

Ooh, Scarborough, Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay! Three of my favourite places in the whole world. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Your Granny Stripe blanket is absolutely stunning

Unknown said...

It's so wonderful to see another part of the world. Your world is so beautiful and different from mine! I would LOVE to go on a world wide tour. Your daughter looks so pretty in her school uniform and I got a chuckle from your son setting off the alarm. Such lovely projects too. I LOVE your blog!

Christine S said...

What stunning photos! I will certainly have to make my way to those places someday. Glad to hear you had such a lovely end of summer holiday!

Jane said...

This lovely post has brought back some wonderful memories for me.
My daughter, now 16, had exactly the same colour uniform when she was at primary school and can still remember so well her first day in Year 3 - a big step up from Year 2! DH and I toured Yorkshire some years ago but have never been to Robin Hood Bay, it looks so idyllic and to see the ferris wheel, donkey rides & the colourful beach huts really brings the past back for me.
Love your crochet blanket, I'm boringly just going round and round with mine, I will have to liven it up next time like yours xxx

Catherine said...

Since my summer vacation was spent at baseball tournaments, I'm going to thank you for sharing such a lovely place!

Your daughter is so cute - I love the pics where she is in the green coat in the looking in the shop - at least I am assuming that is her!

Melanie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed visiting up here, the pictures are beautiful, I guess I take these things for granted seen as though I live here.
Your daughter looks very smart in her uniform, my son has just gone into Year 3 also, I can't believe just how quick he's growing up.
The blanket is lovely, especially the colours.

lynda said...

What a wonderful way to bring summer to a close! Everything looks so beautiful, and I know I would have been crazy with all those little shops! I hope your daughter has a good school year ahead of her.

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of your trip. They are stunning.
I hope that your daughter has a great school year!


Sweet Sue said...

Oh Hazel, what a lovely post, glad you and fam had nice time, thx so much for sharing with us. Your daughter is beautiful...

Veronica said...

Lovely photos. Thanx so much for sharing. I really enjoyed looking through them.

DonnaTN said...

It looks like your trip was great. Thank you for sharing your photos, especially for those of us who live no where close to the ocean. I want to start a ripple afghan so badly, but I need more hours in the day.

Sue Pinner said...

Good luck at school DD and Scarborough looks great never been but your pics make me want to visit
Good luck with the pastel ripple
Hugs Suz x

Clare-Aimetu said...

It looks like you had a fabulous holiday, it's a lovely area and your photos are stunning. I love your driftwood boat and it definately belongs in your bathroom, it looks perfect.

Year 3 wow that's gone quick, she looks lovely, quite grown up.

Hugs x Clare

Brigitte said...

Oh Hazel, what a wonderful way to finish the summer holidays. The pictures you took give an excellent impression of your trip and I was following your way with great pleasure. The places are so beautiful that I'd love to go there right now. Maybe one day.
Your striped blanket is simply fantastic. And I also love the granny blanket that you discovered - it looks like a quilted piece, great.
Next Monday our summer holidays will end and it's back to school here, too. I'll miss the lazy days ...

rockinloubylou said...

oh no! I did NOT need to see that gorgeous wool! I am finishing the last few rows of my granny stripe just now and am about to start on the edging so I'm also thinking about my next project. That wool could very well be involved.
countrymouse xxxxx

mainely stitching said...

Your pictures are so beautiful - I felt like I was there. Thanks for the mini vacation! :D

Your daughter looks absolutely lovely. :)

thwartedcheekychimp said...

Love your piccies, particularly of Robin Hood's Bay - I visited there this year, lovely place, full of childhood memories...

Berit said...

Oh, my gosh what a stunning post! Though I haven't been on vacation, I now feel that I have! :D Thanks for sharing. :D

Cheryl said...

Loved looking at your pictures! I cant believe ive never been to any of those places!

Loraine said...

I am drooling! What a fabulous place to go and visit. I'm so jealous!
Thanks for the pictures. I just love seeing different parts of the world.

Sally said...

What a lovely photo of Lily. She has grown so much!

Love your photos from your few days away. Scarborough and that area is just lovely. You weren't too far away from me.

I want to have a go at knitting at hat so will be going wool hunting sometime!

Daffycat said...

I love these photos, especially of York! I've been there twice and would go again in a minute!

Anonymous said...

lily is looking so smart in her new uniform,, just love all your pics, we just bought a 2nd hand tourer caravan and hope to visit scarbourough and york one year, would love to visit robin hood bay, thanks for sharing those pics

Carolyn NC said...

Gorgeous photos - I'd love to visit these places one day - lovely daughter, too. And love, love your afghan!

Bernardeena said...

It looks like you had a fantastic time, I'm very jealous, I love Whitby and York and just North Yorkshire in general.

Stitchabilities said...

Oh I love Scarborough we used to stay neaar there at a place called Cayton Bay(?) Last time I went was ten years ago, before my youngest was born. It looks like you had a wonderful time

Carol said...

Hazel, I enjoyed your photos so very much. You are really, really tempting me to plan a visit to Britain.

Your little daughter is so sweet all dressed up for school--hope she has a wonderful year :)

Louise said...

Hazel, what a beautiful post!

I LOVE all the wonderful pictures..makes me feel as if I were there.
Your daughter has the face of an ANGEL! She is so very beautiful!!

I sure wish I could visit this place one day is lovely!

Blessings to you,

Mylene said...

Beautiful picture of your daughter.
Great pictures of your trips, thanks for sharing.

Blu said...

Great pictures of your trip! Thanks for sharing~

gazette94 said...

Hazel, it is always a real pleasure to visit your blog ! I love the pictures of your holydays ! It seems such a nice area !Your daughter is very cute !

Siobhán said...

What fantastic pics! Your daughter is so adorable. I miss my kids being that young. :) I loved the pics of your holiday. I've been fascinated with York since I read a story by Barbara Taylor Bradford (think that's her name!) set there years ago. I've never heard of the other places, must go look them up on the 'net!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is Year 5 this year - I can't believe that she will nearly be off to the "Big School" -it's all gone by soooo quickly - too quickly. However, I get to do the whole Primary school thing again in January when my son starts nursery which is also a part of the Primary school so I'll be starting all over again with him!!