Saturday, October 02, 2010

Autumn things..

Rainy sept day

Rainy days mean....

Cosy fireside

(just for you Berit ;-)) and a cosy up with...


Check out the blanket..

Country homes and interiors mag - crochet blanket

and the towel..


and the crafts..


I tell you I just love this magazine! I could look through it for hours. Many of you know that I don't celebrate Halloween and really usually start getting uncomfortable this time of year when things start displaying in the shops and ahem.. magazines. But lookie what caught my eye in this magazine...

Country homes mag

Not a witch, jackolantern or devil in sight! Just a lovely article on celebrating Bonfire Night. This is a custom in the UK that dates back to 5th November 1605 where a man named Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament and overthrow the King. He was caught, tortured and killed and every year we celebrate the night of his capture with having bonfires and fireworks and lovely food. See more here about the history of the night. I guess the modern day equivalent would be to celebrate the end of terrorism. Well, that is how I like to think of it anyway!


Gorgeous leaf lanterns!! How adorable are these?


Mmmmmmm...... do you think I could? Just a bit? Speaking of food, the usual fare comes by way of jacket spuds - cooked on a fire if poss, chestnuts roasting in the oven, corned beef hash, treacle toffee, chilli - lovely hot, warming kind of food just right for outdoors.

So I showed this fab article to Husband and pleaded, "Could we have a little party - just us - and the kids - a little fire in the back - please, please?" And he said, "Maybe". Yeeeeeaaaaa!!! That sounds most definitely positive, doesn't it?

The weather brightened up today so off we went to Bakewell. We stopped off at Monsall Head to take a pic of the stunning view.

Monsall Head

I feel truly blessed to live here. I really do. The Peak District is a stunning place and there are many gorgeous places like this to go to. I really want to get back into walking but I think I will have to wait till the little lad is a wee bit older first as he would probably just run off the edge of a hill right now.

Onto Bakewell..



and my favourite shop...


which is really the reason I went afterall to get my hands on this years copy of..


Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments edition 2010!!!!! Oh it is all fabtastic. I like so many of the ornaments this year. Sweet daughter has already chosen her ornie for this year but that will get its own special post when I stitch it. I must say I do rather like the red collection here:


Oh yes, I can see many red ornies in my red room this year! So is this the Pledge coming to an end???? Well, I promised no new starts till December which is two months away. Hmmmm.... I'm not sure I can resist that long. Would I be condemned as a failure if I succumbed and stitched an ornie??? On a positive note, I have been ploughing away at CDC and have page 4 finished and now onto page 5! I am determined to get this sucker finished this year. I'll save this for another post though. I think I have probably posted waaaaaayyyyy too many photographs on here already. I kind of feel that pictures seem to tell my stories and life in a much better way than my words can and I quite like being able to glance at pictures and not have to bother scrolling through reams of words.

Anyways, time for me to get off this computer which has been playing up a lot recently. Thank you so much for your kind words and comments and wowza followers have appeared and nearly up to 300 now!!! Well, do you reckon another giveaway is in order??? Hmmm, I better think about that one.

Love you all. Have a happy Sunday. We're off to see Postman Pat at the theatre tomorrow. Ho hum, that shoud be fun! xx


Parsley said...

What a wondeful happy feeling post!

Cole said...

Lovely pics Hazel :) And I LOVE that towel, how sweet!

Lesleyanne said...

A lovely post. A trip to Bakewell as well as the gorgeous scenery. Gorgeous photos. Can't wait to hear more.

Tina said...

Lovely piccies Hazel,i love the peak district too,we stayed in a converted stable not far from Bakewell,was disapointed with Wye,lot's of stitched piccies on the wall but you had to order them which took forever to come,but loved the cake shop that sells real Bakewell tarts.
Hope you get to have that bonfire party
Take Care
Tina xx

Melissa said...

Beautiful photos. :) And I say, go ahead, make your ornie :)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I remember being in Bakewell years ago when the children were small, such a pretty place. :)
By the way CH&I is my favourite magazine too!!
Vivienne x

Chris said...

Lovely post Hazel. I feel the same way about the ornament issue.

Denise said...

Love the pictures of where you live. I'm so envious of scenery like that.

Lennu said...

Oh how beautiful photos in this post! It's always so wonderful to see photos in blogs, they make a world a lot smaller :) Have a happy Sunday!

KarenV said...

Glad you got your magazine! I love the Peak District, we've had a few holidays up there and it's so beautiful. I must check out that Country Homes mag, it looks like a good one.

anneke said...

What a lovely pictures of your district, it's a joy to see. The village too... I re-enjoyed the JSCissue yesterday. It's great. And just a few little ornaments, that couldn't hurt, could it?

manda's challenges :) said...

oh wow love love love every inch of this post fabulously delicious in every possible way! take care my lovely Amanda xx

Margaret said...

