Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Anyone interested in some Carriage House Samplings charts?

As you are probably aware, Carriage House Samplings is no more! As from today she will not taking any more orders. In my haste to get some of these lovelies I made a huge booboo and ordered the following charts from two suppliers. I phoned Thread Bear first and they said they would order them in but weren't sure if they could get them in for me and maybe i should look at another supllier. I did that and ordered them from Wyndham in US. Now I forgot to phone Thread bear back and tell them :( . They managed to get the charts and now are worried they will not sell them. So I am giving you the heads up that Thread Bear have the following charts in but you need to be quick as there will be no more after this. Here are the ones I ordered:

Shores of Hawk Run Hollow

Merry Christmas

Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow

2000 Christmas sampler

Thread Bear are very reasonably priced and very friendly to deal with. Anyway if you're interested phone Kate on 020 8657 5050 and mention me - Hazel.

Hey if anyone does get them perhaps we could do a SAL next year???

Thanks peeps. I will be back with a progress post soon. In the meantime I am still waiting for my CHS charts from the US!


Sally said...

I wonder if that means Kate has got my CHS chart in! lol!

Loraine said...

Fun Fun charts. I have all of them in the stash already. I don't think she will have a problem selling them. I think they will be in demand for years to come!
SAL's are fun. Which one are you wanting to start first? Let us know.

Cole said...

Mmmmm... love the new stash! I'd love to SAL on one of the HRH pieces next year ~ I should be done with BoInk by then!!

Parsley said...

I would swipe the Christmas one up if it were within the US. Love to stitch it for friends.

Shari said...

humm....I have the Christmas one Hazel!!! Might be willing to do a SAL next year!!!!

Shari said...

humm...commented & it didn't show up!
Anyway, I said I have the Christmas one already & I might be up for a SAL in the new year!!!!!

Jane said...

Hi Hazel
Just found your blog so popped over to take a nosy. I also follow fellow UK bloggers Sally & Lesleyanne so don't know how I've missed finding you before?
Really enjoyed reading your news and love the CHS charts - oh how I wish I could find the courage to tackle Hawk Run Hollow, I've seen it on so many other Blogs, it's a fab design.
Look forward to seeing your starts and progress on all of them
(Buttons & Stitches x x x)

Margaret said...

I'm hoping I have all the CHS charts I want, cause it's getting to be too late now if I don't! I love CHS and am so sad Kathy is stopping her design business. But her jewelry is gorgeous too!

Heidi said...

I am sure she will sell them in no time. Does she have a website?

Hugs from Holland ~

Cheryl said...

Tempted by shores...hmmmmm

Julie said...

Nice charts - daren't spend a penny though!

stitcherw said...

It's a shame we are losing another designer. I've been eyeing the Autumn in Hawk Hallow one (I'm such a Halloween junkie).