Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What a lovely day!

and it isn't even my birthday!! Today I received a beautiful gift from Tracy. Four Eterna silks and a VC silk!! They are soo beautiful. I have never seen Eternas before. Here's a pic.
Tracys gift

I can't wait to try them out on my Patchwork. They are so silky soft and shiny. Gorgeous colours too. But that's not all. I also received my little package from Jayne's attic as well.
Cheryls tribute fabbie and thread + other stuff
This is the Polstitches fabric Fallen Leaves and the Carries threads Autumn Leaves that I'll be doing the tribute to Cheryl on. As you can see I also succumbed to buying the Ink Circles Cirque de Cirque chart so I can knock that off my wishlist now! I have yet to decide on fabrics and threads for this though so I am not starting it yet! Also in the pic is the VC thread which Jayne sent me for 1p! Bit confusing though as VCs arent stocked by her so I'll maybe email to check that one. Be great if they were, although I got to say that Vikki is very fast at getting her threads out!
But that is still not all.. Ages ago I completed Rapunzel on some opalescent fabris from silkweavers. It's taken me ages (due to house move etc..) but I finally got it into my lady who makes my stitching up into cushions. I got it back today! The pic doesn't do it justice. It's for my dds room and she wanted it very girly. I think she has done a fab job. Here she is.
Rapunzel Cushion

Can it get any more exciting?? Yes it can. My DD wanted me to make her a special cake named after her. Now I'm not great at cake making let alone designing one so don't laugh at this. This is her Lily cake! It's lemon sponge with chocolate buttercream and lemon icing with chocolate buttons on the top. Not tasted it yet. I got a feeling it will be a very sweet one.
A Lily Cake!

Now, I phoned my sister up and she remined me that it will be Mother's day on Sunday 18th March which is so close!! I thought it was the end of the month. So I have decided to try out the Biscornu. I have printed off some patterns and will do them in some variegated threads. The cross stitching is the easy part, it's the finishing bit that I always find difficult. However the instructions make it look easy (don't they always) so I'm going to give it a go and fill it with lavender.

Okay that's me done. Happy Stitching everyone. Thanks for all your comments, they brighten my days no end.


Extremlygentle1 said...

I hope that the cake tasted as good as it looked and that your Daughter enjoyed it knowing that it was designed especially for her.

Lana said...

I like your cake! looks sweet! thank you for adding me to your blog. And thanks for dropping by and leaving a message!

Mad Dixie said...

That cake looks very yummy and sweet, I love the colors you've chose for Cheryl's chart I think it will look stunning, I've been very tempted to get the Ink Circles Cirque chart but I have just bought two from Misty Dreamz I'll post on my blog, what is the chart on your wishlist fourth one down I love the look of it

Carol said...

Hi Hazel - nice colors for the Ink Circles design!! Bordeaux Sampler is by Sampler Cove :-)

The Silver Thistle said...

Hi, just thought I'd post here about the pif's so you had a chance of finding it, lol

Pif = Pay It Forward

Someone offers on their blog to make a stitched gift for 5 people. Sort of like a RAK (random act of kindness) but with a turn those 5 people who accept have to put the same offer on their blog, and so on....and, and, and.

I accepted a pif so I offered my 5 pifs on my blog, to whoever wanted one.

HOpe this helps. I'm not very good at explaining.

Lovely Lily cake by the way. Looks yummy.

I love that circus chart! I read your post about spending all your time searching out the things you see on blogs.............that's me, that is! Heheheh.

Guess what I'm off to research now? hahahah

Sue said...

Your stitching and gifties look great. And that cake.....yum!!

Sally said...

That cake looks gorgeous!

You have chosen lovely fabric and thread for Cheryl's chart. I am waiting for Jayne to get the Carrie's Creations thread in for it.

Jayne does stock VC silks but they are not on her site as I have a couple on order from her. I am quite tempted to have a monthly club with her for them!

Mad Dixie said...

So Hazel were you naughty did you order anything from Misty Dreamz, lol