Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stitching and a new throw


Tuesday Through the Window at Swedish House

Hello folks. What a lovely day it is today. This is just a quickie post just to keep on top of things otherwise I tend to let things slip and end up not blogging stuff I really should. I am very tired after having very little sleep last night due to little one waking up after having nightmares. Yawn yawn. I really should be in bed but I have FIL coming over to fix our loo. Well I hope he does anyway. We have a nasty water hammer and have tried everything to get rid of it but to no avail.

Okay. You know how hard I have struggled with my CDC? I have hated every stitch of this sucker and each page seemed to take forever. I can now announce..... no not a finish... but very close... I have almost completed page 5!!!!!! I just seemed to get on a roll with this one and put all my efforts into getting it done. It WILL be finished by the end of the year. Oh yes it will. So here are some pictures. You know how hard this sucker is to photograph.

October progress



It's actually starting to grow on me but you know, I'll never, NEVER, stitch on mulberry coloured linen ever, EVER again!!

And next up is a few circles in squares that I have been making up using the Rowan pure wool dk for my autumn throw:

Autumn throw beginnings


I am going to be putting another round of colour on each one and using Join-as-you-go method to attach them all. But can you imagine it?? Can you see how autumnal and cosy this throw will be?? I can. I really can and I wasn't sure about the circles in squares at first but I am really loving this now. I also wasn't sure whether to do one colour to join them all in or do them all different colours so I am going with all different colours. I am quite excited by this one. I Luuuuuurrrvveeee doing squares.

A couple of days ago I recieved this gorgeous giveaway win from Staphani from Harvest Moon Hollow blog:

Stephanie's giveaway to me!



The truest colour is the second picture. How adorable is this?? and it really goes well in my red/autumnal/leafy new sitting room. (Still not quite finished so no pics yet - soon I promise) Thank you so much Stephani. I really love it.

I'm away this weekend for a kid free stitching retreat with the gang from Stitch and Stash. Can't wait! Have a good week everyone. x


Anonymous said...

I really wish I had the patience for cross stitch - I've tried but I just can't get into it but I love cross stitch samplers and would really love to have a go at doing one - I just don't seem to have the concentration span!

Your throw colours are stunning! Lovely reds, greens, yellows and browns - I'm envious! It's going to be glorious when it's finished!!

Mrs Twins said...

You're going away for the weekend 'kids free!' how lovely.
OOh I wish.....
Love to you Suex

cathymk said...

Circ is looking magnificent! Well worth all that pain!

Loving the colour combinations you have used so far for the crochet - just beautiful - looks like it will be a wonderful snuggly piece when it is done.

Jackie said...

I hope you end up loving your project when it's done. I'm sure you'll enjoy your retreat weekend!

Margaret said...

You are brave for sticking with CdC if you hate stitching it so! lol! I love how it's looking! Well worth the effort! And your new squares -- gorgeous!!! Oh I love them so much! The colors are fantastic! Have fun at your stitching retreat! (Nice prize too!)

Kathy A. said...

CdC is coming along beautifully girl. Hang in there as the end is clearly in sight.
Love the colors of your granny squares for your afghan. How many of those do you have to make?
Enjoy your stitchy weekend. They are so much fun!

andamento said...

Umm, what does CDC stand for? Whatever it is it's absolutely beautiful, you must be so patient and how do you find the time?
Luuurrrve the crochet squares, such gorgeous colours. Thanks for the warning re weaving in my ends, will try sew them all now...

Carol said...

Good for you for sticking with CDC, Hazel--it really is lovely and I know we'll all be dancing with you when it is finished :)

Had to laugh when I read about the "nasty water hammer" that you want to get rid of! I had no idea what that was so I "googled" it. What a relief to read that it is a pressure surge of some sort. I had imagined that it was some sort of snake or other creature living in your plumbing! Silly me!!

Jump into A Book said...

Love the view from your window and you get the brave girl award for embroidery on wine colored linen. It looks beautiful.
I especially like your granny squares. They are so colorful. I hope to make a granny square blanket myself this year.

Shari said...

keep working....it will be finished soon! And it is simply GORGEOUS!!!! IT will all be worth it....each X is one step closer to finished!
Have a wonderful time away this weekend! How fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Your little throw squares are so cute and pretty - love the colours! :)

Lesleyanne said...

CdC is gorgeous. I love the colour of the linen. Your throw is coming along great. Have a fantastic weekend.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Your stitching is looking so beautiful.

