Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finishes and keeping up. Oh and Lily's poem.

I have to say this.... I am struggling to keep up with blog reading. I really don't know how you guys do it. Is it that you all have super duper whizzing computers that never go on the blink and crash in the middle of your programmes? It seems to take me forever to wade through the securities for comments. I am trying - you know I am. I just seem to be losing control. I am following more and more blogs each day which is GREAT as I get more inspired with each new one.

So.... plan is, I will always prioritise adding comments to folks giving me comments. I read all the blog posts in my followers section and try to comment where I can but sometimes I just cannot get time to comment. I keep going on blogs and seeing comments by people who I recall as having visited my blog in the past and I think "Oh I remember her, she did that gorgeous sampler". And so I return there. Blah blah you get the idea. Blogs are morphing into some sort of metaphoric virus - albeit a nice one (for a change). So please please don't be offended if I don't comment or seem to take ages to comment. I'd love to be Superwoman or even Mary Poppins would do but I'm not so bear with me. ;-)

Okay. I have decided that the "finish" I finished I will show you. I have decided on something else for my exchange and not this piece. I just love it too much. It was such a joy to do. Here is "Netherfield Park" by The Sampler Girl.

Netherfield Park - The Sampler Girl



Stitched on Lilac Cashel Linen given to me by Janet
Threads - DMC

You see I even took time playing around with the fuzzy wuzzy thingy - more time consumed!

The knitting bug has been lurking as well.

Wrist warmers - Sirdar pattern


Wristwarmers by Sirdar
Yarn - Crofter (knits up like fair isle - amazing)

I just love these and they were so easy to make. Only took a few days. They have a bit more pinky purple in them than the pic shows. My dd wants a pair now.

Lily came down the stairs the other night with a poem she wrote. She likes to write it seems. The first bit didn't relate to the rest of it so I am not including the first bit she wrote. I am also deleting the copious amount of speech marks she put in it but here are the exact words she wrote:

In winter Lea said,
Peace is sliding, riding, full of speed.
And Peace is a seed greedy to grow
As you gather up speed
Lip-reading the winter wind.

WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is 7 years old and she is writing metaphorical poetry. I was stunned. Now, I am aware of the bias involved but come on! This deserves praise indeed. I am needless to say, VERY proud of my little girl.

So there you go. I think that's all for this week folks. Still awaiting some parcels to land at their destinations and holding my breath they will get there in one piece. Have a good week everyone.


Suburban Stitcher said...

I hear ya on the commenting thing and the blog explosion thing. I still feel like I'm a blogging "newbie" and I've been doing it for almost 5 years now! It's AMAZING how many blogs are out there. I barely keep up with my reader...

staci said...

Hmmm, I know exactly what you mean about keeping up with all the blogs and trying to comment ;) It's hard to catch up if I don't keep up on it daily. (And those pop-up comment boxes are the bain of my commenting life! It takes 3-4 steps to post a comment!!!)

Love NP, it's simply lovely. And I really like your mitts, love the color too. And your daughter's poem...wow! Such insight and infinite wisdom for such a tender age!!!

corinna said...

no need to comment back ever,
just love to see your stitches
which are great
love the mitts too

and the poem- wow
thanks for sharing
enjoy your day
your family
your hobbies

that's enough

Jackie's Stitches said...

I love the fingerless mitts. The yarn looks wonderful. I've never used yarn that knits up like that on it's own. Cool! Another beautiful stitching finish.

Your little one sure does have some talent. I've always found poetry very difficult and your 7 year old really seems to get it.

Catherine said...

Love your finish and the wrist warmers!

Sweet Sue said...

Hi Hazel, I'm here as always and even though I don't always comment I thoroughly enjoy your posts:) I've tried the fuzzy-wuzzy thing, it's not workin for me~lol! Your fuzzy-wuzzy looks great!

Unknown said...

We follow stiching blogs for inspiration/support/camaraderie at the same time it eats away at our stitching time ;)

My favorite blog list is listed by most recent update. It helps not to check blogs that were not updated since my last visit.

Love the poem -- children always amaze me with their poetic creations.

Beautiful Northanger Abbey finish. It is in my stash of charts to stitch. Wish there was a good version of the movie to stitch to, I will have to settle for the audiobook.


Margaret said...

Yes, it's very hard to keep up with the blog reading. lol! I think your policy makes perfect sense. It's pretty much the way I operate too. I do love all the blogs out there though! I love your Jane Austen finish!! That one has always struck me as so pretty and now I get to see yours for real! Gorgeous! And your handwarmers (or whatever they're called). Nice!! That poem -- you should definitely be proud of your little girl. Very impressive indeed!

Tanya said...

Northanger looks great and those fingerless gloves are awesome!!


Tanya said...

