Wednesday, July 02, 2008

July goals

I haven't made any goals for a while as I can't stand to watch myself failing miserably at them month after month. However, I do see the benefits of having them as they do motivate you to achieve more so even if I don't actually meet them surely some progress is better than none at all.

1. Finish Steph's Pif
2. Finish and send off Summer House Exchange
3. Make Biscornu for SBEBB Biscornu exchange
4. Make scissor keeper for the MFC
5. Join in the UFO nights on Tuesdays with Polar Santa
6. Order some Prairie Schooler charts for the PS exchange
7. Work on "A Most Noble Pursuit"
8. Work on "Patchwork"
9. Work on "Cirque de Cirque"
10.Start and finish DD design Love for JA MFC
11. Work on Loopy Lou "Ruby" design

There! How many do you think I'll actually achieve???

I have also just found out about this upcoming show in Bakewell. Anyone planning to go??? It's about 40 mins from me so I think I will try and make arrangements to go. Would be nice to have a meetup with some of you. :)

Got my friend Amanda coming over tonight for a stitch night and we are going to work on the Loopy Lou design we started at the weekend workshop.

So that's all from me for a bit. Time to get some serious stitching done. Have a good week everyone and thanks for reading. xx


Karan said...

Good Luck with the goals.
I got so excited when I heard about that show & planned on going..... until I checked the date. We'll be away on our holiday then. Will have to enjoy it vicariously through reading about it instead. LOL
Enjoy your stitchy night. :0)

Sara said...

Good luck on your goals! I've gotten away from making any lately, maybe next month:)

Love your new template btw!

Anonymous said...

What a bummer. I would love to have gone but I'll be in hospital :o( Grrrr

Have a good stitchy night.

Mary Ann said...

Good luck on your goals-they look very doable.

I see that you are currently reading The Other Boleyn Girl. I read it last month, and enjoyed it.

mainely stitching said...

I hope you'll have lots of stitching fun in July! :D

Anonymous said...

good luck with the goals my goal was to finish unfinished things yeah right lol too many other things to be stitched..

Sally said...

Good luck with your goals Hazel!

That show looks good but won't be going I'm afraid.

stitcherw said...

Even if I don't hit them all (or even most) I've found having goals does allow me to do more than I might otherwise. Good luck with your July goals, and have fun stitching with your friend, looking forward to seeing a picture of your progress.

Cheryl said...

Hi Hazel! Just catching up on your blog! Your weekend away sounded fun. Have some big news over on my blog which will explain my absence recently!!
Good luck with your goals x

Carla said...

Good luck with your goals Hazel!!

Ruth said...

Knock those July goals dead! :) And have fun at that show.... for all of us who can't be there. :(

Bex said...

I hope you do better with achieving your goals than I tend to do with mine! LOL!!! Beautiful Work BTW.

glamlawlib said...

Good luck with your goals! Unfortunately Bakewell is a bit far for me :( Looking forward to seeing a report though :)

Anonymous said...

I do the same thing. :-D I post them with good intentions then life

Beatrice said...

Wow you are so brave to make all those goals.
I panic if I HAVE to do something now that I'm retired I don't want it to feel like work.
All the best to you!
Enjoy your get together.

Ranae said...

Good Luck with the goals.