Love the pillow.

Have a great weekend.... enjoy being kidless.

Christine said...

You're on the last lap with CdeC, hang in there!
Your autumn blanket is going to be lovely.
Enjoy your weekend meetup

Gayle said...

The piece is simply beautiful. I can see why this would be so difficult to keep at it. Congrats on the giveaway. Very cute pillow! The squares will make a nice throw. I like your choice of colors.

Kathy said...

OMG but Circ is simply stunning! Fabulous stitching.

I love the colors you are using on your square. Bright and cheerful.

Julia said...

Hello! I just wanted to say how much I am in love with the crochet blanket you are making, the colours are so rich and just right for Autumn, I think its going to look brilliant when its done!
The embroidery is also stunning, I think it looks rather beautiful on the mulberry fabric!

Sending love
Julia x x x

Anonymous said...

The stitching is so completely beautiful! I imagine it's taking forever but it will be so worth it when it's done!

Also, the fall throw will be great. Mmm I LOVE fall!

Sharlotte said...

How nice to be going away for the weekend! Love the new stitching and the pillow from Stephani is really great!

anneke said...

I'm not crocheting for a while now, but I can understand that you luuuuuuv it. I love the technique and squares too.

Good luck on the last piece of your stitching.

Julie said...

*round of applause* well done on doing a bit more on CdeC, it is looking lovely.

OOOOOOeeeeee loving the new blankie colours, this one is going to be so snuggly cuddly

See you Saturday xxx

Corina said...

Your throw looks stunningly beautiful! Nice crochetwork too!

valerie said...

Wow, your CdC is coming along wonderfully! You're almost done! Just think of how amazing it will look and how relieved you will be when it's done. I still love, love, love your color choices.

The throw is coming along. You are a crochet machine!

Enjoy the time off with the ladies this weekend. It sounds like great fun!

Annemarie said...

Huh... You call *this* a quickie post? It was lovely and long, and I thakn you for it. All your pics made me smile. Your granny squares are t o d i e f o r. I wish you wouldn't write about them so enthusiastically. I've just knit my first sock, you know. Don't want to add crochet to the pile of hobbies!
Lovely Halloween gift!
Do enjoy your time away with fellow stitchers. You deserve some serious me-time!

anniebeez said...

love your stitcheries!

Blu said...

CdC is looks so gorgeous! So what is the problem with mulberry? Too dark? Weird fabric? Because if the threads are odd then it needs to go off my list...
The squares are so pretty!

manda's challenges :) said...

Oooh now that's a challenge and half my dear but hey it's looking mighty fine i have you know xxx and wow wow wow loving your Autumn throw that is going to be one gorgeous blankie xxxxx

Maria said...

That certainly is one huge cross-stitch project. But you are firing me up to get a way-over-due project completed and framed.
Love your square-circle colours

Carolyn NC said...

Awesome stitching and crocheting!

swedishouse said...

Hello Hazel

Thank you for your lovely view an fuller view from last week...and what a view you have. I love the view of hill in the background...stunning!

I LOVE your granny squares.
Thanks for link re the crochet bunting ;-)

I will post tomorrow all the window views.

Hazel can I just ask you do one thing please...can you add to your post please a link to TUESDAY THROUGH...THE WINDOW over at Swedish House, then anyone reading your post, can link and play along too...if they would like too...the more the merrier. Thank you my friend.

Have a great day!

Aussie Stitcher said...

CdC is looking great, common you can do it!!! I hope that you have a wonderful stitchy week-end.

Sally said...

Oh Hazel how lucky are you to have such a gorgeous view from your window. I want to come live at your house!!! I can see the sea from my landing window but that's in between the houses across the road!

Love your throw flowers.

Congratulations on finishing page 5of CdC. It is so pretty.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Patty C. said...

Lovely work
You may not like mulberry - but it seems to like you - lol

It really looks beautiful - You will definitely appreciate it when it is finished :)

Olenka's Stitches said...

Your CDC looks very lovely and the finish is so close. Have fun at your stitching retreat!

Fran said...

What a beautiful view you have through your window - I am green with envy! Your circle in a square granny squares look great too, as does all your work, you keep very busy.

Erin said...

Both the cross stitch and squares are STUNNING ... like take-your-breathe-away GORGEOUS! Did you post what colors you are using for the grannies??? I want to shamelessly copy your idea. =)

Enjoy your kid-free weekend!

