Friday, July 30, 2010

Biscuit anyone?

Today I made the perfect cookies. I got the recipe from the fabulous lady of Attic24. They were so easy to make and didn't take long. The longest part was waiting for them to cool. Now if you have ever had Millies Cookies then these are just like them. No kidding. Nice and chewy on the inside and a bit of a crunch on the top. The little peeps really couldn't wait to get their hands on them:


Now I started a new blanket until I can get more white wool to finish my granny square afghan off. I am just loving these hippy dippy stripes. They make me so happy. They are just so bright and colourful. This in no way is a breaking on my Pledge as it's a different craft so it doesn't count (cough cough).

This is the very tricky start. I had to chain 240 stitches and I had fortunately made a small practice piece first which I had undone twice before I got it right. So 240 stitches and hoping it would work out and that I had counted it right. I had!

Starting the granny stripe

It quickly worked up and then there were three colours:

3 colours in

Then this:

Loving this!

I am so loving this! It is very addictive. Sorry to the stitching which has been set aside for just a little while. This is just so very satisfying.

On a not so positive note we have one of these:

oh wasps!
Wasp Nest. Which resulted in this:

Nice man reckons there are approx 5000 wasps in that nest. Nice! So then they all went bezerk and we shut the door!


Can you see all those blighters?? Most of them are queens as they have started reproducing queen wasps. They were huge!!! All is calm now and the nice man is coming back next Thurday to remove it. I might get a pic of the inside.

Okay that's me. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my face painting skills or lack of them and the granny blanket! I appreciate all your comments so much. It's good to be in blogland. xx


Parsley said...

Oh..yes, I'll take a 'biscuit' or cookie as I call them. You should send in the recipe for the recipe exchange ;-)

Oh wasps! YIKES!

valerie said...

I want a cookie too! Where do we line up?!

I love your stripey project!I can see why it's become a focus. I hope you weren't outside snapping photos when the wasps got all mad. OMG...wasps are scary!

Berit said...

I would *So* enjoy one of those delicious looking goodies right now. With Tea, please. :)

So glad you've got someone to handle the nest, and that the little people haven't been stung!

Margaret said...

Oh, I love how your blanket is looking! It's gorgeous! Glad the wasps are taken care of. I would have flipped out for sure!

Katrina said...

Yummy!!!! The cookies look so good. Wasp nest so bad. Glad the nice man is getting rid of it for you.

Lesleyanne said...

Your blanket looks gorgeous. Ooooh wasps - notkeep. A lovely post.

Merchy said...

Mmm the biscuits look yummy!
And, I loove that blanket, it seems so incredibly colorful!

Maggie said...

Don't mind if i do (take a biscuit)lol, they look very yummy, bet they didn't stay around for long;-)

Love,love,love the banket!!

EEK, wasps! that's one heck of a nest!

Melissa said...

Your Granny Stripes is looking wonderful. :) And those cookies look so yummy. I just may have to try them out too. :)

Lucy said...

Love the strips!!!!!
Please do take a pic of the inside of that nest if you can!

Rowyn said...

Mmmm, it's only 8.30 am in the morning here but I reckon I could eat a few of those biscuits! :-) They look delicious.

Love your colourful crochet blanket! I might just have to give those You Tube tutorials a go, like you suggested.

Hope you don't have any further trouble with wasps.

Karan said...

You waited until they were cool? I never did. Probably a good thing that I can't eat them now LOL.
Love the new blanket, the colours are gorgeous. :0)
Glad the wasp's nest has been sorted - not nice having those around, especially when there are children around.

Cole said...

Oh goodness I love your granny stripe blanket!! I've been drooling over and dreaming about Lucy's and after seeing her ta-da moment yesterday, I think I'm in love! This weekend may involve a trip to the yarn store ~ oh yes indeed :)

My parents had a wasps nest like that last year. Once it was all cleared out and "safe" they brought it over and my kidlets took it to school. The teachers loved it!

Carolyn NC said...

Yummy - they look delicious! Love the new afghan. And what a wasp nest - 5000 - wowser!

nutmegg said...

I would love on of your biscuits right now to go with my cuppa,I tried crocheting once not very successful so I stuck with knitting til I discovered cross-stitching then I was hooked.

Blu said...

Yum! Those cookies look great! *drools*

Your new project is so pretty! Gorgeous colours!

OMG! These wasps look scary! I get freaked out by giant flies, I have no idea what I'd do with a wasps' nest that big!

mainely stitching said...