Hey Haze - are you a member yet of my finishes blog: http://stitchingwithjaneausten.blogspot.com/
You could add your abbey pic to it!

Cole said...

Great finishes!! I love the wristwarmers, I can see why your daughter would love a pair too :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great finish! No wonder why you wanted to keep it!

Carolyn NC said...

You sure she's not an older child in disguise??? Poem is beautiful, but from a seven year old, it's fantastic! Definitely worthy of praise. And the blogs - it will consume your life if you let it. It's also one of the reasons I got rid of my word verification and went on a crusade to help others do so, also! LOL Seriously, I will first comment on those bloggers that I know well and those that comment on my blog. Then if I have time, I try to comment on others, especially those that show stitching progress, need encouragement, etc. Some days I do well; some days I don't do as well. And the computer's being slow or fast can make a massive difference, too. So don't beat yourself up - it'll become a burden to you. Just do what you can or want to. IMHO :)
PS - I'd have kept that piece, too - it's gorgeous!

Lesleyanne said...

I love your Netherfield Park. Your gloves are gorgeous too. Your daughter's poem - WOW.

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely finish! The wristwarmers are pretty too and your daughter's poem is lovely :)

There are so many blogs out there now that keeping up with them all is difficult, I agree. Like you, I prioritise with those who leave me comments and I'm lucky that I have time to keep on top of checking updates. Oh, and can I just politely say that not everyone who follows your blog and (occasionally) comments, follows you through Blogger, if that's the only tool you use to read blogs :)

Christine said...

Love your sampler girl finish. I've used that Crofter wool too, its fab isn't it?
Lily seems to have quite a talent there

Nic said...

Lovely finishes! And Lily obviously has inherited her creative talents from her mum :o)

Clare-Aimetu said...

Great poem - a skill she should keep using :)

Love your stitching and the gloves.

As for blog reading I'm always slow - it is sometimes weeks between reading peoples news - and blogging my own. But it's always nice to catch up :)

Shari said...

love your post Hazel.....and totally agree about blogs. The part that bothers me is I comment on so many & I get hardly any comments on mine. Oh sure, I got a lot on my Christmas Village piece, but other than that, I wonder why I write?!?
Your daughter is going to be a writer!! Her poem is great!!!!
Love your hand mitts....sure wish I could knit. I tried...can't do it!

Carol said...

First of all--that poem! WOW! I can't believe Lily is only seven, Hazel--she really has a talent...I'll bet she loves to read, doesn't she?

I try to read and comment on blogs for a half-hour in the morning and a half-hour at night. It does take time, but I know how much comments mean to me, so I try to comment on others blogs as much as possible.

Love your new finish--beautiful saying on it, too :)

Heidi said...

P.S. - Forgot to mention I love the fingerless gloves! My mother made me a pair for Christmas as I do not knit. I just love their warmth. Yours are so pretty and delicate like lace.

Hugs again!

Heidi said...

I know what you mean and feel like I am letting online friends down as I too have trouble getting around to all the blogs. I plug away doing a couple each day. But even one or two adds up at the end of a week.

Your finished piece is a beauty and I can see why you would keep it. I love Tanya's designs and this one is special because of the beautiful border around it. Will you frame it?

Thank you for your kind email about the upset my quilt caused. I have been thinking about what you said and you are right. Thanks!

Hugs from Holland ~

Olga said...

Congrats on finishing your pretty "Netherfield Park".
Wow! Your daughter is really very talented!

Louise said...


the poem is amazing! :)
I understand your feelings on blogs..I just don't have the time to comment on everyone's blogs, don't feel badly Hazel! You get so much done yourself..I don't know how you do so much with two little ones at home! I LOVE your knitting and your most recent cross stitch. Beautiful!
You do way more than me.
Wishing you a beautiful day today my friend,

Julie said...

I can see why you didn't want to part with the exchange you stitched, way to nice to give away.

Love the handwarmers, i got some of that wool and started the long socks LOL

Superb poem, well done

Deb said...

Hazel - I hear you loud and clear on the commenting thing. I haven't had a lot of time lately and when I get back to it there are so many new posts that it makes my head swim.

Your WIP is looking wonderful and so are those gloves!!

Kathy said...

I was only thinking yesterday that I am spending more time reading blogs than I should. But one blog leads to another to another and so on and so forth. :) I try to comment to as many as I can. And weekends I almost never get online. Way to much else to do.

Love you little finish. I love the colors in this one. I don't blame you for wanting to keep it. :) And your knittinf is beautiful too.

Now on to Lily's poem. She's how old? Wow. It is awesome. I can only imagine what her writing will be like when sh is 14!

Vicky L said...

