Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stitching Retreat, Ripple TaDa and some stitchy progress!


Hi peeps. Brrrrrr.. It's really cold here in the UK. A real cold snap. Have some homemade soup to warm your toes. It has been nearly a week since I went to the Stitch and Stash stitching retreat in Nuneaton and I haven't blogged it! Well, it went super duperly. Tracy came to mine on Friday and we both went together in my car. We go on Friday so we can have an extra night. We went to our usual eating spot - that of Frankie and Benny's and enjoyed some delicious tea. Back to the hotel for some serious stitching before the Saturday meet up.

Saturday meet up was great! Usual peeps there and a couple of peeps I haven't met before so that was lovely. It was great to see Julie's crochet especially her Lucy bag - super cool. I have ordered my pack of Rico for that and am waiting - very patiently - for it. I baked those yummy chocolate thingys from that magazine a few posts down for the meet up and they went down surprising well! I substituted the chopped choc chunks for sultanas and they worked a treat. Oooops I forgot to take a picture of them though so I guess that means I'll be making them again - doh! I don't know how it happened but I managed to get myself roped into a Round Robin!?! TINA!!!! Anyway, Julie and I have never done one before so thought it would be a good safe place to start so Julie, Tina, Clare and I are going to do a small one starting in January. Hmmmmm.... I am struggling with designs to choose - such a hard life!

Watch the concentration going on here:


More girlies working

Rachel and Julie deep in discussion:

Girls hard at work

Vicki's (India Grace Designs) stuff:

Vicki's work

Kathy's Stuff?

Kathy's work??

Julie's work:

Julie's work

Lesley's beautiful work:

Oct 2010

Thanks Kathy for organising this. Can't wait till next year. The Stitch and Stash bb is having a bit of a revamp thanks to Clare and it is looking wonderful. New pages up and plenty to chat about. Please feel free to join us. It is a lovely group.

Whilst I was there I decided to pull out an old wip "A Most Noble Pursuit". I am so glad I did. It has been an absolute joy working on this so I think I will keep at it. The Needlepoint silks are a joy to work with although I have noticed I have to be careful of the colours bleeding - not on my fabric as yet but on my fingers so far!! It has been over a year since I worked on her I fear.



I have a TaDa as well. I finished the ripple for my girl. Ooooh I love it. It looks so great on her bed and she loves just lazing around on it. I am glad all my hard efforts are so appreciated! I decided not to do a border on this. Join me in my happy dance :-) xxxx




Awwwwww and sweet dd has a little finish of her own too:


Now she wants to go onto something bigger :-S I am reluctant knowing how long it has taken her to finish this although she has been a lot quicker on this one than her others so maybe she is ready. Ho hum... perhaps something for Christmas??

Quick news on my autumn throw: today I began joining the squares together and it is looking superb but I want to do a bit more joining before I show it. I can see its potential at the moment but I fear others would not. Believe me though... it is going to be fab!

Sorry if there has been a lot of pics on this post. Just needed to get everything down and stay up to date. Thank you for visiting me. I love love love getting visits. Have a great week lovely people. xx


Jackie said...

I have to ask what kind of soup that looks delicious!

The retreat looks and sounds like it was fun. Lots of great projects. Everyone looks like they were busy and focused in your photos.

The afghan is GORGEOUS!

Catherine said...

Yummmm...that soup looks good!

What a fun retreat! All the stitches are beautiful! Congrats to DD on her finish - she'll be joining you at the retreats in no time! Perhaps Santa will bring her some stitchy supplies of her very own!

Your Ripple is great! I love the colors and I can imagine it is very toasty on a cold day!

Maria said...

The ripple is wonderful!!!! No wonder she loves it.
As for the stitching - WOW!!!
Made me drag out mine (a very old, old project)

Margaret said...

I was going to say the same thing -- that soup looks so good! Would you mind giving out the recipe?

Love all the pics! The retreat looks like it was fun! I want to pick up the Most Noble Pursuit sometime as well -- love yours so far. The blanket you made for your daughter is wonderful! Congrats on the finish!!! Gorgeous! Can't wait to see your next one!

Michelle said...

I'm glad you had a great time at the retreat, those ladies sure have made some pretty things! I love the ripple you made, it's beautiful!!

Erin said...

I would love to have a retreat like that around here!

The blankie looks fabulous and dd's cross stitch looks wonderful.

Denise said...

Mmm, thanks for the yummy soup. My toes are cold as we are having a bit of a cold snap here in the desert.

Lots of lovely stitching at your retreat. It's sounds like a fun time.

Happy dancing with you on your beautiful afghan. So glad your daughter appreciates your hard work.

Christine said...

It looks like you had a great retreat! Congrats on the ripple afghan, it turned out so well. Congrats to your DD on her finish, too!

Melissa said...

Your daughters ripple is beautiful. :)

valerie said...

Serious...that soup looks good and it's dinnertime now! The retreat looks fun! Congrats on finishing your DDs ripple. It's gorgeous and the colors are excellent for a little girl. Love your it Mary Garry?

Aisyah Helga said...

Love all the x-stitch projects! And I LOVE that ripple blanket!! Makes me want to make one for my daughter,too. It looks really great on her bed and it matches the wall colour!

Cole said...

Looks like a great time at retreat!

And look at that ripply-snuggly-warm-and-cozy-bit-of-yarny-goodness!!!!!!!!! Awesome!

Carolyn NC said...

What awesome stitching and progress!

Clare - Aimetu said...

It was a great day, always good to meet and stitch :)

I love the afghan, not sure I'll ever manage to do anything that big.

Well done to your DD great stitching x x

Christine said...

The weekend sounds wonderful, and everyone's stitching is so beautiful.
I absolutely love the ripple blanket, it is just perfect

Annemarie said...

