Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm still here!!!

I am so sorry for the major absence! Life has just been too hectic and busy. Hubby goes away again today but only for a couple of nights so not long and to be honest we could both do with the break away from each other I think. Today is dd's last day of term and I am dreading the upcoming holidays. I am really going to have to put my thinking cap on and get out there and do something with them. I am thinking, picnics in the park, trips to sealife places, Chester Zoo. Lots of museums and of course, the odd ball pool place thrown in for good measure.

Sooo what have I been up to?? Well I broke two rules in one go. I did. I really broke two of my own rules. So, my rules for the Pledge was to have no new starts right? For six months, yes? Well I boo boo-ed on this one. It wasn't intentional. No. You see I blame the HAED forum and that enabler Fudgey. She had a Storykeep SAL earlier in the year and I missed it. Well, basically all you have to do is post up two progress pictures in six months and then you get all the charts offered as part of the SAL. So it means I get three more charts just for posting two pics! So I had to you see. I really did. But wait, it also meant I broke my second rule:

"I will only ever stitch on one HAED at a time."

Yes, that's my very own quote and I broke it. :(

So here are some progress pics:

HAED Rose Storykeep

July Progress

I know it doesn't look much yet but it is a unicorn and a girl. Or will be...

HAED QS Breaking Dawn

July 10 progress

This is lovely to work on. The colours are amazing. You can see her hair forming now.

And just so you know that I really have been sticking to my Pledge, here is my progress on the dreaded CdC. I have finished page 3 so I am half way there. Sorry the photo isn't great.
CdC Ink Circles


Here's a fabulous finish by my dd. Thi sis her third finish and it only took her a couple of days so she is definitely improving. I am so proud of my stitching girl:

Lily's third finish July 10

I went to visit my parent's not too long ago. Their garden is just gorgeous! Here are some pictures.








While I was there, I snapped a quick pic of "I am Half Sick of Shadows" which my dad is working on for me:
I am Half Sick of Shadows

July 10 progress

Unwashed, unironed, but you get the picture.

Well, I have been busy hooking away on my next crochet blanket but I have forgot to take it out of my ds's bag and he has gone off to nursery with it so next time I'll show you that.

Next month, I am hoping to get my Just Nan finished off and make some more progress on CDC.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me comments. You make my day! x


Heidi said...

I was here on your blog yesterday and hoping all was well. I planned to email you to ask and now see you came to my blog to comment. I had to pop over and see if you did post...yeah. I agree that you had to have those new starts! New starts sometimes help us finish UFOs to so they have an important function. I have to finish one more UFO and then I can start something new other than my SALs I am doing and planning.

Congratulations to your DD and her pretty finish! How fun that she is following in your footsteps. And what beautiful eyes she has!

I am glad that you will join me in the shade to stitch. It is cooler today but we are promised hot again next week. :-(

Hugs from Holland ~

Annemarie said...

My, you have been busy! And yes, I can totally see why you had to break that promise to yourself. You're forgiven. All of these new starts are too good NOT to start.

Your father is stitching The Lady of Shalott for you? Wow! Lately, my mind has turned towards this one more than once. I own the chart and after seeing this gorgeous progress pic, well...

I hope the holiday with the wee ones will prove to be fun and energising!

Kathy A. said...

Oh glad to hear all is well with you.
What lovely HAED's you have chosen to work on.
Cirque is coming along beautifully. You will soon be able to mark her off your list.
Congratulations to DD on her wonderful finish. How fun that she enjoys stitching too.
Take care until next time.

TerriBoog said...

I totally understand why you had to break your own rule! You really didn't have a choice!

Your new starts are so pretty! But the really pretty thing in this post is your daughter! What a gorgeous girl she is and talented too, obviously!!!

The garden with all those flowers is just spectacular and the piece your dad is working on - are you kidding me? Stunning!!!

What a pretty post!

Angela said...

1. Rules are made for breaking and even more so if you have a good reason for doing so, which obviously you did as they look delightful.

2. Your parent's garden is fantastic, they must spent a lot of time on it.

3. Well done to both your dad and your daughter oN their stitching progress.

4. Great progress on all your other projects, no wonder you've not had time to blog.

5. Good luck surviving the summer holidays, sounds like you have lots of wonderful things planned to keep them busy.

Margaret said...

Sounds to me like you had to break that rule or two. :D Most definitely! Both projects are nice! I've never been able to see how anyone could stitch an HAED myself. Gorgeous! Congrats to your DD on her finish --it and she are so cute! Love garden pics of your parents' garden. Nice Ink Circles piece too -- good for you for sticking with it!

Isadarena said...

Wow!! how many beautiful progresses on your different projects !!
The photos of your parents' garden are just magnificent : how peaceful seems to be this garden :-)
Major congratulation on your father's finish : this design is wonderful !!
Have a great day,

Parsley said...