Netherfield Park came out great. I, too, would not be able to part with it. I love those fingerless mitts. I wish I knew how to knit sometimes. The poem from your daughter is awesome!

Deb said...

Hi, Hazel! Are you serious!? Lily's poem shows amazing promise..you really have a writer budding in her. What wonderful imagery and so fantastic that she could express it.
Your stitching is awesome, as always. Don't know how you manage to do it.
I'm wondering if your virus screens are a bit stringent and that's why you have a difficult time getting through to everyone's blogs or comments. You might take down something or you may have a redundancy.

Berit said...

I understand on the commenting front; on the one hand I LOVE looking at blogs, and making blogs...and commenting on them. On the other, I'm trying to reduce my computer time (just not feeling it) so I can get more things done, including stitching!

I even made something for a giveaway, and though it's been ready for 2 days I just can't gather the oomph to make the post about it!

This is such lovely stitching--and the knitting, too! I've been trying my hand at making staci's dishcloths lately--I don't get how I can crochet but knitting just doesn't take--just remembered that enormous blanket I crocheted about 6 years ago..that probably is what made me level up in it! Sigh. I'm not gonna be putting in that kind of time on knitting anytime soon (love cross stitch too much!) But I'd love to be able to knit some socks sometime! :D

Mylene said...

I LOve your "Netherfield Park" finish, i hope to get that one someday.
Your wrist warmers looks lovely, well done on both finishes.

What a beautiful poem of your DD. Thanks for sharing.

jane said...

Np is beautiful - I wouldn't want to part with it either! Love the knitting too. I know what you mean about blogs and comments, it's hard to keep up with everything and wouldn't we all rather be stitching?

Angela said...

Great poem.

I've long since given up feeling guilty about not commenting on every post. These days I get round to as many as I can when I have a spare meoment.

Sally said...

I find it hard to keep up sometimes too Hazel.

Love your finish! Such a sweet design. Love the gloves too.

Wow Lily's poem is amazing! You have one talented little girl there. There's no wonder you are ptoud of her.

Aussie Stitcher said...

I too don't know how people keep up with blogs. Like you I tend to leave comments on those that comment on mine. Thanks for posting about my gift to you, you are most welcome Hazel. I am happy to hear that you are feeling better. The poem is amazing for a 7yo, she may grow up to be a famous lyricist.

Kim said...

Your needlework is so pretty!! Keep it fort ourself, I give too much away and not much for me!!! The poem your daughter wrote is so sweet. Something very special for you to treasure!! It is hard keeping up with all the blogs out there, but they inspire me so much!!! Best Wishes~

Cheryl said...

Ive given up keeping up with blogs. I have my favourites now and thats pretty much it. I only add new ones to my reader if they comment on my blog a lot.
Wow, that poem is impressive for a 7year old!
Really like that sampler girl piece x

Siobhán said...

I know what you mean about the blogging stuff, Hazel! I always feel like I'm bringing up the end with my commenting, but I do get there eventually. I'm busy with family and friends visiting so am even more behind than usual. Ack! But it's a good thing--blogging has really enriched my life.

Your finishes are beautiful! I love the sampler, and the knitting is so cool! YGG! Lily's poem--oh my goodness! Wow. She is a talent, definitely. Encourage her... we can all say we knew her when. ;)

Robin said...

Please stop by my blog to pick up an award I have for you!


筱婷 said...

thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩

Veronica said...

That's a gorgeous finish for sure. I can see why you decided to keep it.

By the way, I've nominated you for 2 awards on my blog :)

Janet B. said...

I just love what you did with that little scrap of lilac linen I sent you! :) I can understand why you wanted to keep it. [You should always be your own best friend, anyway.]
Lily's poem is amazing- have you considered designing a cross-stitch piece around it?

Tracy Dixon said...

Great wrist warmers hun.

It must be all that reading Lily does she is very advanced for her age.

And you know me I can totally simpathise with the blogging I just don't get the time I am such a bad blogger, maybe my time off over the easter will be the perfect chance to catch up.

Gladys Creativa said...

Is really, really beuatiful! congratulations for your blog.
Regards from Spain!

Karan said...

Yep, it gets harder to keep up as new blogs are found - but there are so many inspiring ones out there. :0)
I don't blame you for hanging on to the finish - beautiful! Love the handwarmers too - pretty wool.
Lovely poem - hope your DD continues to develop her love of poetry & language. :0)

Ranae said...

Love the TSG finish
My what a lovely poem, very talented young lady at 7 yrs old??!!
The wristwarmers are awesome, I need some of those.
I hear ya on the blog reading and commenting, there are just way too many blogs to keep up with anymore. See how far I am behind now, just commenting. If I read my google reader I sometimes comment on the most recent ones, then go backwards. I certainly should be stitching more, lol
Take Care!!