Weee, another lovely post, Haze!

The blankie you made for your daughter looks delicious and I can't wait to see your autumn afghan.

manda's challenges :) said...

Wow wow wow and boy have you sent me back a few years with the needlecraft!! You beat me to the finish with the ripple and mighty fine it looks too actually it's stunningly gorgeous!! Love it! many many congratulation's xxxxx

Just-Do said...

Don't make excuses for the many pictures. They are great! I love to see all that needlework; it is so beautiful. And so is your Ripple! Sweet soft colours, I presume that is exactly what a girl wants.
groetjes, Dorien

sylviesgarden said...

Love, love, love the ripple!

anneke said...

Love all your pictures; especially the ripple blanket! It turned out great.
I would love to visit a stitching retreat, but I don't know one in our country.

I have done a Round Robin in the past too, loved it!

Carol said...

Your retreat looks like such fun, Hazel. Is it held in a library? Everyone's pieces are so pretty--it must be fun to look at each one in person.

Your daughter's newest blanket is gorgeous! The colors just light up the room :)

Hillery said...

Cograts on the ripple throw. I just love it!!

Rachael said...

It was a enjoyable day, and great to meet you at last Hazel.
Oo love that ripple blanket

Berit said...

Please pass the ripple blanket! And the soup, too! :D

It's *cold* today! And everytime I see your blog I crave crochet a bit more. :D

Maggie O said...

Well done you!! A get away, cross stitch, a blanket,DD's finished project that you must have been involved did you do it!! Thanks for sharing your fabulous weekend and projects...feels like we haven't missed too, too much. Can't wait to see your crochet project all put together!!

Maaike said...

wauw this blanket is Beautiful!! must be a lot of work, but you can be very proud en enjoying the result ;-)
love, Maaike

Blu said...

Sounds like great time! Wow, there were so many gorgeous projects!

Your Ripple blanket looks stunning! So colourful!

Maaike said...

Hi Hazel, thank you for stopping by on creJJtion! If you are interested in receiving one of the PinkRibbon issues: sent me your address and it will cross the sea :-). Yes there are indeed some beautiful pictures in it. Let me know!

Kathy A. said...

Looks like you had an amazing retreat. It was wonderful to see all the different stitches.
Your afghan turned out wonderful. Congrats.

Michelle said...

your ripple is just gorgeous!!!
love the colour combo you have looks so sweet on my daughters bed...she must love it...perfect for cold winter nights...

Brigitte said...

A stitching retreat held in a library - that would be the combination of my favourite hobbies, stitching and reading. Must have been a lot of fun.
Gorgeous crocheted afghan. Your daughter must be thrilled.

Kajsa said...

Nice throw! The retreat looks like a lot of fun!

Tina said...

Yummy soup,could do with some of it at the moment,it's freezing.
Love DD ripple blanket,it looks great on her bed,i suppose you have to do DS one now?
It was great meeting you again,so glad i was of assistance in helping you decide to do a RR lol
Look forward to seeing more wips of Noble
Tina xx

jane said...

Great pics of the meet up Hazel, I really hope I can make the next one, it would be great to see everyone again.
Your ripple blanket looks fabulous - I am very tempted to get a pack of yarn to do one of my own.

Karan said...

Tasty looking soup! Great pics of the meet up... I will get there one year! I love the revamped forum - it seems to flow better, iykwim. WOW, the ripple is gorgeous, no wonder your DD loves it. Looking forward to seeing the autumn piece now. Well done to DD, it's a lovely finish. :0)

Margaret said...

Wonderful retreat Hazel. What fun these are. Loved all the beautiful projects everyone is working on.

Congrats on the afghan finish. No wonder DD is in love with it. Good for her finishing her stitching piece. She did a lovely job and of course must have something new to stitch on.

Siobhan said...

What a great post! The retreat sounds like so much fun!! I loved seeing the photos.

Congrats to both your daughter and you on your fantastic finishes! Love your WIP, too.

Sally said...

It looks like everyone had a great time and all those stitched, crocheted and knitted pieces look fantastic.

Glad to see A Most Noble Pursuit out. I look forward to seeing more.

Love the ripple! It is gorgeous!

It looks as though Lily is going to take after you:)

Cheryl said...

Im hungry and want a bowl of that soup!!
Glad you had fun on your retreat :-)

staci said...

Mmmm, that soup looks delish! Love your daughter's've been turning out some gorgeous crochet finishes!

Congrats to your daughter on her awesome finish!

Maaike said...

Hi Hazal, I posted on creJJtion as well, but just in case you did not check yet: I updated creJJtion by adding my e-mail address Have a great day!
love, Maaike

Anonymous said...

mm yummy that soup looks delicious, I could do with some of that
I just love your blanket I'm sure your Daughter just adores it, now how about popping upto to Scotland for a weekend and showing me how to crochet, although with me being a lefty it may prove difficul lol

the retreat looked like fun, I'd so love to come, but don't fancy travelling by train from Scotland on my own :(

Trish said...

Hazel, your ripple is gorgeous hunny, you really do need to show me how :o)

Julie said...

It was great to see you at the meet up, and i loved your crochet blanket and cushion LOL

We'll be fine with the RR, thats what i keep telling myself!

Soup looks really tasty, i loved the rocky road cakes, very moreish.


Julie said...

Forgot to say, well done DD on the little project and no wonder you love the ripple its fab. Noble is gorgeous, much better IRL

Lisa said...

Looks like you had great fun at the meet up, maybe next time I might be able to get together the money and get a pass from David to go lol.
The ripple blanket is stunning! Well done on such a gorgeous finish, I bet you DD adores it. And well done to her on her cross stitch finish, cute.

Chrizette @ All the days of said...

I love the afghan it is absolutely gorgeous!! Well done!