Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dreaming Mermaid update

Dreaming Mermaid 3rd March

So this is her as of 3rd March. Not got an awful lot done but now I can see the outline of her tail.

Thought I'd take some pics of one of my cats. This is Poppy. She was acting rather coy actually and I found it difficult to get a good one of her. She is such a love but a pest at times. No chance yet of catching the other cat as she is a bit scatty and is probably out playing.



Mad Dixie said...

Your mermie looks beautiful, I love your cat she's so cute

Louanne said...

Poppy is adorable! Your mermie is just gorgeous!

Sally said...

Dreaming Mermaid is coming along beautifully Hazel.

Poppy is so cute!

Deanne J said...

Your mermaid looks great.

Poppy is so cute.

Jenn said...

Dreaming Mermaid is just stunning!

Lizzy said...

Dreaming Mermaid is coming along wonderfully, Hazel! She's gorgeous and I can't wait to see more... :-)

Poppy is adorable... we used to have a ginger cat named Poppy... :-)