The biscuits look fab, but the wasps scare me almost enough to faint.

Denise said...

Here in Georgia, we call that a
'hornet's nest'. They are the pride and joy of science teachers
(love to hang them in the classroom, no live hornets, of course!). It is an old saying here, that the closer the nest is built to the ground, the colder the winter will be...

Valerie said...

Mmmm...cookies! They look delish!

Your stripey project is so neat! I love the colors!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Mmmmm... those cookies look so good! Your blanket is wonderful - love all the colors. The wasp nest - not so pretty!

Sally said...

Mmmmm those biscuits looks delicious!

Love how your blanket is looking.

Oh no not wasps! We had one in our conifer hedge a few years ago. nasty little blighters!

Brigitte said...

We once had such a big wasp nest in our attic. Then my husband and a friend somehow managed to do away with it.
Those cookies look delicious! And I love the colourful new blanket. Working with all the different colours must be fun.

doris said...

Ew ... paper wasp nests make me shudder ... even from here!

Let's talk about cookies instead!

andamento said...

The biscuits look delicious, I've not tried Lucy's recipe, yet. Love the colours on your Lucy strip blanket, I'm being good & sticking to my African flowers, off to do some more now...

Vanessa said...

Hi Hazel - I saw your comment on CarolinaStitcher's blog and wanted to see your granny square rows blanket. It is adorable. I have a large granny square in progress - good for you !

Aussie Stitcher said...

MMMM!! I can almost smell those biscuits, they look great. Your blanket is turning out great.

Christine said...

The biscuits look delicious. I love how your stripy blanket is coming out, not so keen on your stripy visitors though

Daffycat said...


How scary was that, Hazel. I hope you gave nice man a great big tip for taking care of those wasps.

Dani - tkdchick said...

OMG those cookies look wonderful, and here I am eating salad with chicken and berries. I now so want a chocolate chip cookie!

Oh that blanket looks so fun, and I'm sure its much more gratifying than waiting for months for a stitched piece to come together!

thwartedcheekychimp said...

Your blanket looks gorgeous!

Annemarie's Breiblog said...

Wow! I love this crochet project! And the cookies as well ofcourse (-:

Julia said...

hello Hazel

Ive been meaning to come and visit your blog after a couple of lovely comments from you on mine recently!! Phew, here I am at last, have to say Ive enjoyed my visit very much! Your blanket is brilliant, I love the zingy colours and am tempted to begin one of my own as soon as my ripple blanket is done.
Good luck with the wasps, they're tricky little so-an-so's aren't they?
Its nice to meet someone who is almost a neighbour, I envy you living in the peak district, what a gorgeous place it is!!

Will visit again soon,
much love
Julia x x x

Sara said...

The cookies look yummy! Sorry to hear about the wasps. We had a nest last year hanging low in one of our trees. I discovered it when I was trying to trim the bush next to it. Yikes! Glad to hear yours will be gone soon.

Julie said...

woohooo... your blankey is fab, must be something in the wind making us all want to crochet, i've started a Lucy Bag LOL

I bet all those biscuits were gone in a flash! Maybe i'll twist your arm to bring some to the meet up in October LOL

Ewwww to the wasps nest, dangerous!

Heidi said...

Oh Hazel, now I really do too wish we lived closer. I would stop by with a box of tea and enjoy a couple of those chocolate chip cookies which are a favorite. I would then ask your advice on crocheting. I am learning to do it with a dream to make a granny square afghan myself. I have the yarn I am going to use. A friend just bought me some cotton yarn and a hook to practice with. She now bought me a book too with photos of all the various 'stitches'. I have to take time to work on a dishcloth to practice. I have my fingers crossed that I will succeed. Maybe I better uncross them or who knows what it will turn out

Love your granny in the last post as well as your striped afghan you just started. You are crocheting a rainbow! :-)

Hugs from Holland ~

Trish said...

Hi Hazel, thanks for tonight, had a lovely time, it was nice to chat properly and do a bit of crochet too xxx

Michele said...

Those cookies look yummy! We had a nest like that on a gable. We never knew it was there until a pest control man knocked on our door! I do like the colors in that afghan.

Barb said...

Hazel I expect the biscuits are all gone now,oh dear have to make more!!
Oh love the crochet , it keeps getting the better of me and I just do not seem to be able to get to grips with it. Your blanket looks really zingy.Guess who has had a £52 bill for wasp killing this week and they dont take the nest away he said it will just disintegrate-wasp pie anyone!