Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some finishes.

Yesterday was a good post day. I received an order I placed at sew and so which included some prairie schooler charts for the upcoming exchange and also some cream belfast linen and some rajmahal art silks. I am planning on stitching the stitchers wallet in the gift of stitching mag with them. I think it was one that Kirsten herself designed but I could be wrong. Anyway, the colours are just gorgeous. I can't wait to get a bit more time to make a start on it. Secondly, Rachel's PIF landed through the door! This is what she sent me. It is so gorgeous. Thank you so much Rachel. The little scissor fob is stitched over one and is so sweet!

Rachel's pif july 08


I also managed to get two challenge pieces finished last night too. It is the first time I have made either a floss tag or a scissor case so I ma pleased how they have turned out.
This was a free DD Design and was the JA Monthly challenge. I used some thread that Edgar sent me. I have to admit I wasn't too confident about hammering in the eyelet so I got my dh to do it for me. I didn't use interfacing as I didn't have any but I think I will get some and use it next time just to keep it from fraying.
JA monthly challenge july 08 dd design

The next finish is the Monthly Finishing Challenge blog scissor peep case. I have never done one of these before either and wasn't entirely sure the best way of doing it. I used another Lizzie kate freebie I have had lying around for years and finished it in the same backing fabric and trim as the other Lizzie Kate freebie I had.

MFC blog peep scissor pocket july 08

Again I am quite pleased with my first attempts. I will definitely be doing more of these in the future.

And, I am not the only one who has done some finishing. Look at this...

Lily's first cross stitch july 08

Yay! My dd has finially finished her butterfly!! It has only taken her over a year but for a five and a half year old, I don't htink that's too bad really!! I have ordered her some more little designs that can keep her busy over the summer holidays!

Okay, I have 6? days left of this month inc today to get my goals met and I am well on my way. I have been working on biscornu for exchanges but I will return to the three projects I have not touched in a while, namely: Patchwork, CDC and A Most Noble Pursuit and see if I can make any progress befor ethe end of the month.

My dh is ministering in Prison today (he plays in the worship) so I may get some guilt free stitching time in!! Have a great weekend everybody.


Rowyn said...

Your floss tag and scissor case turned out great.

Congrats to your DD on her super finish. When my 10 year old nephew was living with us last year he started a cross stitch I bought him, and was doing quite well with it. He's still to finish it though - I think the Simpsons and his Playstation are more interesting now he's not seeing me do my stitching every day :-)

Have a fun day stitching!

Redwitch said...

Great stitching and finishing Hazel, I love your daughter's butterfly - very cute :)

Congrats on your awards and your recent giveaway win too!

KarenV said...

Lovely finishes Hazel! Rachel's PIF is lovely too, what a sweet gift :)

Congratulations to your DD on her finish, it's very pretty!

Psychowife Stitches said...

Your finishes are great but I am super impressed with DDs butterfly! She did a wonderful job, keep up the good work. I wish she could get my 7yo interested in it too.

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hi Hazel, I'm so glad you like your Pif! Congrats on your finishes and especially to your daughter for her sweet finish! Enjoy your stitching time. Hugs, Rachel

Petra said...

Beautiful finishes! Congrats on your DD, I think it's wonderful she's taken to stitching. Hope for the future!

Jenn said...

Your floss tag is so pretty. I'm thinking of giving making one of these a go.

Congrats to your DD on her finish!

Ranae said...

A wonderful PIF.
Your two finishes are awesome.
Congratulations! to your DD for the beautiful finish as well.
Good Luck with the goals.

Itching To Stitch said...

What you made and received is beautiful ;)

Sally said...

Your floss tag and scissor case look fantastic Hazel. Where did you get the ring from? I bought some eyelets off Ebay but don't know where to get the rings.

Well done to your DD on her lovely finish:)

Your PIF from Rachael is gorgeous!

Andrea said...

The challenges you set yourself have turned out great. The exchange piece is lovely too.
Awwww great butterfly your dd has made, she deserves to be very pleased with herself.

Chiloe said...

Congrats to your daughter ;) I haven't had emma started on cross stitch (only needlepoint) Can you tell how old is she and on what fabric she stitched? Where you all the time with her to help her?

Yes, enough questions for taoday ;-)

Sharon said...

Beautiful finishes and finishing. Congrats to your DD on her butterfly finish.

Angela said...

Your DD's stitching brings back memories of teaching my class to cross stich. It took some very patient mums and a lot of unpicking by me and them to mke sure everyone had their Xmas cards done on time and we started in September.

Angela said...

Can I echo Sally's question. I'd love to have ago at a floss tag but don't know where to get the rings from.

stitcherw said...

What lovely exchanges, given and received. Also, your DD's piece turned out very cute, congratulations to her on her first project. She looks very proud of herself, looks like we have a new stitcher joining our ranks.

Kathy said...

Cute floss tag. Nice finish job. Lovely exchange received.

So wonderful to see what dd has accomplished. That is great for someone her age. I hopw she loves doing it as much as we do.

Karan said...

Lots of lovely firsts there Hazel. Love the dinky little floss tag - must try one of those. Best of Luck with the goals. Well done to your DD. :0)