Oh, lovely Autumn things in that magazine! And how beautiful your area is! I'd love to have that LNS be my LNS. :D Someday I'll visit the UK -- it's one of my goals in life! Thanks for all the lovely pics!

Sally said...

A lovely post Hazel. So many gorgeous photos. I must say I really like the Love bag in the magazine.

Glad you got your JCS ornie mag. It's a really good issue this year.

Barb said...

Oh Bakewell looks lovely Hazel. What a lovely post, I have subscribed to CHI it is a fantabulous mag isnt it. I also have had Country Living for more years than I care to mention, and although I like the CHI better I don't think I can let CL go so now I have both.
I used to order a lot from Wye but they got so expensive and never had what I wanted at the time. I maybe was just unlucky.
You are so lucky to live in a beautiful part of the country

Julie said...

A loveyl day out to Bakewell and not a spot of rain in your pics either.

Hope the bonfire party goes ahead, we used to ahve one for the kiddies and grandparents every year

The blanket in the mag is lovely, will have to seek out that mag

Thanks for a lovely heart warming post, brighten a very wet and miserable Sunday, hope you are enjoying PP.

Christine said...

Its such a shame that Guy Fawkes night has been muscled out by Halloween, I hope you get your bobfire party.
Loved seeing the pics of Bakewell, I haven't been there in years.
The red spread is my favourite in the ornie edition too

Catherine said...

Great goodies, great pics, but my favorite is that fire!! Oh, I wish I was snuggled up in front of that right now!

Raggedy Ann said...

Hazel, I just love where you live..I want to come and visit! :)
I will have to take pics of my town too :)

Shari said...

lovely post, as always Hazel.
you have a way with words that is just great.
And your pictures....oh my!!
I want to come & visit you & we can go visit all of these wonderful places.
I think you MUST have the fall party, like in the magazine. We don't 'do' Halloween either....Happy Autumn!!!

Michelle said...

I love a good magazine on a rainy day, so inspiring! Beautiful photos!!

Kathy A. said...

Oh what a wonderful post. I feel like I went for a walk with you through town and to the needlework shop. What a gorgeous store front.
and a bonfire party - that sounds so fun.
Look forward to seeing CdC.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Hazel, what a nice cozy day! You live in a gorgeous corner of the world!

Urban Tortoise said...

Hi Hazel, thanks for your lovely comments! My computer is playing up and it won't let me see any of your photo's tonight!!
I was just looking at your profile and looks as though we have a shared faith in Christianity! Lovely to meet you!!

Barbara said...

What wonderful pictures! I'd go for that fire right about now ... it's chilly here!

Siobhan said...

Oooh, I love the looks of that magazine! I love houses where the owners display their crafts--it shows what they are all about. The trip to Bakewell sounds like it was fantastic--great photos!

Berit said...

What a gorgeous post! :D

Thank you for sharing your fire with me. :o

As for Halloween, I do like it in my own way, but I can really understand why many to not. I think the Bonfire Party sounds like a perfect Autumnal Celebration with DH and kids--they will be so excited!

Just-Do said...

I had a lovely time here, reading your post. I only wish we had such beautiful magazines, over here in Holland, but then, maybe I can get my hands on a copy after all. Those ornaments are so nice, it will be hard to choose which to make first.
Enjoy your magazines!
groetjes, Dorien

ps; what an awesome place you live in!

swedishouse said...

Hello Hazel

Thank you for sharing your view.
I love your autumnal, English, rainy day window and I HEART that lovely mug too ;-)

I have really enjoyed the first
Thank you

Hazel it would be lovely if you you can join in and play along and link-up with us next week so other people know how to play along if they would like too ;-)


sylviesgarden said...

The Peak District is such a beautiful place. You are very lucky to live amongst it.
Lovely images.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Bakewell looks like a lovely place to visit, and it has a stitching shop too.

Karan said...

Very much enjoyed my catch up with all your news & finishes Hazel. Just love the crochet pillow & blankets you've finished... & the ripple is gorgeous too. The autumn colours of the new blanket are fabulous - going to enjoy watching that develop. Good progress on CdeC too. The pics of your trip to Scarborough were a real trip down memory lane - haven't been there since my DS was a toddler... I need to go back! :0)

andamento said...

I bought that magazine this morning! As I was flicking through it it was the very pages you've photographed which caught my attention. Hope the rest of it is as good.
The x stitch one looks lovely too, but I find it just a little too time consuming to do.

Mrs Twins said...

Thanks for stopping by Hazel. I do hope you are looking for your squares!
I had great fun with this one, but i do them all!
Hugs Suex

Isadarena said...

Hello Hazel, what a wonderful post with so many beautiful pictures and how your little town is really charming !!
As you,I don't like very much Halloween period !!
Have a great day and pleasant day,