Blessings & Hugs,


Maggie O said...

First time on your blog and found it only because "Starry Eyed Stitcher" blogger told me about the Just Cross Stich Magazine and Christmas Ornaments issue (another first for me)...I searched and found you...wow. Always wanted to visit the Peak District and your pics should be on the travel sites. Beautiful work on the cross stitch and would love to see this finished (so would you eh?)it is amazing. I have knitted square samples (aran, cables, guernsey patterns) but don't know how to crochet to tie them together...I will follow your finishing and see if that helps. Maybe you could nclude how that works? I will be popping in...loved your last two posts.

Maggie said...

CDC is really lovely, i'm sure you will forget about hating stitching it when it's all done:-)

I love all you little crochet flowers, i really must get myself to mums friends house so she can give me lessons in crochet! & what a great give away you won, congratulations :-)

Hope you enjoy you kid free weekend
Have fun :-)

BTW glad your enjoying the book, i might choose it as my next read as i'm almost done with my current one.
Take care x

Maggie said...

Hazel that's very kind of you, but no, that book was a gift for you.

I have a copy all ready and waiting for me on my bookshelf :-)

Have a great weekend!

Vaida said...

Dear Hazel,

thanks for youyr visit and kind comments!

Love your version of CDC - I've stitched this on black linen some yers ago.
And your throw looks very cozy - just imagining wrapping into it and sitting by the fire...

Maggie O said...

Added you to my blog list...can I pick a winner LOL!!

I am off this morning to Chapters to see if I can find the mag with the Chritmas Ornaments (I am chomping at the bit to start one). Thanks for the info/site on "tying" my knitted squares together, I will have a go and post my successes...yikes!

Karan said...

What a lovely view of the hills you have. Hope the loo is now fixed & you manage to catch up on some zzzz's. CdeC is looking fabulous - it may be a pain to stitch but it really is a gorgeous combination of colours. Love the autumnal colours - that throw is going to look great. Enjoy the meet up. :0)

Cheryl said...

I really love your CDC it is BEAUTIFUL!! Mine is in the old stitching drawer somewhere...half way complete. Its a tedious stitch!
Enjoy your stitching wknd - sounds bliss :-)

Raggedy Ann said...

I just love your posts Hazel.
:) Have a fun time away,

Brigitte said...

Your little crocheted flowers are looking so good, great choice of colours.
I can easily imagine how hard it is to stitch on the mauve fabric of CDC but the effect is just gorgeous. And now you can already see the light at the end of the tunnel, lol.
Have fun at your stitching retreat.

jane said...

Your crochet squares are looking fantastic Hazel, I think it is going to be great! I am thinking I will use the join as you go method for mine so I will be interestted to see how you get on.
Congratulations on your progress on CdesC, I need to get mine out and finish it now that I have completed CdesT.

Lennu said...

Your stitching looks beautiful, I really love that colour combination! Good luck for finishing it :)

grace said...

Id am not sure how I got to you, but glad that I did..blog hopping! Your stitch project is coming along nicely..maybe it will grow on you! The granny square colors are really nice...looking forward to the finished posts.

Le blog de marylin said...

oh it's very nice
best regard
marylin france

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow your CDC is looking just awesome and the throw will be darling.

What a beautiful gift you received!

Siobhan said...

Hazel, oh my goodness, that throw is going to be STUNNING!!! I just love the colors in it. Your CDC looks great--you are so close to being finished! Congrats on the win, too--the pillow is adorable.

Helen Philipps said...

I've just found your lovely blog. Your cross stitch on the mulberry linen is amazing! I know how hard it is to stitch on darker linens, but it will be worth it. I also love the warm colours of your crochet throw, very cosy.
Helen x

Crafty Mermaid said...

Looks like you're seriously busy! I can't believe the amount of work your cross stitch must be taking.

Berit said...

Gosh, but your throw is looking nice! :D

Lindsay-ann said...

Your autumn throw is going to be so pretty. I really want to learn crocheting one day. Congratulations on the giveaway win, it's gorgeous.

Julia said...

Hello again,
Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for your message on my blog today.
Clumber Park is near the A1, takes us about half an hour to get to but you could easily spend a good day there!
I think the difference with conkers and chezzers are the casings ~ chezzers have tiny fine spines all over their skins, and conkers are more widely spaced and bigger. Its the time of year for chestnuts, nothing like a good old foraged bag to roast in the oven when you get home!

Hope you're well, love Julia x x x