Nice projects and good to see you post again.

Karan said...

Well if you're going to break your own rules you may as well do it big time. LOL Looking forward to watching the storykeep & BD develop. CdC is stunning - well done for persevering. WTG DD, she's done a great job. WTG your Dad too - he really is doing marvellously well with that piece. Lovely garden too. :0)

Sara said...

It looks like you have been quite busy! Good luck keeping to your rules but I think your new start was worth it:)

Marjorie said...

Wow, talented famiy! Your DD is beautiful BTW. Good luck keeping the boys away in a few years.

Barb said...

Hmmm tell me how do you acheive so much so quick on these HAED I have started mine but only done about 100 stitches as it is so tiny and so many changes of colour. Now I have seen yours I will have to get a wiggle on with mine. Especially as yours are just so lovely. Tell dad sick of shadows is absolutely stunning , I love that painting.
Have fun in the hols but also have some 'me'time too.

Jackie said...

Hazel, I'm actually surprised you made it as long as you did. You did great!

Rules are meant to be broken from time to time. You have very good justification for doing so and someone to blame for enabling you. That gets you totally off the hook! :)

Your daughter is just precious! She must be sweet as well but sweetness is just ooozing from this picture. Tell her congratulations on her wonderful finish.

Vicky L said...

6 months is very good keeping to your pledge. I broke my in less than a month at the beginning of the year. Your stitching looks good and the piece your father is doing is gorgeous!

valerie said...

Yea, rules were made to be broken and you had a very good excuse! Great progress on your Haeds plus CDC. I like the fabric/floss choice you picked! It's beautiful!

Your parents' garden is gorgeous. At first glance, the apples looked like mangos and I wondered how you grew them in the UK before I realized I had it wrong!

Your daughter's finish is so cute...I love seeing youngsters into crafts and your dad' is all I can say! Wow!

Jenn said...

Your HAED's are looking good. Congratulations to your DD on her finish she did a great job!

Carol said...

I see why you had to "break your own rule", too Hazel! Who could resist that offer. Your pieces are all lovely--and I am blown away by the one your dad is working on! Incredible...

And that little daughter of yours is just so darling--how sweet to have a daughter to stitch with :)

Brigitte said...

You're a busy stitcher. Two HAEDs and Pledge, and so much progress on all of them. That's not bad. I think it's absolutely necessary to start a new project from time to time. It just keeps us motivated, doesn't it?!
Congratulations to the little stitcher in your household.

Christine said...

Rules are no fun if you can't break them now and again ;)
Some lovely stitching there, and congratulations to DD on her very pretty finish.

Katrina said...

Everything is gorgeous!!! Love your DD's finish and your father's piece is wonderful. They have a beautiful garden too.

BTW, rules are made to be broken ;-).

Berit said...

I do remember those rules, lol. ;)

What a stitching family! 0_o!

The HaEDs are amazing, Dad's piece is amazing (and you get to have it when he's done!?) and DD--I think she might stitch faster than I do, lol!

Love that garden; thanks for sharing.

staci said...

The talent for stitching certainly runs in your family...congrats to your daughter for her sweet finish! And your parent garden is just gorgeous!

Sometimes life keeps us extra busy...hang in there!

corinna said...

wow for all the stitchings
esp amazing work by your dad
and that garden is wonderful

Robin said...

Hazel - I do believe I am looking for you! Your name was pulled in my WIP/RAK giveaway. Please go to and pass on your mailing address. Leaving on vacation on 7/25 and will mail when I return.

Sally said...

Rules are meant to be broken hun :) Both your HAEDs are looking lovely and your CdC is gorgeous!
Well done to your DD. A lovely finish:)

Your Dad is making a fantastic job on Half Sick of Shadows.

Carolyn NC said...

New starts look great; so does CDC. Love the one your dad is also doing. And your DD's finish is fantastic!

angelina said...

wow your work looks so intricate and the garden is so beautiful with colors!

doris said...

Wow ... amazing work on HAEDs! Who cares about rules?

Love those garden pictures ... so gorgeous.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Don't be concerned with having two HAED on the go, I have five, I must be mad. Your DD is gorgeous and doing wonderful stitching, you will have to guard your stash. CdC is looking great.

Julie said...

Well done DD, a lovely little project, stitching is something for you both to do on a rainy summer holiday day.

Never mind, stitching rules are not real rules, they are there to be borken, sometimes the pull of something is just wayyyyy to much - pretty colours in the SAL and CdeC

Terri said...

Your stitching is wonderful :) and your dd's stitching is great. Your dad is making great progress on his stitching piece

Rachael said...

Beautiful stitching by you and your Dad, and what a beautiful garden they have!!