Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pif and summer house exchange

Finally I can show you the pictures of the pif I made for Stephanie. It is a lavender filled heart from Tournicoton called Le Temps dun The.




And here are the extras I sent her as well. The pink wrapped things are candles and candle holders. And the red wrapped gift is a box of Thorntons chocs mmm.

My pif to Steph August 08

More extras to Steph

I beleive she likes everything I sent. Phew!

And I got in the mail today, my Summer House from Maria (Lolo). It is very sweet and I love the rouched edging she has done. Does anyone know her blog or email so I can thank her personally? I can't seem to find it. She has sent me some lovely extra too including a pretty chart and buttons.
Summer House exchange from Maria - August 08


Joan has also recieved the extra charts I sent her too:

gift for Joan for the Summer House exchange

These were on her wishlist and took ages to get here.

So I am all spent up this month and I am resisting signing up for any more exchanges for a bit. Although I'd really like to do the mattress pincushion exchange :-( No I really need to save some money. It looks like my dh is going to have to go on the road again touring as the business just hasn't been performing recently. I am so not looking forward to living like a single mum to two kids!! I don't cope too well on my own with one let alone two. It looks like he could be starting this month and it may be running right into next year!

No more moaning. Here is an update of my wiehenburg sal. Part 1 and 2:

Part 1 and 2

I am really enjoying this one. It's working up very quickly and a joy to do. I'm off to my friend Amanda's for a stitchy sess this evening so I'll take it along with me and also my biscornu for the biscornu exchange to finish up. I want to put some beads around it.

Desperately trying to keep up with blog reading but my list just keeps getting longer and longer!! I'm making it my aim to go through my list at least once a week and post comments.

Happy stitching.



staci said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE the heart you stitched's absolutely gorgeous!!!

Good luck being on your own, I'm sure you'll make it through like a trooper.

Angela said...

The heart is delightful and your stitching is son neat. What a lovely way to finish it.

Your making good progress with the sampler.

Love the little house you have been sent. All these different finishes are so inspirational.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

The heart you stitched for Stephanie is so pretty! You received a lovely summer exchange too.

Love your progress on the Wiehenburg sampler, it's looking great!

Sorry to hear about your DH's job, I hope it all works out OK for you.

Petra said...

What a beautiful heart you stitched up! The flowers are beautiful on there.

Tanya said...

What a masterpiece - such detail - such beauty!! You BET she likes it - who couldn't love it? lol


Carla said...

Beautiful PIF Hazel!!! Your red sampler look great too!
The summer exchange you received is really cute :) I think this is the link to Lolo's blog

Carol said...

That's a beautiful PIF you sent to Stephanie!!

Lennu said...

Wow, the Tournicoton heart turned out beautiful, congratulations!! It's such a pretty design, I'd love to stitch it one day.

mainely stitching said...

Oh wow, Hazel, the PIF you made is just ... incredible. Wow. Really.

I hope your DH's work situation will not necessitate so much travelling. I also do not like it when my better half is away.

Take care!!

Becky K in OK said...

Your stitched piece for Stephanie is stunning. What a beautiful finish. The little house is so cute. I love the little pieces.

Ranae said...

Wow! That is the most amazing PIF I have ever seen.
great summer exchange you received.
The Wiehenburg sal looks great so far.

Cathy B said...

Lovely exchanges both sent and received. I love that heart that you stitched for Stephanie - it's awesome.

On the SBEBB you can find Lolo's blog under introductions -- she included it in her introductory note.

Carol R said...

A beautifully stitched and finished heart.

Wiehenburg is beautifu

Rowyn said...

The Tournicoton heart is superbly stitched and finished. Exquisite!!

Your Wiehenburg sampler is going to be a beauty too. I look forward to seeing your progress on this one.

Chiloe said...

I love the details on your heart. You got a beautiful exchange.

Sharon said...

What an amazing PIF! Love it. Your summer house exchange piece is so pretty especially with ruched ribbon! Your wip is lovely!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Oh my Hazel...that PIF for Stephanie is just gorgeous! Beautifully done!

All the other lovlies listed and charts and items both given and received are all very nice too!

Sally said...

Hazel I love the PIF you did for Stephanie. It is beautiful.

Lovely exchange you received.

I hope everything goes well for your DH.

Susimac said...

OMG Hazel and you parted with it too, lucky lucky Stephanie, its just so wonderful what a wonderful exchange - Well done you!!

Teri said...

The stitched heart is fantastic! What a beautiful, beautiful finish!!

Karin said...

It's beautiful! What a great pattern - I can see why she loved it!

Olga said...

Your heart from Tournicoton is just stunning! Great job on finishing it. The red sampler is coming along so pretty,too.

Ruth said...

Go Weihenburg! Go!!! I'm impressed. I feel I can't even contemplate starting it since I'm so behind on my Virelanden by Martina.

Love that PIF you did! It's gorgeous.

Elisa said...

Oh wow what a fantastic heart peice...I adore it

Loads of fantastic photos to look at...

Sherry said...

WOW! The heart is beautiful!

Andrea said...

A beautiful heart that you have stitched for Stephanie. Great progress on your sampler too.

jane said...

You've been busy - and have done some beautiful things. I haven't made one single X all summer!

Beatrice said...

What a darling little heart you made.
I hope all works out with your DH's job. Take care of yourself and good luck!

stitcherw said...

Lovely exchanges, and your sampler if looking beautiful. You've made excellent progress on it. Enjoy your stitching session, and good luck adjusting to your DH traveling so much, that would be really hard.

Jeanne said...

Lovely gifts and exchanges Hazel - you have been very busy! Thanks for sharing with us.

Deb said...

Beautiful work! I simply adore your heart piece and your Wiehenburg is looking fabulous, too. It's been a while since I've stopped in, but I'll be back soon. It's fun to catch up with you! Hugs, Deb

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow the heart is just awesome!

Yuko said...

What a gorgeous heart this is!!
It's so Pretty!!
It absolutely feasts my eyes!

lena-lou said...

Hazel your heart for Stephanie is totally totally gorgeous I really do love it very much :-))
Have a nice weekend xx

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

I love your heart!! Where did you get the pattern for it. Any chance of buying the pattern from you if you are finished with it. I love the two ladies sitting there drinking tea or coffee....I would love to make your heart. You can email me at